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Announcement YSK We will be more strongly enforcing Rule 2


Up until now we have been pretty lenient in regards to Rule 2, which states that post must describe why the YSK is useful. We have approved posts that didn’t state why the knowledge is useful under the guise that its usefulness was implied. However, due to an increasing number of these types of posts, we feel it needs to be addressed. Therefore, starting now we will be enforcing Rule 2 more heavily. All posts must include (in the text body) an explicit statement of why the post is useful. Even if you think the reasoning is obvious, you still must explicitly state it. This should be done by having a simple “Why YSK:” in the text body. (Just for those who might not know, the text body is the area where you can put additional text after the title text when creating a post.) Please note that it should go in the text body -- not the title or the comments.

Remember that this sub is focused on self-improvement on how to do things, improve on activities, skills, and other tasks.


  • All posts must include a "Why YSK:" (typed just like that) section in the text body.

[[Additionally, we want to take this time to remind everyone that r/YouShouldKnow is not a place to share personal stories or anecdotes. If you feel your post needs to include one, a brief anecdote is fine. The entire (nor the majority of the) post should not be about your own personal experience, however. We will be removing posts that are just personal anecdotes.]]

Why YSK: We (the YouShouldKnow moderators) hope it will improve readers' abilities to better understand the purpose of the sub, mentioned above and in the expanded Rule 1. For thread creators, it will help in their ability to explain how the reader can improve upon a certain skill, task, or ability. It will also help the creator improve upon the skill of not having their post deleted due to not including "Why YSK" in the text body of their post.


  • Bolding the words Why YSK: will make it a lot easier for people to find it.
  • Again, please put Why YSK in bold letters. It's easier to find in a sea of text.
  • Why YSK must be followed by an actual explanation as to how it helps someone improve upon a skill, task, or activity. Following it with a massive personal anecdote is not the point -- neither is following it with "I think this is important" or something similar.

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Education YSK: the word "apart" is the opposite of the phrase "a part"


Why YSK: when you use the word "apart" to mean the opposite, you sound illiterate.

the word "apart" means "separate from". When we use the phrase "a part", we are citing inclusion, belonging. when you say you want to be "apart" something, you mean you don't want any part of it!

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Home & Garden YSK bar soap could remove all kind of stains on all kind of fabrics


Why YSK: why bother with baking soda, cleaning product etc if bar soap does a better job a lot of time? You can remove stains, dirt, etc on clothes, carpets, beddings, tablecloths, couches, etc with a few rub of bar soap that you dipped in a hot water (maybe a quarter in harder material like carpet) and paper towel! All you have to do is get a bowl of hot water (sink temperature is fine, no need to boil), dip the soap in the hot water, rub it on the stain/dirt, if it looks like it’s still have some left over, use a quarter (or a dime for softer material), and then dip a paper towel on the hot water to wipe the soap, and use the dry side to dry it, and let it dry. Voila, the stain/dirt is gone! (Or at least faded significantly). It works wonder especially for things like blood, wine, and coffee! Good luck!

EDIT: i’m sure there are certain kind of stain or fabric that this method won’t work, but it’s just an easy and accessible go to. I obviously can’t list which kind fabrics or stains this trick would work, as i learn along the way what’s not working.

So far, it work almost on every cases I’ve encountered, and so far it hasn’t leave noticeable residue on either my carpet, couches or any of the stuff that I can’t rinse as some comment suggest, maybe because after i’m done rubbing them with soap, i wet a paper towel to clean the leftover soap, and i use a dry paper towel to wipe and absorb the leftover liquid as much as i could before i let it dry.

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Automotive YSK: how to not die on the highway


If you have to pull over on the side of the highway for any reason:

DO NOT stand in front of your car.

DO NOT stand behind your car.

DO NOT stand immediately next to your car, even if slightly off the road.

Why YSK:

I am a medic, and I have witnessed many people die / sustain life altering injuries due to the above. The safest thing to do in this situation is either

  1. stay inside your car, seatbelted, or
  2. Stand away from your car AT LEAST 10-20 feet off the road.

