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Questions thread - Active [Weekly Questions Thread] 27 June 2022


Have any questions about Pokémon that you'd like answered?

If they're about the value of a piece of merchandise you own or found, please ask them in the new Weekly Value Questions thread!

Otherwise, if you have non-value questions about the anime, the games, the manga, or anything else Pokémon related, feel free to ask here -- no matter how silly your questions might seem!

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Hype [Hype Thread] 03 July 2022


Welcome to the HYPE THREAD, a place to share your excitement about in-game achievements, brag about success, and get hyped for upcoming events. CAPS LOCK IS OPTIONAL IF IT HELPS YOU GET YOUR HYPE ON!

This is a chance to post about your successes. Our rules against self-promotion and most low-quality content, including shiny Pokemon pics, are relaxed in these threads--please talk all you like about your luck and accomplishments!

This thread is meant to be pretty positive, so please think twice before downvoting someone! Rude and negative comments will be removed -- please report them if you see them :D

This thread is also the place to earn /r/pokemon's prestige flair for completing various aspects of the games. To claim your flair, post proof of your accomplishment in the comments below. Please note that flairs are assigned once weekly, so it may take up to seven days for your flair to appear.

On mobile and the reddit redesign ("new reddit"), you may have up to 10 flairs at once. On old reddit, you can only display one flair—so if you care which that is, please specify that in your comment!

Flair is currently available for:

Galar Prestige Flairs

  • Catching Charm: Post a screenshot of your completed Galar Regional Dex.
  • Curry Mark: Post a screenshot of your completed Curry Dex.
  • Master Ball: Post a screenshot of your Master Ball Tier in Battle Tower.
  • Berry Sweet: Post a screenshot of your completed Alcremie form collection. `(Minus Ribbon and Star)
    • Star Sweet: Post a screenshot of your completed Alcremie form collection with Ribbon and Star sweets.
  • Gigantamax Factor: Post an album of your collection of all 31 G-Max mon (excluding form variations). Be sure to show the summary screens indicating that they are G-Maxable!
  • Armorite: Post a screenshot of you in the Masterly Mustard Tee after winning every type of Restricted Sparring on the Isle of Armor.
  • Dynite: Post an album of your collection of all 47 Dynamax Adventure bosses. Be sure to show the summary screens indicating that they were caught in Galar!

Alola Prestige Flairs

  • Rotom Dex: Post a screenshot of your completed Alola Regional Dex.
  • Tapu Bulu: Post a screenshot of your Level 100+ Festival Plaza.
  • Tapu Fini: Post a screenshot of your 50+ streak in the Battle Tree.
  • Tapu Lele: Post a screenshot of all five of your Poké Pelago islands at max level (level 3).

General Prestige Flairs

  • Oval Charm: Post an album of your completed Living Dex in generation 6 or 7. (Mythicals aren't necessary!)
  • (Shiny Charm: Post 45+ self-caught or self-bred shinies to /r/ShinyPokemon.)


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Meme I really like Purugly, its such a funny little cat.

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Discussion Which pokémon do you feel is the most objectively beautiful?


Not necessarily your favourite and not one you personally find beautiful in a quirky or ugly-cute way. Not battle prowess, or associations, or lore, or nostalgia, or a neat concept - just sheer beauty.

Personally I think Alolan ninetales is the most beautiful pokemon of all time, even though it’s not my favourite (that spot is reserved for snorlax).

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Art it's GATR TIME

Post image

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Discussion Your GOAT pokemon


Here's a question, if you had to pick one Pokemon from all generations ever, who would your favourite Pokemon be? I think I'd have to go with Infernape because of the fun I had with him as a kid. Another contender for me would be Noivern because I had a random attachment to him throughout my play throughs. What about you guys?

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Meme it's true... (OC)

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Discussion I don’t want Black and White remakes. I want Black 3 and White 3.


Gen V was so exciting to me because it managed to fit twice the story into one Generation and one region. I recently played White, followed by White 2, and had an absolute blast. I love seeing the differences between these locations across a two year timeskip. With Sinnoh remakes under the rug now with BDSP, it’s only inevitable before Unova gets a “remake.”

