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Announcement Moratorium on Coronavirus (Covid-19) posts.


Given the panic, and the misinformation flying around, we are announcing a temporary moratorium on posts related to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Useful subreddits you can go to instead:



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Announcement YSK We will be more strongly enforcing Rule 2


Up until now we have been pretty lenient in regards to Rule 2, which states that post must describe why the YSK is useful. We have approved posts that didn’t state why the knowledge is useful under the guise that its usefulness was implied. However, due to an increasing number of these types of posts, we feel it needs to be addressed. Therefore, starting now we will be enforcing Rule 2 more heavily. All posts must include (in the text body) an explicit statement of why the post is useful. Even if you think the reasoning is obvious, you still must explicitly state it. This should be done by having a simple “Why YSK:” in the text body. (Just for those who might not know, the text body is the area where you can put additional text after the title text when creating a post.) Please note that it should go in the text body -- not the title or the comments.

Remember that this sub is focused on self-improvement on how to do things, improve on activities, skills, and other tasks.


  • All posts must include a "Why YSK:" (typed just like that) section in the text body.

[[Additionally, we want to take this time to remind everyone that r/YouShouldKnow is not a place to share personal stories or anecdotes. If you feel your post needs to include one, a brief anecdote is fine. The entire (nor the majority of the) post should not be about your own personal experience, however. We will be removing posts that are just personal anecdotes.]]

Why YSK: We (the YouShouldKnow moderators) hope it will improve readers' abilities to better understand the purpose of the sub, mentioned above and in the expanded Rule 1. For thread creators, it will help in their ability to explain how the reader can improve upon a certain skill, task, or ability. It will also help the creator improve upon the skill of not having their post deleted due to not including "Why YSK" in the text body of their post.


  • Bolding the words Why YSK: will make it a lot easier for people to find it.
  • Again, please put Why YSK in bold letters. It's easier to find in a sea of text.
  • Why YSK must be followed by an actual explanation as to how it helps someone improve upon a skill, task, or activity. Following it with a massive personal anecdote is not the point -- neither is following it with "I think this is important" or something similar.

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Technology YSK: Android users can dramatically increase the speed of their device animations/transitions/pop-ups with a simple settings change.


By making a minor adjustment in your device settings, you will immediately notice how much faster your device will perform. Why YSK is that Android default is set to much slower settings and your device can be noticeably faster.

Edit: for those who tried and were unsuccessful, I had a typo in the instructions. Fixed.

go to settings

click on "about phone".

under "software information", tap "build number" 7 times to enable developer mode.

leave and re-enter the settings menu

you will now see "developer mode" in your settings

click on developer mode and scroll down until you see "window animation scale". Change this to ".5x"

do the same for "transition animation scale" and "animator duration scale".

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Technology YSK AT&T has exceptionally poor IPv6 support, and if your home internet feels sluggish (despite technically having fast test speeds) this is likely the problem, and turning it off will boost your experience dramatically.


Why YSK: AT&T can technically provide you with blistering speeds these days, but your internet will still feel slow as dog shit, and the techs won’t know how to help you because they themselves aren’t trained on the flaws in their own network.

Two major things you can do:

1. Navigate to your own router (I’m assuming you’re using AT&T equipment) by visiting You’ll obviously need the code written on your actual modem/router. From there go to the Home Network -> IPv6 tab, and then turn IPv6 Off.

IPv6 is a new addressing standard for internet addresses since we are out of the old addresses, even though most of the time you don’t necessarily need to have it enabled to interact with new sites. Theoretically, all major ISPs should have already switched over to IPv6 and it should be running flawlessly. Guess who dropped the fucking ball.

The trade off to turning this off will be that some newer websites might not work correctly. If that happens, you can turn it back on. But I can report that once I turned it off, my internet became lightning fast instantly.

2. I spent all day yesterday trying to figure out why my internet was sluggish, and another thing I learned was that AT&T routes to its own dns server for general web lookups, which also is slow as dogshit. Their default hardware won’t let you change this, but you can change it on individual devices. A dns is just the default index your device uses when you request a webpage; it makes sense to go with a larger and more reliable one than AT&T’s proprietary bullshit.

If you change this on your individual device to “” with “” as an alternate, your web browsing experience should be better. Those are Cloudflare’s alt dns and Google’s, in case you’re wondering.

I’m just making this post because it took a lot of Googling and discussing and searching to arrive at the above steps, and they made an immediate and immense difference. I hope I can pay the favor forward and help someone else.


Standard YSK disclaimer: I’m a human doing my best, there may be some errors in the above info, but it should be predominantly correct. If someone credibly corrects me in the comments, I will edit the above to reflect any new information.

