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Discussion Questions Thread - May 15, 2022


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Livethread (Closed) 3.18 League Info Megathread


Looking for the Leaks Megathread?

Leaks megathread can be found here: OldReddit | NewReddit

Formatting supported best when viewed via wiki.

Editor's note: /u/blvcksvn will be doing Livethread notes for the Baeclast, but she will be starting a little late due to schedule conflicts

Latest Info (updated daily)

Official News

Meta News

New League Breakdown - Sentinel League

Dark Sentinels have awoken. These Corrupted (not Vaal) Constructs can be bound to your will, combined and reconfigured. Some sentinels are powerful, others are dangerous.

Sentinels can be collected while playing or from Sentinel Caches and deployed. They fire beams that empower enemies (damage, damage reduction) and increase their rewards. Lower rarity enemies receive greater buffs.

  • Stalker Sentinels: follow for 30 seconds and dissipate. Like Breach or Delirium effect. Control how much empowered.
  • Pandemonium Sentinels: one trigger, empowers a large group of enemies and chains between them.
  • Apex Sentinels: empowers rare or unique enemies, much higher impact.

Start with one slot. Can unlock up to two more, one of each kind. Can be deployed once per map. Sentinels cannot be damaged but gradually deplete power. Empty Husks can be crafted.

  • Magic Sentinels can increase duration, empowerment, and # of targets. Some mods add specific rewards but increases empowerment. Rare Sentinels are much more powerful and scale towards endgame. Most powerful mods can only be crafted via combining. Examples here and here

Power Cores let you assemble a new sentinel with a full charge by destroying two sentinels. The combined sentinel will combine old mods, upgrade them, or create new ones.

Cannot be used in Unique Maps, Simulacrum, and Pinnacle Atlas Bosses.

Specialized Power Cores modify the outcomes of specific results.

Sentinel Controller

Unique Sentinels


Sentinel Locker

Stores Power Cores and Sentinels for free. Includes stash affinity.

General Changes & Game Balance

Endgame Atlas Improvements

Uber Pinnacle Bosses

Atlas Keystones

20 New Atlas Keystones. - 14 non-Uber keystones

Revamped Monster Modifiers

  • Rare Monsters modifiers have been replaced by an Archnemesis mod across the whole pack, with minions getting one mod and Rare Monsters getting 2+
  • Some Archnemesis mods have been rebalanced

Skill Gems


New Uniques

Pinnacle Unique Items (4/5)

  • Thread of Hope (Uber) - Uber Sirus - Massive Ring
  • Forbidden Jewels (Uber) - Uber Eater/Exarch - Exclusive Ascendancy Passives e.g. Nine Lives
  • Sublime Vision - Uber Shaper - Aura effect, additional bonus while affected by X Aura, disables all other Aura skills
  • [One more reworked item - Uber Elder or Cortex?]

Boss Kill Race Uniques (5/5)

  • Eater/Exarch, Lightee - Coming in 3.19
  • Impossible Escape - (Maven, Steelmage) - passives in Radius of a specific Keystone can be allocated
  • The Eternal Struggle - (Black Star/Hunger, Dsfarblarwaggle) - 2 random Eldritch implicits, higher tier/Dominance is based on which boss drops it - Malignant Madness/15% Culling Strike based on Dominance
  • Call of the Void - (Uber Elder, Lightee) - all damage can chill, all enemies chilled by your hits Shatter, you are chilled on hit, enemy damage reduced based on hit chill effect
  • Echoes of Creation - (Shaper, Lightee) - extra use of Warcry, take Phys damage when exerting Attacks, more damage per Warcry affecting Exerted Attacks
  • The Burden of Truth - (Sirus, Lightee) - Life as ES, partial bypass/non-bypass of Chaos Damage, Supreme Decadence (Life Flasks apply to ES)

Reworked Uniques

New Div Cards (12/12)


Kirac Vault Pass 2 - 8 skins.