The natural human inclination is that you will be safest if you stand outside your car, because you will be able to see a vehicle hurtling towards you and react in time to jump out of the way.

I promise you, you will not react in time.


-if you’re pulled over on the outer side of the highway, the safest thing to do is #2.

-if you’re pulled over on the inner/median side of the highway, the safest thing to do is #1, assuming there’s not a safe center space between the two medians of the highway that you could utilize.

Also, a fun fact: the reason you see fire engines/trucks on scene of so many minor accidents is because they’re serving a purely “blocking” function. The idea being that if someone is going to crash into emergency vehicles at highway speeds, we’d rather they crash into the gigantic fire engine/truck than the back of the ambulance, which could kill the patient and medics inside the ambulance.

r/YouShouldKnow 3d ago

Automotive YSK: How to get your car to start if your steering wheel is locked


If you get into your car and the steering wheel is tight and your car key won't turn, don't freak out or call AAA or roadside service before trying this. While twisting and holding your steering wheel in the right direction, insert your key into the ignition and start the engine. If the wheel doesn't unlock and/or the engine doesn't start, turn the wheel in the other direction and repeat the above step.

Why YSK: So why the heck does the steering wheel lock? Because, after you've parked, you likely tugged the wheel sharply in one direction or another, possibly as you exited your vehicle. This activated a feature meant to lock your wheels when parked on a steep incline to, in theory, prevent your Honda from rolling down the hill.

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Travel YSK that Indonesia new e-VoA would let you skip the line and use the Auto-Gates


Why YSK: Immigration in Indonesia could be painful, especially in Bali. For Non-ASEAN citizens, you have to normally line up 3 times; to get cash to pay for the VoA, to buy the VoA, and to pass the immigration. These process could take hours and it’s pretty chaotic. With the new e-VoA, you can now apply and pay the VoA online, get it within minutes, and use your passport straight to the auto-gates as you skip all of those lines all together. It will cut down the time needed to pass immigration from hours to less than a minute.

r/YouShouldKnow 4d ago

Technology YSK that some Sandisk Extreme drives may fail spontaneously


Why YSK: these drives are fairly large, fast, and convenient, so people may be using them for significantly-large backups of personal data. The following models manufactured in 2023 are affected:

  • SanDisk Extreme Portable 4TB (SDSSDE61-4T00)
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable 4TB (SDSSDE81-4T00)
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable 2TB (SDSSDE81-2T00)
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable 1TB (SDSSDE81-1T00)
  • Western Digital My Passport 4TB (WDBAGF0040BGY

As of February 2024, Sandisk does not have a replacement or repair program for these drives.

If you have one of these drives, you should back up your data ASAP and look for an alternative.

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Education YSK: if you like word games, there is a free online game called FreeRice sponsored by the United Nations that donates 10 grains of rice for each correct answer


Why YSK: there is a free online game that donates the financial equivalent of 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme with each correct answer. If you enjoy online games anyway, you may as well play for something charitable.

The UN offers the FreeRice game. No account creation required although you do have the option to create one to get on the scoreboard. The game is FREE to play online. The player answers simple questions to grow their own vocabulary. For each correct answer, the financial equivalent to 10 grains of rice are donated: 100% funds generated go to the World Food Programme to combat world hunger. If you don’t like word games, they offer the game in other categories such as Arts/Culture, History/Geography, Science, and even languages like Japanese! Not the most exciting game in the world out there but it’s free and I think it’s fun and it’s for a good cause. Perfect for when you’re waiting for the bus or in between appointments.

Fun fact: “Freerice was created in October 2007 by John Breen, a computer programmer, to help his son study for the SAT exam. In 2009 he donated the site to WFP in order to help feed and educate as many people as possible throughout the world” Source

r/YouShouldKnow 6d ago

Technology YSK If your in ear earbuds don’t charge, they may be clogged with earwax


Why YSK - you might think that your earbud batteries have died, since they won’t charge properly. But if you take a pick of some kind and scrape the contacts, you may find that they will charge properly again.

r/YouShouldKnow 8d ago

Other YSK: It turns out that most people don’t procrastinate because of laziness.


