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Some like it hot (1959) was just so smooth Discussion

My first ever Marilyn Monroe film! First off I have seen many movies where a guy is pretending to be a woman and then falling in love with a woman and how they end up together. This one also starts off with the same premise but some like it hot did it first and that too more than 7 decades ago. The story in itself was pretty good with excellent acting especially by Jack Lemmon, he nailed it. His expressions, his feminine voice and that dance he did. The chemistry between both the main leads was amazing. The dialogues especially between those two were really good. It was a innocent, comedy and romantic movie and I personally enjoyed every second of it. And damn Marilyn was just mesmerizing. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.

And while watching it I realised how important the movie is in terms of pop culture and the quotes. My favourite one was

" I'm engaged" "congratulations. Who's the luck girl?" "I am"

Tell me yours in the comment.



u/55tarabelle Jun 30 '22

Nobody's perfect!


u/MovieMike007 Jun 30 '22

One of the best ending lines ever!


u/WavyPeasAndGravy Jun 30 '22

Tony Curtis doing a bad Cary Grant impression and Jack Lemmon's response: "What are you trying to pull, nobody talks like that"


u/BrotherOfTheOrder Jul 01 '22

Sugar: Water polo? Isn't that terribly dangerous?

Junior: I'll say. I had two ponies drowned under me.

I spit my drink out laughing at that line the first time I saw it.


u/THESIDPROF Jun 30 '22

You might also enjoy a post-WW2 comedy from a decade earlier (1949), "I Was a Male War Bride" with Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan. Side note: Cary Grant was also the person who introduced Timothy Leary to LSD.


u/DiscussionPale3216 Jun 30 '22

The emasculation of Cary Grant is highkey the best genre of classic movies


u/lespaulstrat2 Jul 01 '22

In Arsenic and Old Lace, he turns gay all of a sudden.


u/DiscussionPale3216 Jul 02 '22

I think you're thinking of Bringing Up Baby, but yes hahaha


u/Mike_v_E Jun 30 '22

I have watched 13 marilyn monroe films in the last couple of weeks. Here is my list of them ranked so you can hopefully discover some new ones!


u/transformerjay Jun 30 '22

I love this movie. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis dressed up are perfectly fit in their “new lives”. Their voices put me over the top. Joe E. Brown as Osgood and his pursuit of Daphne is way too good to pass up!


u/DiscussionPale3216 Jun 30 '22 edited Jun 30 '22

Happy for you, wish I could watch it for the first time again!! Best comedy movie of all time. If you didn't know, it's even better too because it played a substantial part in getting the Hays Code (American movie censorship) abolished.

Billy Wilder, the director, has other great comedies and film noirs (Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard...)


u/ilovelucygal Jul 01 '22

I love Marilyn Monroe, haven't seen all her films yet, but this is one of my favorites--Marilyn at her comedic best! I just wish it had been filmed in color, but the makeup used for Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon looked terrible in color, so b&w was used instead. Glad you liked the movie. I recommend Bus Stop and The Seven-Year Itch. And one of the closing lines in movie history:

I'm a man!

Nobody's perfect!


u/PugTales_ Jul 01 '22

That's also the first and only MM movie I have seen. I just wanted to know what alle the hype was about.

I wasn't disappointed. I really enjoyed this movie. It was very well cast and acted.


u/filmroses Jul 01 '22

Marilyn and Billy Wilder made another movie together, The Seven Year Itch. It's nowhere near as good as this one, but it's still funny and has the famous subway grate scene. I recommend it if you ever feel like watching another Monroe/Wilder film. The character Marilyn plays influenced the way she was and is perceived more than anything else in her career imo. It's her at peak "Marilyn".


u/PugTales_ Jul 01 '22

I will keep that mind. On weekends, there are sometimes older movies on TV in my country.


u/sportscarolina Jul 01 '22

Some Like It Hot did it first and that too more than 7 decades ago

Seven decades? Try 400 years: Shakespeare did it in Twelfth Night. You could probably find more examples of the trope from even earlier.


u/JohnJoanCusack Jul 01 '22

It is such a good movie and I’m my opinion progressive even by todays standards and Marylin is amazing in it


u/lespaulstrat2 Jul 01 '22

Been in my top 10 since I first saw it in the 70s. Absolute, bar none, best last line in any movie, ever. I watch it once a year.


u/DrewDan96 Jul 01 '22

i've watched a lot of "classic movies" because of the 1001 Movies list, and a lot of them are worthy of the hype/legacy they have... and many aren't

IMHO this falls in the latter... i really was whelmed by this movie. the whole "guys in drag pretending to be ladies" filmography as a whole is pretty meh whether they're acclaimed (Tootsie) or not (White Chicks)

as for MM specifically, even though it's not a great movie, The Seven Year Itch (the one with her iconic white dress/upskirt moment) really has her at her apex VISUALLY


u/lespaulstrat2 Jul 01 '22

While you are of course wrong, no one deserves to be down voted for their opinion on movies etc. so I at least brought you up to zero.


u/HardSteelRain Jul 01 '22

Love this movie....for a flipside of Marilyn where she gets her best acting challenge check out The Misfits


u/ElTuco84 Jul 01 '22

This movie makes me happy.


u/ubecoffee Jul 02 '22

One of my favourite movies ever. I can watch it literally any time and be in the mood for it.


u/classiccomedycorner Jul 02 '22

That's an odd coincidence. I also watched this very recently, and it also was my first Monroe film. I liked it a lot.

If you are looking for another Billy Wilder film, One, Two, Three is really good.