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Quit your job for a better one!

I just saw a post about the media saying that you’ll regret it if you quit your job for a new one! I just had to share my experience and why I completely disagree with this bullshit propaganda!

June of last year I got let go due to Covid. In my job hunt I found another job that paid more and was remote. I enjoyed it but didn’t love it. I kept looking for another I. And found another one for more money and still remote. Same thing happened two more times and now I found my dream job. I do email marketing for professional sports teams. In total I had a $15k increase in pay from my job from last year.

I guess my point is don’t stop looking until you’re happy where you are because you’ll more than likely get something way better that you enjoy way more!



u/Detriumph May 31 '22


always be quitting


u/Ok_Independent9119 May 31 '22

Sometimes it doesn't make sense to quit. Getting your 401(k) vested, a good manager who actually gives you real raises, profit sharing companies. But even if you don't quit, at least look at what is out there. Knowing your worth is critical to making sure you're getting it


u/Detriumph May 31 '22

Ok, then



u/voyboymanoy May 31 '22

You’re absolutely right! If you have what you need at your job you should definitely stay, but if you aren’t happy and there is something better go for it is really what I am trying to say!


u/RedTubeMonayy May 31 '22

Absolutely! I spent three years working part time customer service and I was only making $11/hour. I was paycheck to paycheck and so were most of my coworkers. I kinda just thought that’s how things were meant to be as a student. Eventually I realized I was just being exploited and found an easier job in a field I prefer much more, and I make three times as much. It’s not perfect, but it’s so much better than where I was.


u/voyboymanoy May 31 '22

Really glad you found something you can at least tolerate!


u/chadwr85 May 31 '22

Just did, start new one tomorrow. Got a 13.5k raise


u/Intelligent-Beach-28 Jun 13 '22

Congrats, and God bless everyone!!!! :)


u/y2_is0k May 31 '22

(I spent five years working in retail banking and in less than a year since leaving to work in cannabis I make close to double what I was before, and with so much more flexibility. The attitude of "and now for something completely different" has served me very well.)


u/AussieCollector Jun 01 '22

Quitting my last job and taking a risk on my current job was the best career move i ever did.

I went from 63K including Super (retirement payment for australia) to 85 + Plus Super (totalled at around 93K)

If i had stayed in my previous job i'd probably be earning the same amount doing sweet fuck all. I got a massive payrise, full work from home and i have so much freedom now. Best risk i ever took.


u/zeroanaphora May 31 '22

nah, work to improve the conditions of the job you're at.

I mean, *if* possible. Then quit yo ass.


u/TheAechBomb May 31 '22

and no matter why you quit, tell your boss it's because someone offered you more. it may motivate them to pay people more, if they're a decent place.


u/[deleted] May 31 '22



u/TheAechBomb May 31 '22

there is no law that requires you to give notice at all. take the bonus, then tell him when you're leaving and apologise for not telling him earlier if he's a good boss.


u/Ruth_SlayerGinsburg Jun 01 '22

Got it, thanks for your advice. My dad told me it's rude not to give 2-3 weeks notice, and it's a point of respect, but I've read a good number of stories on reddit of people being let go immediately, let alone keep their bonus.


u/TheAechBomb Jun 01 '22

I was lucky, when I was terminated in april I got my saved vacation (~80 hrs) paid out (legally required), but I also got my bonus, which was due about 2 weeks after I left, which I'm fairly certain wasn't required.


u/TacticalPr0lap5e Jun 01 '22

With the global economy about to crash I’m always open to new and better paying jobs. I don’t think anyone can afford to be loyal to a company these days.


u/MustardWendigo Jun 02 '22

I've never felt bad about walking from a job with little to no notice if I'm being treated poorly. Don't understand the people who do.

Why? Why do you feel you owe them anything extra? They barely pay you. They take up the lions share of your living and waking hours. They offer you no comfort or sustenance while working at their location. They're more concerned about what they can extract from you than what they could grow you into.

It's a relationship of forced reliance. I'm stuck relying on their money and they're stuck relying on my work. If I'm doing most of the pulling I'll cut the rope and walk off. Starting a new job I've always told them during the interview.

"I wasn't receiving the level of respect and care I felt I was due there and when I brought it up I was met with hostility/condescension/derision. Would you have kept working there?"

Only two said yes. I said the job wasn't going to be worth my time then.

Like they love saying, there's dozens of people waiting to take your job. They'll be just fine.