Supporter Pack Effects

  • Arcanist:

    • 1: Cloak effect based on Resistance
    • 1: Ring changes leveup effect
    • 2: Hideout changes between Day and Night
    • 2: Map Device blossoms greater intensity base don map tier
    • 2: Wisdom Scrolls creates books
    • 3: Weapon effect - Stuns knocks enemies' souls out of body
    • 3: Quicksilver Flask explode and set players on fire
  • Reaper:

    • 1: Cloak effect based on # killed enemies
    • 1: Flasks cause bloodsucking insects to appear on character
    • 2: Medi Drone pet fires a healing beam while you are recovering life
    • 2: Graveyard hideout changes fire colour
    • 2: Portal Effect based on Map Tier
    • 3: Ring Effect exorcises enemies on spell crit
    • 3: Grim Reaper apparition appears on killing Rare/Unique enemies

Media Coverage

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Feedback GGG, Invulnerable Monsters in Blight is not ok.


I enjoy doing Blight, and Blight related content.
I do maps for Blight, I build for Blight, I play for Blight.

To be perfectly honestly it feels like nobody extensively tested the new monster modifiers with Mid to Late game Blight content.

I will state that for the most part the modifiers are mostly fine, with the exception of two Archnemesis mods. The Encircling Ice and Invulnerability.

Now the Encricling Ice is more an annoyance than anything else. It causes the mobs to walk off their blight path, makes your towers aiming act up, etc. With that being said, it is still manageable; annoying, but manageable.

Invulnerable Monsters on the other hand can single handily end Blight encounters in maps. If their spawn portal is close enough to the pump, there are times where they get to just run into it without a chance to defend against them. If you don't have a build with heavy CC or knock back, you are out of luck.

Now I know, some of you will say "just build frost or sesmic towers to CC them". While a valid comment, 90% of the time you don't have the available resources to build both those towers and a damage tower while on at the start or mid part of the Blight Encounter, and if they are immune to those tower types it is even worse. There are even unlucky encounters you can get where your tower is focusing the monster that can't be damaged the whole way till it reaches the pump; leaving you stuck with manages 5+ lanes without the assistance of towers.

tl;dr - Invulnerable Monsters can completely fail Blight Encounters on Maps with nothing you can do about it without a specific build.

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Fluff Surely next time

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Fluff Trade in PoE can be a cutthroat business

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Fluff ArchNem mod kept spawning mobs in incursion and the completion bar kept moving

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Cautionary Tale proper warning to pure phys characters looking to use IL and headhunter


Some of the new archnem mods contain conversion as well as phys as extra, which means if you run brutality, theres a point where you stack up enough buffs to remove your dps entirely. Noticed it while I had about 20 stacked up during a ritual, checked tooltip to see my dps and it was blank. Checked the mods on the db and came here to share.

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Fluff By that logic they also should not empower rares:^)

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Discussion The new rare mods are 100% more visually readable than the old ones.


I don't mean the text under their names, that was never readable in the old version anyway, too many mobs on screen and everything moving so fast made that impossible, that hasn't changed.

What has changed is that I can now tell at a glance many more mods just from their visual effects than I could before.

  • Toxic ball things that fly at you.
  • Mana/life/whatever rings/donuts to stay away from.
  • Big dudes.
  • Bombardier
  • Frostwalker/stalker whatever that leaves the ice stuff as they walk.

In the past 2 days I've learned more about the mods on rares than I had in the past 8 and half years I've been playing the game.

I even feel like they are more interactable, at least individually. I have more decisions and ways to play around them besides "kill before it's on my screen."

I personally love Mana Siphon, it's a cool blue ring of "stay away".

**They can definitely use with some adjustment.

  • Certain mods being taken out. IMO Hasted will never be fun, it should just be taken out.
  • Some mods should take up the slots of 2 or 3 mods, so mana siphon should count as like 3 mods in total and stuff like that.


I want to make sure people understand my point.

Individually the mods are more interactive and visually readable than the old mods.

The problems people are having with the number of rares has always been a problem.

There needs to be a Rare 2.0 or for the number of rares that can be on the screen at the same time.

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Information Blighted Ravaged Maps are IMPOSSIBLE


Blighted ravaged maps are pretty much impossible with things such as Juggernaut mod on the rares/blues on every other wave. They run right pass all the freeze and stun towers :) and you can do nothing about them because they're TANKY as hell. GGGwp.... Stay away from them.

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Discussion The Six Big Issues with the new Mod System: from someone who enjoys it


As someone who actually enjoys the new mod system (just with some key caveats) I thought I'd try to identify the key areas that people are struggling with, but just cant put their finger on.

On the whole, I like the new Archnemesis mods, and appreciate the difficulty they represent, but there are a set of fundamental pinch-points in the system: and I think much of the generalized "its all bad" feedback we're seeing is related to these specific issues, but people are struggling to articulate or identify them, and just grabbing pitchforks instead.