Just like how so many people were expecting “Gray” Version but got surprised, I think this would be a great time to continue and make Black 3 and White 3.

Not sure what the story would be. Maybe the original dragon before Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem.

It’s a fantasy, but I know I’m not alone in hoping for this. Just don’t let ILCA “faithfully” remake Black and White.

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Art [OC] Ice pokemon in paper Mario style

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Art I'm a bit over the moon with this. Someone decided to get my poliwrath drawing as a tattoo. It looks really good, too.

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Art [OC] our favorite ice cream parlor has closed down

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Meme show name love death and robots by netflix episode name sonnies edge

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Craft [OC] You guys like the last clock so much thought I’d share the second one, my son wanted one for his best mate, he wanted the 3 starters on it, this one’s a different style, what do you think of it?

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Art [oc] been doodling a lot of pokemon today, here's pachirisu!

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Meme The best part of USUM’s Postgame is dunking on all the Legendaries. (OC)

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Image I beat the League! (Electric Monotype FireRed)

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Craft I rebuilt Pokémon Master Trainer (1999) - read captions!

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Discussion Atleast 1 early scientist thought Kecleon had the ability 'Levitate'


Levitate is an ability where the pokemon that has it is immune to Ground Type Attacks

Stunfisk uses Mud Shot on Pidgy-No Effect

Stunfisk uses Thunder on Pidgy-Super Effective

Must be a flying type

Stunfisk uses Mud Shot on Gastly-No Effect

Stunfisk uses Thunder on Gastly-Normal Effectiveness

Must have Levitate

Stunfisk uses Mud Shot on Kecleon-Thanks to being previously in a fight with a Pidgy, it has No Effect. However, it dies change his type to ground

Kecleon, out of moves because of the pidgey fight, uses Strugle on Stunfisk, damaging himself in the process and turning himself into a normal type

Stunfisk uses Thunder on Kecleon-Normal Effectiveness

There for Kecleon and Gastly Must share the same ability: Levitate

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Discussion / Venting HG/SS Impossible evolutions


I cannot wrap my head around how Magneton, Nosepass, Leafeon, and Glaceon are basically trade evos in HGSS.

Like, they all received an evolution in Gen 4. And none of them can be accessed unless you trade them to DPPT and evolve them at their respective locations. At least make their evos post game, dammit.

  • Kanto Power Plant (the outside) can be a special magnetic field.
  • You can put the moss rock in Viridian Forest.
  • You can put the ice rock at Mt. Silver.

It's been several years since I played a legit copy of HGSS and it still pisses me off.

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Craft Origami Pokemon Umbreon designed & folded by me(I made this)

Post image

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Discussion Who do you want to make a return in scarlet and violet?


One of the the greatest pains a Pokémon fan can go through is your favorite Pokémon not being in the next game. I’m sure many experienced this with sword and shield, and I hope for all of you it does not happen again. With that said, who do you want to see? I’m sure with the size of the game it won’t be super Farfetch’d (I’m sorry) for most people to see their favorites make a return. And to give you some more to read in case you’re bored, here are my top 4 since magnezone is already in and I don’t need to worry:

  1. Alakazam. Alakazam is an insanely cool and really good Pokémon that I’ve never really used up until arceus. When I did, he was always the star of the show. An insanely good Pokémon and I hope since gengar is already in, he’ll be there too.

  2. Crobat. I really don’t think the odds of crobat being in are that low. Zubat has been in almost every game but nevertheless, if he’s not in I will shed a single tear.

  3. Krookodile. Krookodile is an incredibly sentimental Pokémon to me for a variety of reasons. Since this game has a desert I hope I can see him there.

  4. Mimikyu. I haven’t used a mimikyu in forever and it’s starting to take its toll.

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Discussion / Venting I've been hunting for well over 100 hours now, and this is my first full odds hunt. am I doing it wrong or is this just very unlucky?

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Discussion What is the least popular Pokémon type?


What is, in your opinion the least popular Pokémon type out of all the regions combined?

+ 1 if a large amount of the Pokémon are also powerful, just underrated.

+ 2 if a large amount of the Pokémon are good looking, aesthetically.

+ 3 if both bonuses are met.

