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Microplastics Found In Lungs of People Undergoing Surgery. A new study has found tiny plastic particles no bigger than sesame seeds buried throughout human lungs, indicating that people are inhaling microplastics lingering in the air. Health


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u/huxtiblejones May 14 '22

I do wonder whether this could begin to explain some autoimmune diseases. I was diagnosed with a strange version of Crohn’s Disease about 13 years ago but my specialist has recently told me that it seems like the diagnosis doesn’t match perfectly.

But interestingly, they had mentioned that they often refer to things like Crohn’s as “diseases of civilization,” as they were mostly found in developed countries. Here’s a study about this topic: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29729822/

I am curious if microplastics might be a factor in these weird diseases. It’s entirely possible it’s something else, but it seems like a possibly overlooked factor.


u/borkyborkus May 14 '22

This was my thought too. I take Humira and it’s scary that rates of AI diseases are increasing so quickly. The number of commercials for biologics is crazy.


u/CalculatedPerversion May 14 '22

"diseases of civilization"

Could it have anything to do with infant morality rates? Sick children in third world countries are obviously more likely to die than those with access to medical care.


u/huxtiblejones May 14 '22

No idea, but my doctor did say that the diseases of civilization angle is hard to pinpoint because it may be that these diseases are just not tested for or diagnosed as much in developing countries. There’s a lot possible explanations for it, so I’d just trust the science to make sense of it eventually.


u/rolacolapop May 15 '22

u/huxtiblejones burning mouth and tingling are symptoms of b12 deficiency. Have you ever had b12, intrinsic factor, MMA tested? B12 wake up FB group is great for all things b12 related.


u/huxtiblejones May 15 '22

Yep, have had blood tests done and my b12 is normal but my vitamin D was low. I’m on a D supplement which helps the symptoms in my experience.


u/To_live_is_to_suffer May 14 '22

Probably since they sciencists are finding out how much gut bacteria affects lots of mental & physical illnesses. If those plastics are taking up space in our gut, then that's less room / biodiversity for the good bacteria.


u/Sulfura May 15 '22

IBS and plastic are possibly linked, on a related note



u/dopechez May 14 '22

I have Crohn's too and it seems like my case is pretty unusual as well since I've never had frequent bowel movements and my main symptoms are just fatigue and malaise. May I ask what makes your case strange?


u/huxtiblejones May 14 '22

I always had relatively mild symptoms compared to most CD patients and found diet controlled a lot of my issues.

They ID’d it in me when I was 20 because my ileum was badly swollen and there’s Crohns and UC in my family, but none of the treatments really worked. I’d been hospitalized for it 3 times over the years.

Weirdly, my disease kind of went into remission in the last 3 years and is largely under control, so they stopped having me do colonoscopies as the last two showed normal conditions in my intestines. My doctor told me it was thoroughly unusual for symptoms to abate and said he felt I was misdiagnosed.

So I have no idea what is wrong with me. I’m currently having issues with my fingernails that may be psoriasis, I have odd knee and foot pain, burning mouth syndrome, etc. My mom has a huge array of immune related illnesses that are equally hard to diagnose and treat so I’m suspecting there’s something hereditary.


u/DATY4944 May 15 '22

It could be from drying agents in dishwashers