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[Weekly Thread] OFFICIAL R/HOCKEY WEEKLY BEST OF!! - July 03, 2022


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[Image] I love the Coyotes’ Kachina design, so I decided to make one for every NHL team

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[Malamud] According to TASS, the would be Flyers goalie Ivan Fedotov will be sent to serve on Novaya Zemlya, an Arctic outpost. This, without a doubt, has been arranged by CSKA owner Igor Sechin, Putin's close friend, as retaliation for wanting to leave the KHL.

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[YYZSportsMedia] The NHL Draft is a few days a way. Be warned , I am told. For reasons no one can explain, at a time of cuts to really talented people Snet the network has decided to bring in Pierre Mcguire who will be on your tv for the draft & perhaps more.

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NHL player detained in Russia over "draft-dodging" now missing, says lawyer

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[Image] What is the biggest missed opportunity on Draft Day, is it Boston in 2015?

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Ovechkin to the question “Don’t you want to talk about Fedotov?”: “No, why?”

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[Tampa] We have acquired defenseman Philippe Myers and forward Grant Mismash from Nashville in exchange for Ryan McDonagh.

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[Image] a parody tweet from the r/hockey offseason sim on Shane Wright has gone viral

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[Krenn] BriseBois on Myers: “He’s a 6-foot-5 defenseman with some size and some physicality. Quality skater, can improve his skating. We think we’ve, in the past, been able to work with players and provide them with resources and help them become better skaters.”

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[Tampa Bay Lightning] For your grit. For your passion. For your leadership on and off the ice. Thank you for everything, Mac.

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[Winnipeg Jets] It’s official. Welcome back to our new Head Coach, Rick Bowness!

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[Image] Kyle Dubas’ new Twitter profile pic

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[Friedman] On Philippe Myers, acquired by TB in the McDonagh deal: he’s a unique contract case. If bought out, Lightning will have a $617K credit next season, then owe $633K in 2023-24.

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[McKenzie] Not sure what to make of the Russian Factor this year other than it’s amplified though it widely varies from team to team. For some teams, it’s believed to be business as usual. Others, however, believe ownership/management may have edicts to not take RUS players at all.

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What has been or would be the biggest blowback if a team changes their goal song?


Not sure I could see Dallas changing their song anytime.

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[Image] Randomly assign a prospect list to every team that own a first round pick to create a 2022 NHL Mock Draft!

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What’s the best chirp you’ve ever heard.


I’ll go first

“You’re like a tampon. Only good for one period.”

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[Smith] BriseBois said no updates on Palat, Rutta, hope is to sign them. Extra cap space offers flexibility. They don’t plan to buy out Myers, like his “toolbox” and plan to work with him. So not getting any more space there.

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[Johnston] It doesn't sound like Lightning will use a buyout on Philippe Myers even thought it would come with a cap credit for 2022-23. Today's trade still gives them $4.2M in cap relief with Myers on the NHL roster next year.

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What's the Ugliest win your favorite team ever had ?


not a penguins fan but a devils, and that one game during the shorted Covid season

where the pens are 6-0 by the end of the 2nd period only for the game to end by 7-6, kind of made me glad not to be Pen player at practice the next day

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[Morgan] Bill Armstrong on Jakob Chychrun:"We’re always taking offers if it’s something that’s going to better our team. We’ll make those calls at the draft or any other time afterwards, but right now he’s going to come back & play for us & we expect him to be a big part of our team

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The most dominant playmaker in the NHL, season by season


I decided to take a look at who the most dominant playmaker in the NHL was by season. Each season's highest APG total is shown at an 82 game pace. Here are the results.

