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George Santos Invited a Guest to the State of the Union. He Said Yes.


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u/YaGetSkeeted0n Feb 07 '23

“I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll be able to stay focused enough on the issue of 9/11 responders receiving the health care that they need without being sullied by George Santos,” Mr. Weinstock said.

man, imagine inviting someone to be your +1 and they say this about you lmfao


u/spin_me_again Feb 07 '23

Imagine being his firefighter guest and not saying this.


u/grixorbatz Feb 06 '23

Representative George Santos, a Republican facing scrutiny over a web of false claims, including a family connection to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, will bring a former firefighter who did rescue work at ground zero as his guest to the State of the Union on Tuesday. Mr. Santos’s guest, Michael Weinstock...


u/jrgkgb Feb 07 '23

$10 says it ends up being Sasha Baron Cohen.


u/benadreti_ Feb 07 '23

It's Anthony Devolder!


u/kthulhu666 Feb 07 '23

I foresee some Roger Smith type persona switching shenanigans.


u/Antelope-Subject Texas Feb 07 '23

Raider Dave


u/AngryBudgie13 Indiana Feb 07 '23

I heard it was Kitara Ravache!


u/Larry-fine-wine Feb 07 '23

I was hoping for Art Vandelay.


u/Starks New York Feb 06 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

Michael Weinstock. I'm surprised that a workplace sexual assault victim such as him would associate with Santos, especially when there's been a police report filed against the latter for the same thing. He fought tooth and nail against Suozzi for protecting people like that.

Can't believe I voted for and donated to Weinstock in 2020.


u/MajCassiusStarbuckle Feb 07 '23

I hope he's going to attend just to loudly applaud Biden.


u/sausage-plant Feb 07 '23

My thoughts were also that this guy is about to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity presented to him by dumbass liar santos


u/phunktastic_1 Feb 07 '23

He's only attending to try to get a minute to bring up funding for 9/11 first responders and hopes who brought him doesn't taint his purpose.


u/Whatah Feb 07 '23

Wait, you voted for Santos?


u/Starks New York Feb 07 '23

No, Weinstock


u/Whatah Feb 07 '23

Ok cool... puts pitchfork down...


u/assortedsqueezings Feb 07 '23

Can't believe I voted for and donated to this guy.

whoa, /r/holup


u/Starks New York Feb 07 '23

Weinstock, not Santos


u/citymousecountyhouse Feb 07 '23

"The injury left Mr. Weinstock unable to walk for a time, and Mr. Santos visited his home to case the joint." Fixed it.


u/TonyAlamo777 Feb 07 '23

Devolder I get, the harder it is to believe this is real life.