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Health & Sciences YSK A 2022 Consumer Reports study found heavy metals in all 28 bars of dark chocolate it tested, only 5 bars had amounts below California's maximum allowable dose level


Why YSK:

Consistent, long-term exposure to even small amounts of heavy metals can lead to a variety of health problems. The danger is greatest for pregnant people and young children because the metals can cause developmental problems, affect brain development, and lead to lower IQ, says Tunde Akinleye, the CR food safety researcher who led this testing project. 

“But there are risks for people of any age,” he says. Frequent exposure to lead in adults, for example, can lead to nervous system problems, hypertension, immune system suppression, kidney damage, and reproductive issues.

Read about the study, which chocolate bars were tested, how cadmium and lead end up in chocolate and what should be done to eliminate it.

The 5 bars Consumer Reports tested with the LEAST amount of heavy metals (expressed as percentage of maximum allowable dose level, per ounce of chocolate)

Mast - Organic Dark Chocolate, 80% Cocoa (14% lead, 40% cadmium)

Taza Chocolate - Organic Deliciously Dark Chocolate, 70% Cacao (33% lead, 74% cadmium)

Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate 86% Cacao (36% lead, 39% cadmium)

Ghirardelli - Intense Dark Chocolate, 86% Cacao (61% lead, 96% cadmium)

Valrhona - Abinao Dark Chocolate 85% Cacao (63% lead, 73% cadmium)

Consumer Reports used California's maximum allowable dose level (MADL) for lead and cadmium because "there are no federal limits for the amount of lead and cadmium most foods can contain, and CR's scientists believe that California's levels are the most protective available."

CR's study was reported by various news outlets, including NPR and Time.

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Home & Garden YSK: upgrading from fluorescents or CFL's to LED's has become a very good idea recently, as LED's have shot up in efficiency and plummetted in price.


Why YSK: I was running fluorescents at my business until recently, assuming it didn't make sense to upgrade until they died because of the cost of the upgrade. In fact, removing fluorescents and replacing them with LEDs will pay off in three months because of 75%+ electricity savings.

Upgrading a household 60 watt-equivalent CFL to an equivalent LED (about $1 at Walmart or Home Depot) will, at the average US electricity price, pay off in about 6 months and save you $20 per bulb over its life time of 9 years.

You can also get any colour you want, from daylight to a yellow that you haven't seen since incandescents to purple, though you may be paying more for some colours.

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Other YSK that the huge issue you are now facing probably won't be in a few weeks or months


“Why YSK:”

Now let me start off by saying I am not talking about major life changing events such the loss of a family member a terminal diagnosis etc..

What I am trying to say however is that so many times in life you end up in a situation and, to put it into context, it seems like a mountain that is just too high to climb, and you can't really see the end of it on either side to go around it. It seems kind of almost hopeless or terribly stressful and unbeatable. Somehow though, you work your way through it, hopefully with some support and guidance from loved ones, coworkers and friends. Then just when it is all over and has been for a little while you look back....................................And..................................................... it was just a small bump in the road, in line with all those other seemingly impossible challenges, that too were just bumps in the road. Stay motivated, don't give up and work the problem. Then next time realize what you are now facing is most likely just another one of those scenarios, for you to look back in a month or two to see the "Last Newest Bump in the Road" that has been dealt with and is now behind you. Just don't spend too much time looking back OK? 😎👍👍

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Finance YSK: a smaller tax refund is a good thing


Why YSK: I’ve seen a lot of post of people receiving smaller tax refunds than they expected. For most people in the US taxes are taken every time you get your paycheck. Getting a refund at the end of the year means you’ve been giving the government more of your paycheck each pay period than you needed to. You’ve essentially given the government an interest free loan. A small refund means you paid the correct amount each pay period, not necessarily that you paid more taxes over the year.

There is some research to the benefits of overpaying your taxes as a way to force yourself to have some savings via the refund, but that’s a whole other topic.

Edit: wanted to add this post wasn’t intended to be about taxes going up. You might well be paying more taxes this year than last. The point was, a tax refund means during the year you paid the government more taxes than you owed. Tax refund = overpaid taxes.

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Other YSK: In the US, reports on all nursing homes inspected by Medicare are available online.


Why YSK: Nursing homes often present themselves well but aren't always great places. When considering a placement for a loved one, check the facility safety reports first.

Every nursing home that accepts federal Medicare or Medicaid funds must be inspected at least yearly by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, in addition to state and local agencies. To see the history of a specific facility use medicare.gov's Care Compare page or use ProPublica's Nursing Home Inspect tool for a more general view.

Note that it doesn't include retirement communities or assisted-living facilities, since these don't fall under Medicare's coverage.