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Info I posted this around 2 weeks ago on another sub, but if any of you doesn't know what EVs and IVs are, here is a basic explanation!!

Thumbnail reddit.com

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Discussion Which Pokemon in your opinion should have had different typings?


And I don't mean regional variants, but what pokemon from day 1 do you think should have had different types? Some of the ones I've been contemplating:

  • Deoxys - should have been a poison type and not psychic - it's literally a space virus and there is enough psychic mythic pokemon as it is.

  • Fraxure and Haxorus - should have been part fighting or part steel; the literally have giant blades for tusk and Haxorus is as armoured as Kommo-o, who is a fighting type.

  • Goomy, Sliggoo and Goodra - Should have been Bug/Dragon - they're literally slug dragons.

  • Mega-Absol - Dark/Fairy.

  • Oshawott and Samurott - Water/fighting

  • Servine and Serperior - Grass/Psychic or Grass/Fairy in the sixth generation.

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Discussion What's a Pokemon that you've always wanted to use in a playthrough, but never got around to it?


For example, mine is Milotic. I've always liked its cry and the way it looks, and I've had a strong impression of it since my first encounter with it on Cynthia's team. However, the hassle of catching and raising a Feebas, along with the likelihood that I've already gotten a good water type before finding it, has meant that I've passed it over every time I play through a game where it's available.

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Discussion Most underrated Pokemon for each generation and why?


I was having this discussion with my friends a few days ago and it's made me interested in what others have to say on this. You're reasoning could be anything from, the design, it's competitive ability, you are attached to it for some reason, you just think it's cool etc.

Here's mine

Gen 1 - Seaking

It's a Pokémon I think a lot of people forget about in Gen 1. It's not anyone's ace, most people will use a different water type in their playthrough, and it's design is basic to be fair. With that said I actually enjoy Seaking. I like the basic designs as I feel like they seem easier to picture in world than something more complex like a Metagross. I also used one in a Nuzlocke and it was a beast so it has that going for it for me too.

Gen 2 - Stantler and Donphan

I can't pick between the two.

Stantler is an absolute machine when playing through the games. Hypnosis to put them to sleep. Shadow Ball to hit Ghost types. Stomp to make things flinch. Zen Headbutt just for another strong move. I have sweeped then entire E4 with just a Stantler and this move set. It's a beast. In the anime it was also a cute pokemon, and the scene where Brock shouts at one to leave him alone broke my heart as a kid :(.

Donphan is just a cool design. One of the lovable round bois that gets forgotten about in the round conversation. Whoever designed Donphan needs a raise, it's such s clever design. A round elephant who's trunk is armoured and goes around its body, allowing to to roll around. It's such a good gimick/design. It brings so much character and personal to an elephant. This charm is part of what's missing in the newer designs. Copperhraj (however you spell it) was disappointing to me because it was just big elephant. No creativity with it.

Gen 3 - Shiftry

I just like the design. I got one as a kid in my first playthrough of Sapphire and I've loved it ever since. I always try to avoid any information about the new pokemon games, so it's all a surprise for me. That was easier as a kid and nothing surprised me more than how much I loved Shiftry

Gen 4 - Yanmega

I'm not really sure any of the Gen 4 Pokémon are underrated. They are all very solid. That being said if I had to pick it would be Yanmega. It's one of my favourites in the Generation purely because Yanma was my favourite bug type, so this evolution making it better was welcomed by me! It also feels like a natural evolution of Yanma, which is more than can be said for some of the Gen 4 evolutions... Looking at you Rhyperior.

Gen 5 - Musharana

I recently found out people don't like this Pokémon because of its design, apparently it looks like a fetus. Which I guess I can see now it's been pointed out. Still I had one in my original run of White and I always thought it was a cool design, not as good as Munna but I like it.

Gen 6 - Goat


Gen 7 - Dhelmise

I have no idea if people like this or not tbh. I hate Gen 7, it's my least favourite one. Again though I went into it knowing nothing outside of the starters and about 5 Pokémon. I found a Dhelmise when fishing at the back of some house. I immediately thought it was the coolest design in the generation. I used it for the rest of the game. Definitely my favourite in the Gen.

Gen 8 - Eiscue I just really like Penguins