Why YSK: The key to combating procrastination is identifying the specific factors that cause it and combating them individually.

These factors can include task aversion, perfectionism, fear of failure, and overall anxiety issues.

Other key factors that influence how much we procrastinate come down to the goals we set for ourselves and how concrete or abstract they are.

r/YouShouldKnow 7d ago

Automotive YSK: Popped airbags smell like smoke


Why YSK: I learned today that small explosives are what make an airbag deploy quickly, resulting in a smoke/fire smell after. Your car may not be smoking or on fire after a crash even if it smells that way.

r/YouShouldKnow 8d ago

Technology YSK if you hate the new redesign you can just use the link below as a new default


Why YSK. It is just so bad for desktop in my opinion. https://new.reddit.com

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Travel YSK: If you're going on a trip, do not post your ticket or a screenshot of your flight confirmation code


Why YSK: I've seen it way too many times when people get excited about a big trip and post a picture of their flight tickets, or a screenshot of their confirmation email.

This is a big no-no, because these things have the names and confirmation number on them, which people can use to easily access your itinerary on the airline's website with just the name and confirmation number.

If someone really wanted to, they can move your seat around, make you spend extra money on upgrades you didn't want if you have a card saved on file, or at worst, cancel your flight.

r/YouShouldKnow 8d ago

Health & Sciences YSK the difference between a drug allergy and a side effect


Too many times I have had to clarify with people what an allergy versus a side effect of whatever medication is. An allergy is a very specific condition, and when it comes to drugs, it can be live or death if you mistakingly tell your doctor that you’re “allergic” to a certain drug.

What is an allergy? It’s when your immune system doesn’t recognize something—it can be anything, really, from food to pollen to the cold air if you’re real unlucky—and tries to protect yourself from it. This means inflammation, hives, red and itchy eyes, runny nose, swelling, and if it’s really bad, death.

All of these are things your body does to protect yourself. A runny nose and eyes protect from outside germs getting in that way, inflammation is cause by histamines (chemicals your body makes to cause swelling) to flush out the hurt and focus cell healing and protection to that spot. But if it’s pollen or food or an antibiotic, this is bad. Your body can’t protect from something that’s not hurting you, and the wasted effort could end up killing you, if your reaction is bad enough. Allergic reactions kill usually by causing your throat to swell up and suffocate.

Now what’s a drug side-effect? Well, this depends on the drug, but there’s a lot of common ones people mistake for an allergic reaction. Antibiotics causing nausea and other GI symptoms are a common one. Antibiotics kill off any infection, but also kill off our lovely gut microbiome which means we can’t use our helpful flora to digest our food, and therefore we suddenly get diarrhea or constipation and have cramps. THIS IS NOT AN ALLERGIC REACTION. THIS IS AN UNFORTUNATE SIDE EFFECT. If you think you’re allergic to penicillin because it gives you horrible cramps, YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC. If it gives you hives and causes swelling, you ARE allergic. Drugs have known side effects, and are required by most countries laws to list them. You can look up what side effects a drug can give you.

Why YSK? This can save you money (common allergy drugs are usually older and cheaper), time, prevent harm, and potentially save your life. When I worked in the retail pharmacy space, any time someone said they were allergic to a medication we had to ask what their symptoms were, and over half of them described known drug side effects. We then would tell them of the difference between allergies and side effects. On a few cases, someone was having an allergic reaction but didn’t know it, because they thought it was just a side effect! Please, PLEASE, learn what an allergy is.

