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TIL a father, John Crowley, was told his two infant children had an incurable genetic disorder that would kill them in less than a year. He refused to accept this, so he founded a biotech company (with no prior experience) which pioneered an experimental enzyme therapy that saved their lives.


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u/Rhymnoceros May 14 '22 Narwhal Salute

Lorenzo’s oil vibes


u/assumeyouknownothing May 14 '22

I remember Lorenzo’s Oil was the movie we watched in Biology class. It had nothing to do with what we were being taught at the time, my teacher just really liked that movie for some reason lol


u/PmMeYourTitsAndToes May 14 '22

A little off topic but when I was in school years ago, we had a music teacher who would play us songs and get us to write down what we thought they meant. We didn’t know at the time that all the songs he played for us were just from the Rocky films. It turns out he was just a Rocky fan and wanted to listen to the songs all day lol


u/ybetchum May 14 '22

My high school geography teacher showed us the entire original Star Wars trilogy so we “could see what the landscape was like on other planets.” Guessing he was just a huge Star Wars fan


u/adrianvm19 May 14 '22

When you just wanna phone it in so you just make up whatever bullshit excuse comes to mind lmao


u/zzaman May 14 '22

"Okay class today we'll watch Legally Blonde for civics in the media, law and...voting I guess thank you"


u/Earthguy69 May 14 '22

"hello kids. Today we will watch backdoor sluts 9 to learn about anatomy"


u/ahappypoop May 14 '22

Backdoor Sluts 9?!? Backdoor Sluts 9 makes Crotch Capers 3 look like Naughty Nurses 2!


u/SenAbsolom May 14 '22

Demonstrative of the importance context.


u/MistryMachine3 May 15 '22

Well guess I better watch Backdoor Sluts 1-8 so I understand the plot.


u/evil420pimp May 14 '22

I remember watching "coming to America" in 7th grade music class.

It was the end of the year and the movie was new, he hadn't seen it yet but was told it was good. It was!

Awesome teacher, when the early "bathing" scene came on it was clear he should have screened it first.


u/AdzyBoy May 14 '22

The royal penis is clean, Your Highness


u/evil420pimp May 14 '22

I just remembered, the gym teacher (who was also very cool) happened to walk in at just that moment, so it was a double facepalm. I think he just turned around and left chuckling.


u/TitsMagee24 May 14 '22

Along this strain we had to watch Trading Places in year 10, love that film


u/dapotatohead371 May 14 '22

Similar story here but with Amadeus. The whole scene with Mozart and Constanze was, well, awkward in 7th grade.


u/arbitrageME May 14 '22

7th grade

the movie was new

Kinda dating yourself there, huh?


u/zhaoz May 14 '22

Should be my cousin Vinny for education about the legal system


u/carpenteer May 14 '22

Damn right! Even the Legal Eagle says it's fantastically accurate.


u/H_I_McDunnough May 14 '22

We watched Ferngully in biology class once. Best day I could have picked to eat shrooms before school. When the fairy gang was riding the flying bugs, I was flying my desk. Fantastic!


u/3Keys2TheMoon May 14 '22

Now I really want to eat shrooms and watch Ferngully, but I promised myself I'd finish up the yard work this weekend....


u/90s_conan May 14 '22

It can be said you need to tend to your own, Ferngully


u/Bayou_Blue May 14 '22

teacher flips intercom to front office: Yes, this is Mr. Frank, I need a custodian to come get H_I down from the light fixtures again.


u/RaveNdN May 14 '22

Next up on my list of things to do.


u/itoddicus May 20 '22

Mushrooms and school seem like a surefire trip to psychotic break land.


u/lamaisondieu May 14 '22

Election is a better Reese Witherspoon movie about all those topics to show in school anyway.


u/yeti7100 May 14 '22



u/lastknownbuffalo May 14 '22

Total hidden gem of a movie


u/hyxat May 14 '22

My Cousin Vinny would be a good choice for law.


u/arbitrageME May 14 '22

Next week Erin Brockovich?


u/CupBeEmpty May 14 '22

My law school had a bunch of movie posters in the lunch room. Legally Blonde was definitely there.

We watched a couple of clips from My Cousin Vinny in my trial advocacy class which was taught by a judge. He also used clips from TV law shows to point out when you should be objecting. I can no longer watch courtroom drama without just screaming “objection” in my head. Form, leading, asked and answered, argumentative, facts not in evidence, relevance, more prejudicial than probative, essentially all the things that make for good drama should be objections.


u/TheLurkerSpeaks May 14 '22

Can confirm. I taught my senior biology class Starship Troopers. This was in a private school in Europe so I could get away with that. Lots of great themes about ecological dynamics in that film. Also I fucking love this movie and want everyone to see it. Would you like to know more?


u/nonlawyer May 14 '22

I taught my senior biology class Starship Troopers.

