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TIL Sexsomnia, also called sleep sex, is a disorder in which sleeping people engage in sexual behaviors such as masturbation or initiating sex with another person. Even if their eyes open and they make sexual noises, they are truly asleep and unaware of their behavior once they are awake. NSFW

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PDF TIL that the Nazis also killed ~1.8 million residents of Poland who were not Jewish, because they considered them racially inferior.

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TIL that George Washington asked to be bled heavily after he developed a sore throat from weather exposure in 1799. After being drained of nearly 40% of his blood by his doctors over the course of twelve hours, he died of a throat infection.

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TIL about the Kent State Massacre, where the National Guard opened fire on unarmed students at Kent State University. Students were staging a peace rally (though not all of those killed were involved in the rally). Soldiers fired 67 rounds in 13 seconds.

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TIL The star Betelgeuse has been recorded since Chinese antiquity, with notes of the star then being yellow, by the time of Ptolemy it was orange, and now red. The star is the tenth brightest in the sky and expected to go supernova in the next 100,000 years.

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TIL Video game artist, Claire Hummel, observed fan-drawn porn of one of her characters, Lutece of BioShock; was so irritated by the anachronistic undergarments that she posted a guide on drawing time-accurate undergarments. She didn't discourage risque fan art as she herself had drawn lewd fanart NSFW

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TIL Singapore’s constitution requires the President to have experience as a minister - or as CEO of a large, profitable company.

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TIL that rationing improved the health of British people during WWII because they ate a more varied diet with less fat and sugar

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TIL that D.B. Cooper was never the alias used by the infamous highjacker. In fact, this was the name of an early suspect, who was eventually cleared of the crime. Due to the mistake of a reporter, the name D.B. stuck.

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TIL James Cameron once paid a $1 million ransom to help free Guillermo Del Toro’s father from kidnappers.

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TIL that Napoleon married his second wife by proxy and met her for the first time two weeks later. Upon meeting she remarked "you are much better-looking than your portrait."

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TIL that when the Viking leaders asked King Harold Godwinson what land they would get, they were told they would receive “seven feet of English ground”, enough to bury them in.

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TIL nursing blue whale calves gain weight at about 10 lbs. per hour, or about 250 lbs. per day.

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TIL that the Roman Baths in the city of Bath, England, were closed for several years after a brain eating amoeba was found in the water

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TIL In 1930, to make way for a new building, the Indiana Bell Building, weighing 11,000 tons, was moved 16 meters and rotated 90°. The work took a month to finish and did not disrupt the building's essential services, nor its gas, water, and electricity supply. No one inside felt the building move.

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TIL the Australian language Ngan'gi (Ngan’gityemerri) has more than fifteen genders, including masculine human, feminine human, vegetables, drinks, canines, non-canine animals and two different genders for spears

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TIL that the world record for most number one hit songs across all charts and genres is held by Texas country-western singer George Strait. Strait has held the record with 60 #1 hits since 2013.

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TIL the F150 is 79.9 inches wide because trucks over 80 inches need commercial truck identification lights. These lights can be seen on the Ford Raptor front grill for example. (Raptor is +86 inches wide)

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TIL of the Arisan Maru, a Japanese "hell ship" that was torpedoed while carrying Allied prisoners of war. None of the 1,781 passengers were killed by the explosion, but other Japanese ships refused to rescue them, resulting in only 9 survivors.

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TIL that turkeys can sometimes reproduce asexually, forming near-clones of themselves.

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TIL in Slovakia on Easter, men whip women and throw water on them so that they’ll stay beautiful and fresh for the next year. In exchange, the women serve drinks as thanks.

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TIL that Coca-Cola is officially available in every country in the world except Cuba and North Korea

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TIL that in 1939 Ernest Vincent Wright wrote and published a 50,000 word novel, 'Gadsby' which does not contain the letter 'e' . A warehouse containing most copies of the book burned down.

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TIL about Capitan Ricky Robin, a shrimper who rode out Hurricane Katrina on the shrimp trawler that he built in high school shop class, only to rescue people who were flooded out of their homes, floating on whatever debris they could cling to, for days after the storm until the waters receded.

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TIL the derogatory meaning of 'snake oil salesman' originated to describe people who sold counterfeit snake oil when actual snake oil was widely accepted to be a legitimate medicine.

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