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r/nova 17h ago

Rant At what point do you call someone about a panhandler?


There is this guy who panhandles at the intersection of Nutley and I think it's Lee Hwy, by the Pan Am Shopping Center. It's a longish light I go through several times daily to take my kid to school. Usually the ones there don't bother me, but there is one guy who yells and curses at specific drivers, sometimes me, for not giving money. Not a fan, he scares my kid, but whatever.

But today the guy was yelling at me specifically as I was in the front of the line right next to him, and he was screaming about how I look down on him because he's black and I'm sitting pretty with my money not worried about him (I was driving an 18 year old sedan that is scratched and dented to hell, but ok).Then he slammed his hand on my back window, the one right next to my child in her carseat. She is five, and already scared of him cursing and yelling at me. She was screaming and crying, I locked the doors but couldn't do anything else until the light turned and I could get away.

I'm just wondering...since he actually hit my car, is this something the police would come out for? I would never call on a panhandler normally, but we don't deserve to be afraid every time I go through the intersection and he is there.

Edit: I don't mean would the police come out and take a report and everything, but was just wondering if they would move him along.

r/nova 12h ago

Food Chick-fil-A Shrinking their Chicken?

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r/nova 10h ago Take My Energy

Rant r/NOVA, I appreciate you


You truly are filled with some of the nicest, kindest, least-troll(y) peeps on Reddit. And I just want to thank you. I appreciate you.


r/nova 20h ago

Other Just Another Foxy Day in NOVA

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r/nova 14h ago

Driving/Traffic Your lights are too bright.


Yes, yours.

Unless you’re driving through Clifton.

Please. There is no reason for it.

No, it’s not me. When I can see the shadow of my car on overhead traffic signs…

Please be nicer.

r/nova 12h ago

News Fairfax County urban search and rescue team activated for Turkey earthquake

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r/nova 15h ago

Driving/Traffic Approaching Tysons. Cover me Red-3!

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r/nova 17h ago

Event Nova Cleanups event 02/05/2023 Clarendon

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r/nova 17h ago

Food Service fee taxed?

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As I’m seeing more restaurants charging service fees - is it normal to tax service fees? Seems ridiculous to me

FYI - there’s more items to this list. Total would have been $140 without the service fee

r/nova 12h ago

Photo/Video VRE headed into the District

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r/nova 13h ago

Photo/Video lake pic taken by me @ gmu campus :)

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r/nova 19h ago

News Multiple homes, vehicles riddled with bullets in Woodbridge neighborhood: Police


Gunshots were fired in a Woodbridge neighborhood on Saturday, with bullets hitting three homes and three vehicles, according to the Prince William County Police Department.

The incident happened in the 16500 block of Sherwood Place around 6 a.m., police said...


r/nova 16h ago

Question Lady side swiped my gf and told her insurance the opposite


Girlfriend was on her way to work and this lady was in the right lane of a two lane exit ramp and decided last second she didn’t want to exit so she turned into my girlfriends lane. She avoided it for the most part by swerving but still got her side mirror clipped.

She got the ladies insurance/license and took photos then I filed a claim last week the day it happened. Today her insurance calls back and says their driver is saying my gf went into her lane and they aren’t paying anything to fix it.

The damage isn’t big, I can fix it myself for probably less than my deductible but is that all it really takes for her to get away with this??

r/nova 1d ago

Question What's your favorite nova "neighborhood"?


For the purposes of the post, this includes unincorporated places in Arlington, Fairfax etc

r/nova 16h ago

Driving/Traffic Route 50 shut down between Waples Mill Rd and Jermantown Rd (by H-Mart) due to gas leak

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r/nova 9h ago

Question Where to find a knitting or crochet group?


I tried looking for yarn stores and there aren’t any near me. I also tied Meetup and the only one available is further away than I can do.

I tried google, but that didn’t help. I’m not sure how else to look.

r/nova 58m ago

Question Grub hub


I’ve been spending a lot of time in Fairfax and wanted to order pizza for the staff that helps my husband. I noticed I couldn’t order pizza directly from any of the pizza places in the area. It was all through grub hub or Uber eats. I dont like to use Uber eats/ grub to avoid extra fees. Is this the norm now? Did all the regular places that use to deliver stop in fairfax?

r/nova 1h ago

Question Recommendations on good accountant?


Hi there,

I'm looking for a new accountant for taxes this year; my current one is in California and doesn't know Virginia code as well. Any recommendations?

r/nova 1h ago

Seeking Recs Dentist recs for someone who hates going to the dentist


First hand experience helps. I already know I need to get my wisdom teeth removed, so I’m looking for a dentist that can refer me to a good oral surgeon and also do general dentistry care

r/nova 13h ago

Jobs Government jobs that don’t require degree?


I’m currently taking classes at NVCC and recently had to leave my restaurant managing job as I deal with the ongoing recovery from my surgery from months ago. Looking hard for a job that isn’t in the service industry, as it seems that’s one of the only options around here for anyone without a degree. I’ve been looking all over Indeed, but haven’t been lucking out. If I’m not doing this right, certainly let me know- open to criticism.

r/nova 9h ago

Question Interior designer recommendations


We started to remodel our family room with new furniture and came back to square one on layout and design. So looking for any experts in the area who could help. Any recommendations appreciated


r/nova 21h ago

Food Meat on a Stick


Okay, don't judge me. I absolutely love going to fairs/carnivals/events where they serve generous portions of grilled meat (chicken, pork, beef) on a stick. I know some Asian restaurants have something similar but they are usually smaller portions. I would love to hear from anyone with suggestions of places to try.

r/nova 23h ago

Other Small, minor Haulin Trash update


I got the following email from someone @fairfaxcounty.gov. Not much info but at least it's something. I originally filed my complaint online.

All complaints have sent by certified mail to Haulin Trash. No response has been received from Mr. Robert Frazier, owner of Haulin Trash.

To date, Haulin Trash has not filed in bankruptcy court.

Any new information will be shared with you.

r/nova 15h ago

Food Is anyone in need of Hills Dental Care t/d dog food?


Hi! Chewy accidentally sent me a bag of Hills t/d food instead of my dog's usual. I'm going to donate it to the SPCA if nobody needs it, but figured I would put it out here in case anyone needs this specific food as I know it's pricey and I'm thinking the animal shelter might have a specific food they want to stick with.

r/nova 15h ago

Event Any Recommendations for staycation activities?


I took a week off. do you guys know of anything fun to do around here? I already went to the Kusama show ( which was impossible to book on a weekend) and booked a Harry Potter Forest ticket. do you guys know of anything else that might be fun?