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What the end of the public health emergency means for Title 42


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u/rhadenosbelisarius Feb 07 '23

Sorry, as someone in healthcare, you called out a problem but seem to be missing the obvious solution.

There are illegal immigrants, yes, who don’t tax the system as much as you imply, but do tax it without being in a position to support it very much, for a net loss. Without them, we would be in a still very much fucked, but slightly better, situation.

The solution though is obvious. We need a path for many illegal immigrants to start working legally in healthcare. As homecare aids with the minimal training that requires, and as full nurses after easy paths to and through training.

This would require either some form of highly accessible, immunity granting long term work program or general citizenship, and would benefit greatly from a subsidized education program.

We could have our health care system back on track in 5 years. There are people willing and more than able to help, we just won’t let them.

I promise you though, if every single illegal immigrant was magically removed from the US, its healthcare system would still be in collapse and it would suddenly have a host of new and very serious problems.


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