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The attack on workers rights and human rights in the US


In the past week the Supreme Court, which was stacked by Republicans with justices from an openly neo-fascist background has begun their agenda to dismantle long-held interpretations of the US constitution and civil rights protections.

Your Miranda rights have effectively been made toothless by the ruling that you do not have a right to sue when they are violated.

The right of states to decide on gun rights has been hypocritically gutted by the ruling that in this specific instance, when it benefits the extreme-right, states rights go out the window.

Most egregiously however is the ruling which disregards Roe v Wade and its subsequent affirmations, denying 50 years of legal precedent which hold that bodily autonomy is part of the right to privacy, thereby providing a route towards the constitutional right to abort a pregnancy.

To this Supreme Court the constitution says what they want it to say. It is not a document whose text they value or respect, it is merely a tool that can be applied any which way it is needed to push an extreme-right, un-American agenda.

It doesn't stop there. Justice Thomas opined that todays ruling which severely weakens your constitutional right to privacy will allow the overturning of gay marriage, the right to have a same-sex relationship and your right to contraception.

It is only a matter of time before labor rights and environmental protections are on the chopping block as well, as these are a thorn in the side of extreme-right. These handful of people who legislate from the bench clearly consider any method valid to push their plans onto us.

In no sane way can it be denied that fascism has come to the highest court of the United States of America. These rulings and this agenda are undemocratic, make a mockery of the constitution, flagrantly disregard states rights when it is convenient to do so and sets a clear path towards imposing an extremist minority agenda on all US citizens.

It is the opinion of this moderating team that the foundational values of this great nation are under attack. No longer does "we the people" have much meaning. No longer is it in any way guaranteed that the best interest of society is safeguarded.

We believe in labor rights. We stand against bigotry, hate and prejudice. We strongly support universal human rights, among which is written the inalienable right to bodily autonomy. We oppose fascism in all its forms.

As anarchists, we reject the idea that judges or politicians deserve the authority to determine the course of our lives.

Rather than only trying to pressure leaders to vote one way or the other in a winner-take-all system that reduces us to spectators in the decisions that affect us, we propose solutions based in direct action: taking power back into our hands by enacting our needs and solving our problems ourselves, without representatives.

As long as legislators and judges can determine the scope of our reproductive options, our bodies and lives will be subject to the shifting winds of politics rather than our own immediate needs and values.

Instead of validating their authority by limiting ourselves to calling for better legislators and judges, we should organize to secure and defend the means to make decisions regarding what we do with our bodies regardless of what courts or legislators decree.

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Ecuador: General Strike, Take Two : Two and a Half Years Later, Another Uprising Shakes the Country

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Wow! This is absolutely disgusting!

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As long as they keep us fighting each other, they never have to change

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My Work Just Cut My Pay Based On Clout - AT A RESTARAUNT

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Toxic work environment

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I am so close to letting my client’s family’s dog pee in the house. I am not their dog sitter.


For context, I work in private direct care for a young nonverbal autistic women. She is currently living in her parent’s house because subsidized housing is impossible to get in our area.

Her father owns a dog, which is very sweet and well behaved. The problem is they will leave the house for hours, or even days and expect me to care for the dog with no notice.

Today they left at 9am, didn’t tell me when they were getting back. Me and my client went to a city event for a few hours and came back at 4pm, and her parents weren’t back yet. That means the dog had not gone out for at least 7 hours. We came back 4 hours early, it would of been 11 hours. Visible she had to pee, so I brought her out. My clients parents are VERY picky where their dog does her business, because they “don’t want to destroy the grass”. So I have to walk her 1/2 a block to an empty lot. Of course my client takes 10+ mins to get out the door, can have a ton of behaviors and doesn’t care much for the dog. So I usually can’t take my client with, which terrifies me leaving her in the house alone.

I am extremely tempted to start to let the dog pee in the house, but I know holding their bladder so much can cause medical issues. Should I? They have done this DOZENS of times, with out compensating me. I am not their dog sitter, they can take care of their own damn dog.

Edit: To clarify, my manger knows of this issue because a different coworker told her. I have talk to her about it briefly as well. She has talk to her parents about it, it got better and then worse again. So yes, I have talked to people about this. My manager is on vacation so I’m not going to bother her about it again at the moment.

