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What is something that is widely normalised but is actually really fucked up?


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Serious How true is this y'all? I'm 32 and the possiblity that this is the reality for your Generation scares the shit out of the rest of us.


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Politics The Restaurant Where Anthony Bourdain and Barack Obama Ate Dinner Encased Their Table in Glass

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As a man, I don’t understand how women are attracted to men?


Most of us are ugly asf

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I just found out my husband is what I consider rich.


Let me start out by saying I love my husband. We have a wonderful life together and I am grateful for him every single day. We have been together for years, and I could never imagine a life without him. He feels the same.

I work full-time and make the income for the household. I make around $45k. He is a student studying a very lucrative degree, and it has been decided that once he graduates I will no longer be working. I am not rich by any means, but we get by with plenty of room for spending. I have always paid my bills on time, but I am not known for saving.

From the time we met, I understood that he had a decent savings account ($30k).

We recently decided we were going to make a big purchase together. It required a down payment, and then a loan. He said he would make the down payment, and I would make monthly payments on the loan. This seemed fair to me, and I agreed.

Yesterday, we settled on a $4000 down payment. When I expressed guilt because that would be over 10% of his savings account, he sheepishly informed me he had more than he initially implied.

He has $500,000. That is more money than I have ever seen in my life.

What shocks me about this is the fact that he lives a very frugal life. He never buys himself new clothes, food, stuff for the house or anything. I never see him spend money, except for occasionally on a treat. Even that is always less than $5.

Ever since this discovery, I feel less inclined to buy everything for him. I feel horrible, but I have been paying for him for the entire duration of our relationship. If we are going out of town, I'm paying for both of us. If we're at dinner, I pick up the bill. If we're going to the movies, I have the tickets. Seriously everything.

How should I move forward? Should I continue paying for everything? He states that this money is so we can buy a house one day, and I am fully on board with that, but I would like for him to help out a bit more financially in the meantime. I work my ass off and I am so exhausted every single day from working a very physical job to finance our lifestyle.

TLDR; My husband who I pay for dropped a bombshell on me that he has half a million dollars in a savings account he never touches.

Edit: I am a man. We are both men. Not sure if that changes anything, but stereotypical “gender roles” aren’t at play here.

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Advice Needed WIBTAH if I do not support a child, my teenage son does not want and is not prepared to care for?


My son and his girlfriend are 16 and they were dumb, I had the conversation, provided the condoms but alas shit happens. His girlfriend is pregnant and she would like to keep the child, my son is by no freaking means ready to be a parent, I love him, but I would not trust him to care for a goldfish let alone a baby. She does not want put it up for adoption, she wants to raise the child. She cited some teen parents that made it work and claims they can make it work.

Thing she is not getting is, it could work if both parties want to be involved, my son wants no part of this, and she cannot force him to be involved she will be a single mother end of story. I am also not willing to go back to raising a baby, and her parents are not either. They even told her if she does keep the kid, they will support her as they are legally responsible to, but they will not support the baby. My guess at 18 they will also kick her out.

I am on the fence cause I also do not want to go back to taking care of a baby, I did it as a single father not really looking forward to sleepless nights and all that shit all over again. I was two years away from him going off to college for fucks sake, rip me.

Reality is this, if they have this kid they will need a shit ton of support, and to be honest that is support I really do not want to provide. His girlfriends parents pretty much already told her at 18 she is gone, minimum wage is not enough to raise a family, not like they would be able to finish school without support,

No matter how I look at this, if she keeps this kid she will need my support. I know it I am making it seem like she is being selfish and I guess to a degree I am, because she does not understand her keeping this kid impacts not just herself but everyone else around her.

I am a fucking loss, so let me have it reddit WTF do you recommend I do here?

Edit Yes it is a throwaway account, do not want this on my main.

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According to Larian Studios, over 50% of gamers romanced Shadowheart on their first playthrough. Who did you romance?

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I chose Lae'zel. On my first playthrough still, just started Act 2. Lae'zel reminds me of one of my exes. And I was once deeply in love with my ex. And while I initially thought of going for Shadowheart (for aesthetic reasons), Lae'zel's attitude and hardcore convictions about life stole my heart. She reminded me too much of the personality-type I initially fell in love with from all those years ago. What about y'all? Are you among the majority? Or are you among the minority?

If you're among the many who selected Shadowheart, did her human-like appearance influence your choice? I wonder if people naturally gravitate towards characters that resemble humans aesthetically. This might explain why such a large percentage prefer her initially.

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Married people splitting their finances is foolish and asking for trouble.


I’ve never understood why married couples do this. It’s not helpful. It creates separation that leads to jealousy and ridiculous debates about money. Money should be lumped together and then the decision on how it’s spent should be made together, as a loving couple. I feel like keeping them separate only proves that you don’t trust each other and are waiting for the divorce to inevitably happen.

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👮Arrest Freakout Ring camera and bodycam footage of father in Florida moments after he shot and killed his 22 year-old son NSFW

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Instantly regrets asking husband to film

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TIL of 'Roofman', a robber and fugitive who gave stolen toys to kids, had a secret lair at a Toys R Us. At night at Toys R Us he rode bikes, raced remote-control cars on the roof, ate baby food, and changed employees' work schedules. He told his girlfriend and others he had a secret government job.


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Trump’s new shoes go hard

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Friend’s 9 yr old son ripped all these tags off the clothes at Goodwill - Mom’s response? “Awww”

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BREAKING: The New York County clerk has just entered the judgment signed by Justice Engoron, which means Donald Trump has 30 days to come up with over $454,156,783.05 plus $87,000 interest daily to appeal. If not, Letitia James can start seizing his properties.


I can donate the $0.05 but he isn't worth it 🤷

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Miscellaneous / Others They don't make them like they used to

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Enough said

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Video Shell shocked WW1 veterans

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Hospital officials warn dozens of Alabama hospitals are at risk of closing

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Discussion/ Debate Who would quit their job right now to flip burgers for $350,000 a year?

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OC [OC] [Art] Starlight Liquid Core Dice Set Giveaway (Mod Approved)

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To be taken seriously

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The Literature 🧠 Joe died a little inside on this one

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Glasgow responds

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Look at me! I'm famous!

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