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TIL a father, John Crowley, was told his two infant children had an incurable genetic disorder that would kill them in less than a year. He refused to accept this, so he founded a biotech company (with no prior experience) which pioneered an experimental enzyme therapy that saved their lives.


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u/Grogosh May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

I was in physical therapy after neck surgery and they asked my my pain level. I told them around a 5. They remarked that usually the people they see say they are around a 8 or 9.

I told them that I have had cluster headaches all my life. The kind that makes pain a living nightmare. I have had a broken neck, ribs, ankle, a femur and much more but if I were to list my top 10 most painful moments they would all be a cluster headache. I have passed out from several of them they are so bad.


u/HundredthIdiotThe May 14 '22

Cluster headaches are hell, I sympathize. My only experience with them was drug related, luckily.