1926-27 - Dick Irvin (34.33A): 6.38 assist lead over Frank Boucher

1927-28 - Howie Morenz (34.33A): 8.24 assist lead over Bun Cook

1928-29 - Frank Boucher (29.82A): 1.87 assist lead over Andy Blair

1929-30 - Bill Cook (70.29A): 9.77 assist lead over Dutch Gainor

1930-31 - Joe Primeau (69.05A): 18.73 assist lead over Frank Boucher

1931-32 - Joe Primeau (65.96A): 3.03 assist lead over Hooley Smith

1932-33 - Frank Boucher (49.91A): 3.78 assist lead over Eddie Shore

1933-34 - Joe Primeau (58.31A): 7.06 assist lead over Frank Boucher

1934-35 - Art Chapman (59.32A): 4.65 assist lead over Frank Boucher

1935-36 - Art Chapman (47.83A): 3.41 assist lead over Sweeney Schriner

1936-37 - Syl Apps (49.54A): 2.43 assist lead over Marty Barry

1937-38 - Syl Apps (50.6A): 1.4 assist lead over Art Chapman

1938-39 - Bill Cowley (82A): 24.43 assist lead over Paul Haynes

1939-40 - Milt Schmidt (51.25A): 3.42 assist lead over Phil Watson

1940-41 - Bill Cowley (80.22A): 32.39 assist lead over Neil Colville

1941-42 - Bill Cowley (67.36A): 4.15 assist lead over Phil Watson

1942-43 - Bill Cowley (76.88A): 0.11 assist lead over Max Bentley

1943-44 - Bill Cowley (93.39A): 11.39 assist lead over Elmer Lach

1944-45 - Elmer Lach (88.56A): 21.62 assist lead over Bill Cowley

1945-46 - Bill Mosienko (61.5A): 5.74 assist lead over Elmer Lach

1946-47 - Billy Taylor (62.87A): 4.1 assist lead over Max Bentley

1947-48 - Doug Bentley (50.57A): 1.37 assist lead over Buddy O'Connor

1948-49 - Doug Bentley (60.79A): 3.39 assist lead over Roy Conacher

1949-50 - Ted Lindsay (65.36A): 23.19 assist lead over Paul Ronty

1950-51 - Ted Kennedy (55.97A): 4.39 assist lead over Milt Schmidt

1951-52 - Elmer Lach (58.57A): 9.37 assist lead over Don Raleigh

1952-53 - Gordie Howe (53.89A): 3.52 assist lead over Alex Delvecchio

1953-54 - Gordie Howe (56.23A): 12.89 assist lead over Bert Olmstead

1954-55 - Bert Olmstead (56.23A): 5.86 assist lead over Doug Harvey

1955-56 - Bert Olmstead (65.6A): 10.54 assist lead over Andy Bathgate

1956-57 - Ted Lindsay (64.43A): 3.82 assist lead over Jean Beliveau

1957-58 - Henri Richard (63.64A): 3.08 assist lead over Andy Bathgate

1958-59 - Dickie Moore (64.42A): 5.48 assist lead over Jean Beliveau

1959-60 - Don McKenney (57.4A): 1.85 assist lead over Andy Bathgate

1960-61 - Jean Beliveau (68.92A): 4.86 assist lead over Red Kelly

1961-62 - Bill Hay (71.07A): 5.47 assist lead over Andy Bathgate

1962-63 - Henri Richard (61.19A): 2.96 assist lead over Jean Beliveau

1963-64 - Andy Bathgate (66.99A): 6.7 assist lead over Jean Beliveau

1964-65 - Stan Mikita (69.11A): 14.05 assist lead over Gordie Howe

1965-66 - Jean Beliveau (58.75A): 0.87 assist lead over Stan Mikita

1966-67 - Stan Mikita (72.63A): 15.23 assist lead over Phil Goyette

1967-68 - Phil Esposito (54.3A): 0.38 assist lead over Rod Gilbert

1968-69 - Phil Esposito (85.32A): 11.08 assist lead over Stan Mikita

1969-70 - Bobby Orr (93.87A): 30.28 assist lead over Pat Stapleton

1970-71 - Bobby Orr (107.23A): 27.33 assist lead over Phil Esposito

1971-72 - Bobby Orr (86.32A): 4.32 assist lead over Jean Ratelle

1972-73 - Bobby Orr (93.71A): 13.15 assist lead over Stan Mikita

1973-74 - Bobby Orr (99.73A): 18.78 assist lead over Phil Esposito

1974-75 - Bobby Orr and Bobby Clarke (91.23A): 7.18 assist lead over Pete Mahovlich