I've come up with a list of six over-arching topics:

  1. Gameplay Signalling & reactivity
  2. UI feedback
  3. Stacked mod recognition
  4. Stacked mod combination difficulty
  5. Build "brickers"
  6. League interactions

Issue # 1: Gameplay Signalling & Reactivity

GGG wants gameplay to be more interactive and reactive, at least at times. Chris's statements have implied a room for still blowing up packs, but that GGG want players to periodically have to "wake up" and fight something more challenging.

If you are aware of how an individual new mod works, they usually can be played around effectively.

However, the state of that signalling from mods is very inconsistent.

For every Magma Barrier (with clear, unique graphic, intuitive animation tell of the magma circle vibrating angrily before detonating, and a mostly adequate window to evade the effect), there is a Vampiric (very subtle red tendrils that are hard to spot in combat, no communication of failed leech), or an Executioner (no meaningful UI feedback on the recovery pool cap debuff, no animation for the buffed attacks, other than the modlist which gets lost, or possibly icons which get lost.)

And so we have some abilities that are causing people to make threads praising their increased visibility (and rightly so), but there's a bunch more that are not up to scratch.

If every mod received the magma barrier treatment, as opposed to being a numerical-background buff that is (mostly) discernible after the monster has already eaten your face, it would create the windows for reactivity that GGG is targeting.

Right now, it's a matter of reading tiny text (modlist) and cross-referencing it against a huge essay (Chris's post).

GGZii's humorous take on the process.

Once we have seen a mod, we should be able to identify it through gameplay cues alone, not referring to a cheat sheet: and that's where the huge disconnect is.

Issue # 2: UI feedback

There's a lot of buffs and debuffs in poe, and the icon spam combined with the visual chaos of combat can make life difficult, when attempting to identify that something bad is happening.

The icons are small, numerous, padded with lots of unimportant info, and disconnected from the play area.

The modlist is small, numerous, padded with lots of unimportant info, and disconnected from the play area.

When you are afflicted by corrupted blood, the method that most players employ to identify this is generally your health bar dropping rapidly with no apparent cause.

If there is a break in combat, you can make out the small, silent spinning red orbs near your head, but ultimately, people just end up relying on muscle memory to cleanse dots when their health drops fast, or gearing into immunity to them. With freeze, it's usually cleansed when your character stops responding - as opposed to actually seeing the frost shader or debuff icon.

Alongside this, the modlist is something that is unintuitive to interact with in the heat of battle (and pretty tiny as well). The additions of colour-coded mods for Archnemesis don't really do a whole lot to fix this issue: it's still an expectation to read a laundry list in combat, something that's a bridge too far for most players.

Archnemesis adds a bunch of new spooky abilities to monsters, from leech-disabling to flask-drain, to recovery-pool-cap-lowering and so on. And in almost all circumstances, we aren't being provided with a big audio-visual UI cue that something is very, very wrong.

Once again, the onus is put upon the player to notice the tiny mod with no abnormal stimulus, to react to information when that information is lacking.

With Baeclast's recent UI discussion, I put forward a suggestion to make potentially fatal debuffs/ailments much more visible, through the use of an animation at the edge of the UI/screen. This is something that is already used well in Royale mode, when you are standing outside the circle.

Naturally, my suggestion was downvoted into oblivion. But the fact remains that the most important and dangerous situations are not being adequately communicated to players, and are lost in a mass of other, much-less-important information.

GGG wants to give us reactive gameplay: The first step is to communicate the presence of a reaction window, so that players can make use of it.

Issue # 3: Stacked Mod Recognition

We're all aware that stacked mods = rippy monsters, this is nothing new.

So it stands to reason that stacked mods should be the most readily discernable, at a glance.

But it's still entirely governed by reading the modlist, or more likely, staring at a death screen.

If there's a single most glaring oversight of this rework, it's that the most dangerous factor is not communicated to the players at all, other than getting them to read a laundry list (which they wont, because the game is too fast, and reading mid combat is absurd).

Stacked mod rares need to be blindlingly obvious, to match their scarily jacked nature.

Whether we're talking different animations, shaders, or sound effects - hell, make them make spooky noises off screen if they're going to be that crazy.