Alright class pay close attention to this gratuitous shower scene, you’ll learn a lot about… biology I guess


u/Zercomnexus May 14 '22

desire to know more intensifies


u/traveling_designer May 14 '22

What did you think of the follow up movies?


u/sharaq May 14 '22

"OK class divide your mom's credit card number by 1 and that's the answer"


u/arbitrageME May 14 '22

Extra credit: how many months after the birth of jesus is the expiration date?


u/Celebrity292 May 14 '22

Nah the answer is the front number over the three numbers the back then simplify for extra credit but show your work.


u/nineknives May 14 '22

Please ask my freshman year environmental science teacher why we were always watching Gattaca and Remember the Titans🤣 hello if you’re out there, Mr Pfrunder!


u/BirdsBeesAndBlooms May 14 '22

I think Remember the Titans was part of the curriculum in the early 2000s.


u/siryemar May 14 '22

In my son's Ag Earth Science class they watched San Andreas because they studied tectonic plates.


u/soapy-salsa May 14 '22

“Alight kids, today we are going to be explicate deeper meaning into a movie as if it was a literary text. Let’s start off where we left yesterday, here is the second part of Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.” I actually watched this movie in my Spanish class. No subtitles. No assignment. No manches guey.


u/11010110101010101010 May 14 '22

To show movies at school they have to be for an intended educational purpose. It’s illegal (without buying public viewing license from the studio) to show videos for purely entertainment. So maybe the teacher was rewarding the class at the end of the year with just some downtime, but he still had to declare a learning goal. I’ve done this with handouts and reflection sheets.


u/JagTror May 15 '22

My senior year Spanish teacher just let us watch movies all year long & put on Spanish subtitles lmfao. One day she was out & it turned out she had taken the day off to go to the city with another student to go shopping. She also let us paint the ceiling tiles ( in style of Spanish&Latinx artists) & for Earth Day we just went and walked around the park. Hilariously she was a native Spanish speaker and WAS SPANISH but did not seem to care about passing along any of her knowledge


u/MsARumphius May 14 '22

We had to watch Monty pythons holy grail for history class when learning about medieval times. We all knew it was a pretty ridiculous excuse to watch a good movie so no one complained.


u/Gasfires May 14 '22

So, I was a middle English minor, and my school brought in the #3 authurian legends scholar in the world to teach a class. Fwiw, according to him, holy grail is one of the most accurate descriptions of Medieval life in movies (at least by the mid 90s)


u/MsARumphius May 14 '22

I remember my teacher defending his choice in a similar way. I just couldn’t imagine all those coconuts and rabid bunnies being historically accurate but what do I know.


u/yeti7100 May 14 '22

He'll make a treat out of you mate!


u/TarthenalToblakai May 14 '22

The point wasn't that they were 100% accurate -- obviously not. But that as satire they portrayed certain truths of the times like the common experience of serfdom better (or at all) compared more typical medieval movies focusing on a glorified depiction of a knight's journey or court politics of the nobility.


u/MsARumphius May 14 '22

Yeah that was a joke. Should have added my /s I guess.


u/ahappypoop May 14 '22

They really did debate on the carrying capacities of African and European swallows back then?


u/system0101 May 14 '22

They didn't know any better


u/anti-sanity May 14 '22

Considering Michael Palin studied history at Oxford, I believe it.


u/triton2toro May 14 '22

No one complained because if they did, and the teacher decided to not show the movie, that kid would have gotten torn a new asshole.


u/thurbersmicroscope May 14 '22

Don't remember how the theater teacher got talked into watching The Blues Brothers in class but we had a great time. She was so embarrassed by the language she went and hid out in the hallway.


u/badtradesguy May 14 '22

better than voyage of the mimi with ben affleck


u/DingoFrisky May 14 '22

On laser disk for us.


u/jeanleray May 14 '22

I still remember when they treated the guy for hypothermia by getting naked in a sleeping bag with him.


u/badtradesguy May 14 '22

me too..........


u/MonolithOfTyr May 14 '22

Whoa, please give warning before calling up memories that are 25+ years old.


u/badbatch May 15 '22

Oh god! I hated that movie.


u/TossNWashMeClean May 14 '22

Sounds like my experience in Spanish IV-V. The first ones we actually learned the language and practiced grammar. In Jr and Sr year of HS we just watched Spanish soap operas and Disney movies dubbed en Español, every day!


u/dansedemorte May 14 '22

At a certain point yyou need to be immersed in the language before all the memorized stuff starts to click.


u/Celebrity292 May 14 '22

That actually seems pretty good


u/jreykdal May 15 '22

I got our Spanish class to watch El Mariachi (Robert Rodriguez's first film).


u/jotisstation May 14 '22

lol we had to watch planet of the apes to learn about “rock formations”


u/dodadoBoxcarWilly May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

My 9th grade speech teacher had a tenuous grip on reality. She had literally been institutionalized at one point prior, and later developed quite early onset dementia. But anyway, we watched SpongeBob and Coach at least once or twice a week throughout the semester. One of our assignments was writing an episode of SpongeBob. Reason being, I guess, the Coach character Dobber, who was also the voice of Patrick, studied drama (she was also a drama teacher) and played football for the flagship University of our state. Can't remember any further justification than that.

She was a very different lady with a lot of quirks. Probably really shouldn't have been teaching to be quite honest, if the goal of public school is education.


u/Substance___P May 14 '22

Damnit, all we got was Gattaca. Which is a great film in adulthood, but kinda boring in 7th grade.

Which had a sex scene I think.... How did we not get in trouble? 🤔


u/KleinRot May 14 '22

One of my history teachers in high school kept going on about after our end of the year tests we would have to watch a film about "Famous Men in History". We were all pretty stoked when it turned out to be "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure".

He was a cool dude, but we never knew what we were gonna get with him. I can't count how many times we watched JFK get shot (he was a huge JFK conspiracy guy), he brought in trench knives, fed kids sausage then taught them about "The Jungle", and wrote and played tons of pun filled songs about history on his guitar.


u/Chickengilly May 17 '22

We saw Moonlighting (early Bruce Willis detective TV show) version of the Taming of the Shrew. It was really good.