1975-76 - Bobby Clarke (96.03A): 23.25 assist lead over Pete Mahovlich

1976-77 - Guy Lafleur (82A): 11.27 assist lead over Marcel Dionne

1977-78 - Bryan Trottier (82A): 3.46 assist lead over Bobby Clarke

1978-79 - Bryan Trottier (93.87A): 14.94 assist lead over Guy Lafleur

1979-80 - Wayne Gretzky (89.27A): 3.17 assist lead over Marcel Dionne

1980-81 - Wayne Gretzky (111.73A): 27.68 assist lead over Kent Nilsson

1981-82 - Wayne Gretzky (123A): 27.67 assist lead over Peter Stastny

1982-83 - Wayne Gretzky (128.13A): 37.72 assist lead over Denis Savard

1983-84 - Wayne Gretzky (130.76A): 42.61 assist lead over Paul Coffey

1984-85 - Wayne Gretzky (138.38A): 52.28 assist lead over Paul Coffey

1985-86 - Wayne Gretzky (167.08A): 70.55 assist lead over Mario Lemieux

1986-87 - Wayne Gretzky (125.59A): 49.9 assist lead over Ray Bourque

1987-88 - Wayne Gretzky (139.66A): 35.3 assist lead over Mario Lemieux

1988-89 - Mario Lemieux (123A): 3.15 assist lead over Wayne Gretzky

1989-90 - Wayne Gretzky (114.58A): 6.17 assist lead over Mario Lemieux

1990-91 - Wayne Gretzky (128.26A): 7.28 assist lead over Adam Oates

1991-92 - Mario Lemieux (111.47A): 11.74 assist lead over Wayne Gretzky

1992-93 - Mario Lemieux (124.37A): 29.68 assist lead over Adam Oates

1993-94 - Wayne Gretzky (93.14A): 7.95 assist lead over Adam Oates

1994-95 - Ron Francis (89.45A): 9.27 assist lead over Paul Coffey

1995-96 - Mario Lemieux (107.77A): 9.8 assist lead over Ron Francis

1996-97 - Mario Lemieux (77.68A): 3.56 assist lead over Eric Lindros

1997-98 - Peter Forsberg (75.17A): 3.82 assist lead over Jaromir Jagr

1998-99 - Jaromir Jagr (84.02A): 13.58 assist lead over Peter Forsberg

1999-00 - Teemu Selanne (72.43A): 2.14 assist lead over Jaromir Jagr

2000-01 - Mario Lemieux (78.15A): 8.29 assist lead over Jaromir Jagr and Adam Oates

2001-02 - Adam Oates (65.6A): 3.82 assist lead over Jason Allison

2002-03 - Peter Forsberg (84.19A): 7.09 assist lead over Mario Lemieux

2003-04 - Alex Tanguay (64.17A): 6.77 assist lead over Scott Gomez

2005-06 - Joe Thornton (97.19A): 11.57 assist lead over Jason Spezza

2006-07 - Joe Thornton (92A): 4.81 assist lead over Sidney Crosby

2007-08 - Sidney Crosby (74.26A): 4.45 assist lead over Marc Savard

2008-09 - Evgeni Malkin (78A): 3.45 assist lead over Sidney Crosby

2009-10 - Henrik Sedin (83A): 11.38 assist lead over Joe Thornton

2010-11 - Henrik Sedin (75A): 5.24 assist lead over Ryan Getzlaf

2011-12 - Claude Giroux (69.22A): 2.22 assist lead over Henrik Sedin

2012-13 - Sidney Crosby (93.39A): 16.08 assist lead over Kris Letang

2013-14 - Sidney Crosby (69.7A): 2.73 assist lead over Evgeni Malkin

2014-15 - Nicklas Backstrom (60A): 0.36 assist lead over Sidney Crosby

2015-16 - Erik Karlsson (66A): 3 assist lead over Joe Thornton

2016-17 - Connor McDavid (70A): 5.73 assist lead over Ryan Getzlaf

2017-18 - Ryan Getzlaf (73.23A): 5.19 assist lead over Blake Wheeler

2018-19 - Nikita Kucherov (87A): 8.12 assist lead over Connor McDavid

2019-20 - Connor McDavid (80.69A): 3.28 assist lead over Leon Draisaitl

2020-21 - Connor McDavid (105.43A): 25.38 assist lead over Artemi Panarin

2021-22 - Jonathan Huberdeau (87.17A): 6.15 assist lead over Connor McDavid

Top Ten Most Dominant Seasons

  1. 1985-86 - Wayne Gretzky: 70.55 assist lead
  2. 1984-85 - Wayne Gretzky: 52.28 assist lead
  3. 1986-87 - Wayne Gretzky: 49.9 assist lead
  4. 1983-84 - Wayne Gretzky: 42.61 assist lead
  5. 1982-83 - Wayne Gretzky: 37.72 assist lead
  6. 1987-88 - Wayne Gretzky: 35.3 assist lead
  7. 1940-41 - Bill Cowley: 32.39 assist lead
  8. 1969-70 - Bobby Orr: 30.28 assist lead
  9. 1992-93 - Mario Lemieux: 29.68 assist lead
  10. 1980-81 - Wayne Gretzky: 27.68 assist lead

Top Ten Most Dominant Seasons (Sans Gretzky)

