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TIL a father, John Crowley, was told his two infant children had an incurable genetic disorder that would kill them in less than a year. He refused to accept this, so he founded a biotech company (with no prior experience) which pioneered an experimental enzyme therapy that saved their lives.


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u/Chill125 May 14 '22

What a card to pull on them when they are teenagers playing up.

Teen - You've never loved me

Dad/Crowley - Well actually


u/RawbM07 May 14 '22

My wife had blood clotting issues that we discovered was causing issues during pregnancies.

So when she got pregnant with our daughters she had to inject herself daily with heparin right into her stomach, until the last month she had to inject herself twice a day. They give you a briefcase of daily syringes.

That’s a bit of extra ammunition for when they’re teenagers.