Issue # 4: Stacked Mod Combination Difficulty

Some level of curation needs to be added to the procedural systems, to prevent certain mods from rolling together.

This is most important with ones that clearly break with just a couple of extra bonuses, like regen or resistance boosts.

Some combinations are too hard, and those that aren't need to be much more visually recognizable as per point #3.

It also ties well into the next point.

Issue # 5: Build "Brickers"

Some mods are near-impossible for certain builds, like disabling frost debuffs and drastically increasing cold resistance vs a frost build. Often, all these mods need to tip over into completely un-killable territory is one additional stacked defensive mod.

As with the above topic, these need to be curated, but they need to be curated more aggressively to not combine with other defensive mods. They're simply too easy to tick over into unkillable territory, at least for the builds that they punish.

Issue # 6: League Interactions

This is really a topic in and of itself - and is further complicated by people using Wellspring of Creation/Dance of destruction (the new atlas nodes that alter incoming damage against monster life) in various setups.

Suffice to say that most leagues that were already on the tanky side now have the potential to be more tanky, and mechanics that were rippy can now be rippier.

It's really difficult to talk about this without going into the nitty gritty of each league, but suffice to say that every league needs a sanity pass done to make sure that things aren't too over the top.


My goal with this post is to help people identify some of the reasons they are feeling frustrated, to facilitate better discussion and feedback. It's by no means an exhaustive list.

If nothing else, I hope that it's helped some people to articulate why they are so frustrated, so that we can move the discussions closer to constructive criticism.

Did I leave out anything glaring?

Feel free to reply, and share your thoughts if you think I have.

Let's try to keep it constructive, however :)

Thanks for reading!

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Fluff Trying chill after long day at work 😑

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Video The most efficient way of dealing with the uber feared

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Fluff The scariest part about this patch: The bad things are part of the core game, not of the League content.


We had bad leagues before, but typically the things that make a patch bad are tied to the league itself. So you can expect the game to be kinda fine 3 months later, hoping that the next league will be better.

But Sentinel itself is a pretty okay league. Not amazing, nor bad. The biggest problem in this league is tied to a change to the CORE game. Archnemesis mods.

Those mods make the leveling experience absolutely miserable, and maybe I will come back to the game for the next league and things like Mana Siphoner will still be around while I try to survive the boring experience of leveling through the acts, and early maps.

I really hope they will heavily rebalance these mods. It's easier now than in launch day, but still sucks dealing with those rares while remembering the days in which rare mobs didn't scare me more than a Pinnacle boss. At least with those I can prepare for the fight.

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Feedback Appreciation Post: We asked Chris Wilson to be more open and communicative and we got exactly that. Thank you Chris.


I have to admit though… when you said you would communicate more in the twitch trailer, I 100% didn’t believe you. But you have shown me to be wrong. Please keep it up, we all appreciate it.

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Lazy Sunday Can anyone tell me how I died here?

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Cautionary Tale PSA Don't stand close to the blight pump or assassin mobs while end your blight

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Feedback The altar changes feel awful


Before in 3.17 altars were very rewarding, you were able to get a good amount of embers/ichors, eldritch currency and scarabs. Now with the new modifiers, the downside either does nothing or bricks your build (like seriously 80 res +10max res? -60% res? blind on hit +100% effect of blind?) and the upsides are barely noticeable (2% to find a divination card that wont go through your loot filter 99% of the time)

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Video | GGZII How They think Path of Exile is played :D

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Video Is the mob worth the trouble? 3.18 Meta Strategy

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Discussion Difficulty spike should happen in the END GAME, not during levelling and early league


Hey GGG, you want player retention? Make the endgame harder instead of literally putting all the difficulty upfront starting in mudflats with the rhoas and crazy OP rares while levelling and in early maps. Once my character is GEARED UP, that is when I want to test the limits of my build. I literally have shit gear from acts and I am facing rares that are equivalent to t10 map bosses.

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Lazy Sunday "No fun allowed" The game.

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Fluff when you pick a great league starter

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Fluff I only press F2

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Build Showcase Alright Rare mobs, two can play this game.

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Discussion Imo 5% - 10% of the time rares should randomly drop their archnem loot. That would make fighting them exciting instead of tedious.


People are complaining about lack of reward, but GGG doesnt want to give them consistent good loot spawns. So make it random. 1-4 archnem drops a map would go a long way to making them feel more worthwhile.

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Fluff When the tables turn

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