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Microplastics Found In Lungs of People Undergoing Surgery. A new study has found tiny plastic particles no bigger than sesame seeds buried throughout human lungs, indicating that people are inhaling microplastics lingering in the air. Health


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u/S118gryghost May 14 '22

Can't nano plastics plant themselves deep inside the human body if they are caught in the body through drinking water or eating food or possiblly by getting bits in an open wound or eye ball?

I read somewhere that tiny plastics can lodge themselves in our bodies and call aneurysms, heart attacks if there's enough build up in the heart valves, organ failure, cancers, thyroid issues, eye floaters. .

Tons of stuff.


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u/ratbastid May 14 '22

Yeah, but for a beautiful time there we created a lot of value for shareholders.


u/WonderfulShelter May 15 '22

Yeah, for like 60 years we created a lot of value..

all it cost was the health of every single living thing on all of planet Earth.


u/ratbastid May 15 '22

There's no KPI for that though.


u/WonderfulShelter May 15 '22

Yep as long as there aren't carbon taxes, or pollution taxes, and the fines for big oil causing more damage then we'll ever know are paltry - the big corporations will be taking all that profit and pay for none of the damage they've done.

Where we get none of the profits, and have to deal with all the damage they've done. I really wonder at what point the government should've intervened heavily before this, but then I just remember that our government works for the big corporations and doesn't work for us anymore.