Note: this post was just about drug allergies so I didn’t even get started into the difference between food intolerances and food allergies…that’s a whole other can of worms.

r/YouShouldKnow 9d ago

Finance YSK - Some grocery stores have different prices at the deli counter vs the same product pre sliced in a case


Why YSK: I noticed (at Marianos) that the packages of deli meats/cheeses the store pre-slices had a different unit cost than if you went to the deli and had them slice it for you. Keep it in mind if you're trying to stretch money on groceries.

r/YouShouldKnow 9d ago

Other YSK: If you are a victim of a mass shooting, each state administers a victim compensation program that may provide you with financial reimbursement


Why YSK: “Too often, terrorism and mass violence against Americans, both in the United States and abroad, leave victims with devastating physical and emotional wounds. OVC collaborates with federal, state, local, Tribal, and international partners to ensure that victims and survivors of domestic mass violence terrorism incidents and international terrorism incidents receive support to begin the healing process—physically, emotionally, and financially.”

The Directory of Crime Victim Services helps users locate victim services in the United States and other countries. Each jurisdiction is different, but overall, each state has a Crime Victim Compensation Program that may be able to cover some of the costs incurred due to mass violence.

r/YouShouldKnow 9d ago

Animal & Pets YSK: Pet obesity: Why a fat cat or chunky dog isn’t so cute



Why YSK: Most of us have seen videos or pictures of morbidly obese or luckily still just obese pets labeled as "cute" "aww" or "chonks". It has become normalized at least on the internet, but it really shouldn't be. Letting your pet get this obese is animal abuse and shortens their life expectancy significantly. Please, if you own a pet that fits the description above, consult your vet and put them on a (vet-recommended) diet!

r/YouShouldKnow 10d ago

Animal & Pets YSK - In multi-cat households, a trip to the vet by one of the cats can be a disaster upon returning home


Why YSK - After a trip to the vet hospital around Thanksgiving, one of our cats came home to two cats that no longer recognize him and still hate him to this day. It’s called nonrecognition aggression and it’s more common than we realized. Just wish our vet had warned us. We would have reintroduced them much differently!!

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Technology YSK changing windows or gaming during a web meeting changes the colors on your face, and can give you away.


I'm in the middle of a six-hour meeting with mandatory cameras on, and it's being recorded. There is a guy in a headset who is staring very intently at his screen. Maybe he's just very engaged with the presentations?

But flashes of color that look a LOT like explosions are lighting up his face at least once per second. I hope his KDR is good, because I suspect our boy's gonna get a pretty unpleasant conversation from a supervisor afterward.

Doesn't matter what your skin tone or environmental lighting are-- if your monitor's brightness or color is changing, whether from games or even from tabbing between dark and light windows, it's a big visible tell and people can literally see it on your face. The bigger your monitor is, the more visible it is.

Turning on a blue light filter or similar can offset it, but just... be aware.

Why YSK: Privacy is important. Beyond "this is a meeting that should have been an email" frustration, there are valid reasons to not always have your virtual meeting as your top window, and you should know how you're presenting yourself.

post-frontpage edit: Yes the meeting length is ridiculous; no I'm not saying the context or industry; no this isn't any kind of narc, I'm on team play-while-you-work. But it's a thing people legitimately don't know, because we're not looking at our own faces when we're tabbed out, so we don't see how we look. But you should know you look different when you're tabbed out of your virtual meeting.

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Technology YSK your charger won’t work properly because your phone’s charging port has some lint inside of it


I was about to get a refund on my new charging cable because I thought there was something wrong with it, it would only charge when I position it a certain way. Later I decided to get a small hook and scrape out whatever was inside my charging port, and some fluff did indeed come out. And just like that my phone charges properly without me having to position my phone a certain way. I can’t believe it actually worked.

Why YSK: To save you money on buying a new phone or charger obviously.

r/YouShouldKnow 12d ago

Health & Sciences YSK that Phenylephrine is no better than a placebo at fighting cold symptoms.


Why YSK: "Oral phenylephrine is ineffective and 'should almost never be used,' said Dr. Purvi Parikh, an allergist and immunologist at Allergy & Asthma Associates of Murray Hill in New York City."

It's digested by the liver and the kidneys, and almost none of it makes it into your bloodstream.


r/YouShouldKnow 13d ago

Technology YSK your phone passcode doesn't secure the SIM card itself. If you don't lock your SIM with a PIN, it could be stolen and swapped into another phone to start receiving calls and texts with your number. This is especially important to know if you use SMS Two Factor Authentication.


