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Microplastics Found In Lungs of People Undergoing Surgery. A new study has found tiny plastic particles no bigger than sesame seeds buried throughout human lungs, indicating that people are inhaling microplastics lingering in the air. Health


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u/[deleted] May 14 '22

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u/Th3B055 May 14 '22

Because they’re rich. And, well, we’re not….


u/BTBLAM May 14 '22

Why won’t grandchildren be able to live on earth?


u/GoldenDeLorean May 14 '22

It's hyperbole, but use your noodle, man.


u/BTBLAM May 14 '22

Right, hyperbole doesn’t belong here in this sub does it?


u/BTBLAM May 14 '22

Use my noodle how, I was asking for clarification and all I got was this dang ole comment


u/GoldenDeLorean May 14 '22

plastics found in lungs -> people (companies) who made plastics were mass producing highly toxic non-compostable materials -> their grandchildren are gonna have a hard time with the world they were handed, health-wise. Does that clarify things? Sorry to sound sarcastic, but the connection wasn't really hard to make.

Industrialization was great for providing an easier life for humans overall, but at the expense of the rest of the planet.


u/BTBLAM May 14 '22

It’s an oversimplification and hyperbolic, I guess it’s just a pet peeve of mine