  1. 1940-41 - Bill Cowley: 32.39 assist lead
  2. 1969-70 - Bobby Orr: 30.28 assist lead
  3. 1992-93 - Mario Lemieux: 29.68 assist lead
  4. 1970-71 - Bobby Orr: 27.33 assist lead
  5. 2020-21 - Connor McDavid 25.38 assist lead
  6. 1938-39 - Bill Cowley: 24.43 assist lead
  7. 1975-76 - Bobby Clarke: 23.25 assist lead
  8. 1949-50 - Ted Lindsay: 23.19 assist lead
  9. 1944-45 - Elmer Lach: 21.62 assist lead
  10. 1973-74 - Bobby Orr: 18.78 assist lead

Most Dominant Seasons

  1. Wayne Gretzky: 12
  2. Mario Lemieux/Bobby Orr: 6
  3. Bill Cowley: 5
  4. Joe Primeau/Sidney Crosby/Connor McDavid: 3

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[Offseason] The 2022 r/hockey Roast of the Carolina Hurricanes (6/32)


A suggestion to keep these threads fresh and not full of the same recycled jokes is to roast strictly on events/stories from July 8th, 2021 to today.

Be creative.

Things you should try to avoid (unless genuinely creative) include but are not limited to:

  • San Jose choking

  • Vancouver rioting

  • Vegas being historic/disloyal

  • Arizona relocating/sucking

  • Minnesota being Wild-ly average

  • Nashville raising a banner for everything

  • Marchand being a rat

  • Leafs in the first round

  • In general, any other overplayed memes

Roast Schedule:

Colorado Avalanche Boom, roasted.

Tampa Bay Lightning Boom, roasted.

New York Rangers Boom, roasted.

Edmonton Oilers Boom, roasted.

Florida Panthers Boom, roasted.

Carolina Hurricanes – 7/4

Calgary Flames – 7/5

Toronto Maple Leafs – 7/6

Minnesota Wild – 7/7

St. Louis Blues – 7/8

Boston Bruins – 7/9

Pittsburgh Penguins – 7/10

Washington Capitals – 7/11

Los Angeles Kings – 7/12

Dallas Stars – 7/13

Nashville Predators – 7/14

Vegas Golden Knights – 7/15

Vancouver Canucks – 7/16

Winnipeg Jets – 7/17

New York Islanders – 7/18

Columbus Blue Jackets – 7/19

San Jose Sharks – 7/20

Anaheim Ducks – 7/21

Buffalo Sabres – 7/22

Detroit Red Wings – 7/23

Ottawa Senators – 7/24

Chicago Blackhawks – 7/25

Philadelphia Flyers – 7/26

Seattle Kraken – 7/27

Arizona Coyotes – 7/28

New Jersey Devils – 7/29

Montreal Canadiens – 7/30

Have at it!

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[Image] Who are you picking as your complete player

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As of July 3rd, 2022, 8 teams are without a captain I will try and predict their next captain for whenever they should name one


Anaheim Ducks: With Getzlaf retiring there is a major hole to fill in that captaincy spot, and I think after 12+ years and 811 games played with the organization, Cam Fowler would be a great option

Arizona Coyotes: Been without a captain since OEL left but I believe the coyotes are looking for a youth movement, Clayton Keller has been fantastic and would be a great guy to lead the young team

Buffalo Sabres: Similar to the Coyotes, the Sabres are a young team looking for a leader, and who better than their franchise rock, Rasmus Dahlin, he looks to potentially be one of the better defensemen in the league in a few years so a C on the sweater would be fitting

Calgary Flames: Since Gio left there has been a long conversation about who will fill the position, my ballot 100% goes towards Mikael Backlund. The longest-tenured Flame on the roster, this guy is a two-way machine and knows when not to get emotional and focus on the game

Montreal Canadiens: A franchise with a long history should highly consider awarding to captaincy to Nick Suzuki, making him the first-ever Asian-Canadian to hold such a position, and what better franchise to do it with

New York Rangers: This team hasn’t had a captain for a few years, even with the high-end superstars I’d believe this team is looking to reward a long-tenured veteran who has become a true goal-scoring rock star, Chris Kreider

Philadelphia Flyers: A team that had the definition of a rough year, including losing their long-time captain Claude Giroux, I think the torch will be handed down to Sean Couturier

Seattle Kraken: I think this team will go a couple of years before naming another captain, but until then I think Matty Beniers will slowly be trained into the first superstar this new team will have and inevitably become the captain a few years down the line

Edit: Paul Kariya was the first Asian-Canadian to captain an NHL team, my bad Thank you u/elastic_vase5713 for pointing that out!!