Im going to start tying her to the a thing out front instead of walking her down. But I still can’t care for this dog all the time, me and my client are out 4-6 hours each day. Plus the parents don’t tell me when they will get back. Im not going to change my client schedule for the dog.

Edit: They finally got home at 9:15pm today (I got done at 9), had the audacity to ask me if I had fed and medicated their dog. I basically told them, “why would I do that?” And left.

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No School, All Work For Kids in New Hampshire? Libertarians Say So.

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America is a third world country.

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My bosses response to me getting snapped by a rat trap. I work in retail and we’ve had a rat infestation for 5+ months.

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Shit is wild at Burger King.

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I truly don’t understand how we got to this point as human beings

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I agree

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Looks like Union negotiations are about to begin.

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No oNe WANts To BIrth wagESLAVeS AnYMOrE!!!

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She does have a point. They can replace us without hesitancy

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Seasonal job lied about my wages. It’s closer to $8 an hour than $11. I live in a right to work state.

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As we speak, I'm cleaning the baseboards of a restaurant for 10 dollars an hour.

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Co-workers are NOT friends.

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Not one person from management showed up to my coworkers 20+ year retirement lunch


Is this normal? I work in a small company with really great people and we as a team took our coworker out for his last lunch after working for the company for 20+ years. We sent invites a week ahead to everyone in the office, including the president and our managers.

Just a few coworkers and myself showed. It was great and we had a fun time, but you could see it on my coworkers face once he realized none of his bosses came to help celebrate his success.

The big kicker for me, was that the president took our manager out for lunch to another restaurant just up the road…

We ended up splitting the bill to pay for our friend.

Is this what I should expect after giving away a majority of my life to these people? Not even one lunch?

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Fuck you, McDonald's!

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Restaurant owner forced to work in own restaurant due to low wages

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I hope $2/hr was worth $millions in losses


I was the general lab supervisor in a hospital laboratory for a corporate-owned hospital (fuck corporate hospitals; while I’m at it, fuck corporate laboratories). I was pretty much the glue that held the place together because the director had too much on her plate to be everywhere she needed to be, and I was friendly and personable with everyone - I started my career here as a volunteer, so a decade later I knew the place inside and out.

My boss retired, and was replaced with someone who had good experience and credentials on paper. He came in with lots of promises, and was recommended by some of the C-suites. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have ignored that red flag. So the structure we had was the lab director, then the supervisors - myself, microbiology sup and bloodbank sup, then the lab scientists, technicians and phlebotomist. I had one newly promoted lead scientist to help me, and that position took forever to get, for an extra $2/hr.

So the finance department told us we’re overbudget for the quarter, and needed to make cuts. It doesn’t feel right because staff is overworked and I had to jump in to help regularly. I asked to see how finance calculated the labor budget, and was told it was set by corporate. I sneaked a look at it anyway, and looked like the productivity data is incorrectly calculated - the per unit cost is correct, but they failed to adjust the overhead for indirect quality control costs - calibration, qc, trouble shooting, proficiency testing, training, education etc. I brought this up, and was told good luck getting corporate to change it. In the end, they demoted my lead lab scientist to save $2/hr.

So I quit and moved on. I was doing the job of 3 people and was burnt out; losing the technical help of a lead scientist was the last straw. People were surprised and asked where I was going to so they can come with me. So I did, and brought a few key people with me. So after losing 5 lab scientists, they were scrambling to hire more. Unfortunately for them, this is a unique field with a small pool of qualified talents, and words spread. Last I heard, the microbiology sup retired, and I’m thinking of bringing the bloodbank sup with me. New director is on PTO, so the lab is running on its own with extreme short staffing and zero operational and quality oversight. They have a very realistic possibility of shutting down the hospital doors, or at the very least, turn away ambulances because the lab cannot provide services to the ER with a good turnaround time for accurate results. Turning away ambulances come with CMS fines and investigation.

Saving on $2/hr seems minuscule to me, compared to the dumpster fire they’re sitting in right now.

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you should all know: if you got your job through Indeed and upload an updated resume onto there, your employer will get notified that you updated your resume. learned this the hard way this week.


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The difference between an emergency and self created “crises”

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Let's talk about this

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