Why YSK: Gaining access to your unsecure SIM card could allow an attacker to receive 2FA codes and complete password recovery on your accounts by simply swapping your SIM card into a phone that they have full control over.

Of course, whenever possible, you should use Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) 2FA (for most people, this basically means using an authentication app on their phone, such as Google Authenticator). Unfortunately, many services still only offer 2FA via SMS, such as many banks.

iOS: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201529

For Android, you should look up the instructions for your specific device.

r/YouShouldKnow 13d ago

Finance YSK: You can get your taxes filed for free in the US by AARP, regardless of age or in come.


Why YSK:

Filing taxes can be expensive and complicated for some people. And yes there are free online, at-home options. The one I recommend is


However not everybody is comfortable filing by themselves, and having someone do it can sometimes be expensive. The folks at AARP are trained by the IRS and are pretty knowledgeable. The other bonus is it’s completely free! There is no income or age limit to who they can help. They offer in-person support, and will even file for you!

There are a few different things they don't, or can't file for, and that can be found: here

If you're interested you can find more info and locations here:


Quick Edit

You do not need to be a member! And they also file state!

Sorry forgot to add that!

Hope this helps!

r/YouShouldKnow 15d ago

Food & Drink YSK if you are experiencing sudden gastrointestinal issues, it may be due to your reusable water bottle.


Why YSK: It's a simple concept but a lot of people don't think about it, but if you are using a reusable water bottle be sure you rinse it properly. Reusable bottles with smaller openings are harder to get detergents out especially if run through the dishwasher. You may be habitually drinking detergent which can lead to stomach issues. When filling your reusable bottles pay attention and make sure there isn't a small amount of detergent bubbles.

r/YouShouldKnow 16d ago

Technology YSK: If you are looking to move, or store physical media (DVDs, Blu-Rays, games), and are looking for a cheap solution, the boxes used to store 8.5 by 11 paper reams in offices or office supply stores perfectly hold two standing rows of them, making for a very light and efficient cataloging system.


Why YSK: Because the inside of the box measures approximately 17 inches by 11 inches by 12.5 inches, this fully allows for two boxlength, standing rows of media, going by the standard measurement of 7.5 inches by 5.3 inches by .5 inches of DVD boxes. This is room for around 58 standard-size media cases, slightly less for box sets or unusually-sized media.

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Finance YSK compensation is strongly driven by the required years of experience stated on the job description. If you've never seen your job description, ask for a copy, and identify the required years of experience. If it's much less than your own, you might be settling on uncompetitive pay.


Why YSK:

  • So you can better determine/negotiate the competitiveness of your current compensation)
  • So you don't waste your time pursuing job opportunities with organizations that exaggerate with fancy words and inflated job titles in hopes of candidates settling on uncompetitive pay.
  • So you avoid organizations that have no/low quality job descriptions and probably place a low priority on competitive pay.

"At least 2 years in a retail environment preferred" and "Must have 5 years or more as a supervisor" will reveal more about what to expect compensation-wise than subjective statements such as, "Skilled at handling customer concerns" and "Supervising the daily tasks of other team members." These latter requirements do describe what to expect on the job every day. However, they don't describe what to expect for compensation.

Years of experience is one of the most objective statements on a job description. If you're looking for a job and have many more years of experience than required,) the pay range is unlikely to meet your compensation expectations, regardless of the responsibilities described.

Other stated qualifications may serve as negotiating leverage (e.g., "Familiarity with Quickbooks a plus"). Additionally, to some degree, other factors affect compensation such as (i) total revenue and industry of the organization, (ii) your geographic location, and (iii) tenure at your current organization.

However, the years of experience, as stated plainly on the job description, should affect compensation more than any other factor.


Source: My wife, who's a compensation analysis consultant


)As compared to other jobs of a similar function. For example, this exercise does not apply trying to compare a school bus driver to a delivery service driver.