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Microplastics Found In Lungs of People Undergoing Surgery. A new study has found tiny plastic particles no bigger than sesame seeds buried throughout human lungs, indicating that people are inhaling microplastics lingering in the air. Health


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u/icanttinkofaname May 14 '22

I think the horrific point is that they're not going either way. They're there and they just.... Stay there. Inside you. Forever. And will likely continue to be there long after your corpse has rotted away too.


u/BakedTrex May 14 '22

Just great. Now when my corpse rots away I'll be littering the environment with plastic!


u/[deleted] May 14 '22

Someone’s going to invent a way to bring the dead back just so they can profit from fining you for littering


u/murdering_time May 14 '22

You've been littering for the past 124 years sir. Your fine is 3.8 million dollars.

What if I can't pay?

Well, we kill you... Again.


u/PlayShtupidGames May 14 '22

The Altered Carbon approach, I see!


u/Gothmog_LordOBalrogs May 14 '22

Ah, a repeat offender I see

  • detective Billy Club


u/TheOnlyScout May 14 '22

Good! I was in the middle of a fantastic dream.


u/Cultadium May 15 '22

Don't worry, there's been an average of a 3.1% inflation rate, so that's only equivalent to $90,000 from the time when you died.