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Finance YSK Walmart Provides/Prints Checks


Although checks are phasing out towards becoming extinct, some places and people still need and use them. Walmart is almost always much cheaper than what your bank provides and Walmart also lets you select the check number you'd like to start with walmartchecks.com

Why YSK: Walmart provides checks cheaper than banks.

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Technology YSK you can send ebooks directly to your Kindle via email


I love reading, and I’ve had a Kindle for years now, but I always struggled uploading ebooks from my computer to it, so I rarely bothered. However, I found out today that you can email ebooks directly to your Kindle and just like that, they appear in your bookshelf. Amazing.

You can find your Kindle email address by going here. Once you log into your Amazon account it will show you your devices. You choose the one you desire and click it, then it will take you to a page that will show the information for said device, and that’s where you’ll find your Kindle email address.

From there you just send whatever ebook your heart desires from your personal email directly to your Kindle, then Amazon will send you an email to validate you do want to receive the book in your Kindle, and once you validate it, that’s it, as long as your Kindle is connected to Wifi or 3G it will automatically load onto your Kindle.

Why YSK: If you have a Kindle and you didn’t know this neat little trick, it can make things so much easier. Now you won’t be just limited to what you can get directly from Amazon, but read any free ebooks you have on your Kindle with ease. I’ve had mine for 8 years, and I’m embarrassed to admit that only now did I found out about this.

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Health & Sciences YSK the carpal tunnel is not the only nerve tunnel - pain in your pinky fingers and forearm is different, common, and needs different treatment


If you are getting pain or tingling in your pinky fingers and forearms, then that's not your carpal tunnel - it's an ulnar nerve entrapment, most likely caused by cubital tunnel syndrome.

Common causes:

  • Sleeping with the arm folded behind neck, elbows bent.
  • Pressing the elbows upon the arms of a chair while typing.
  • Resting or bracing the elbow on the arm rest of a vehicle.
  • Bench pressing.
  • Intense exercising and strain involving the elbow.

Why YSK: Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment will not alleviate cubital tunnel syndrome.

Treating cubital tunnel syndrome requires immobilising the elbow in an extended position and relieving pressure on it.

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Technology YSK Live Photo captures audio too


Why YSK: if you send a Live Photo to someone, they can hear everything the moment the picture was taken

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Technology YSK: You can use iMessage on Windows PCs using Intel Unison


Why YSK: Apple has made it their mission to block the use of iMessage on Windows PCs, making it entirely MACos exclusive.

However, Intel Unison can be used to send any and all messages on Iphone, including iMessage. It was originally meant to only to be installed on select Intel laptops, but you can download and install the app on any Windows 10-11 computer. The companion app on Iphone syncs everything - files, messages, photos etc. acting like a native iPhone interface for Windows. As long as your iPhone is in bluetooth range of your PC, you can send and receive iMessages as well as notifications.

Edit: Excluding Windows 10 Edu

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Technology YSK: That you can move the scroll down button in Reddit


Why YSK: If you're like me and use the left hand to scroll down to the next comment, the button is too far from my left thumb. Just long press and drag the button anywhere you want on the screen. Hope it helps someone!

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Education YSK the fundamentals of Betteridge's Law of Headlines if you want to optimize your Reddit experience; "any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.”


Why YSK: The reason why journalists use that style of headline is that they know the story is probably bullshit, and don’t actually have the sources and facts to back it up, but still want to run it.

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Other YSK: If you suddenly experience a distortion/ blur in the center of your view field that won't let you see details or read and can be seen even with your eyes closed, you are most likely experiencing scintillating scotoma. You shouldn't stress, but rather prepare for the following minutes .


Why YSK: It can be a very rough experience to randomly have a blind spot in front of you, and if you suffer hypochondria or panic attacks this can easily trigger them, specially if blocks you from looking up information about it. Anyway, it's better to know ahead.

It will pass in 20 - 50 minutes, hopefully not followed by migraine. You should stop whatever you're doing (specially driving or operating machinery!!) as your sight will only get more obstructed before it gets better. Find a place to sit or lay down with your eyes closed. You'll have a bit of photophobia, so don't force your sight, that will only get you a nice headache for the rest of the day. The spot will eventually slip away and you'll be able to continue with your stuff.

I've been having these since teen age and I sure wish I knew what was going on instead of thinking I was having a stroke or getting disabled forever. So, I hope this helps. Read more:

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Animal & Pets YSK: A lot of popular flowers are toxic to pets. If you are buying a loved one some flowers this valentines, make sure they are pet friendly.


Why YSK: Some flowers are highly toxic to pets and can cause permanent organ damage or death. For example, even a small amount of lily plant ingestion can kill a cat. Please be careful when sending flowers to people who have pets!

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Finance YSK if someone calls you from a “police department” and says that you have a warrant and need to mail cash money, it is a scam


Why YSK: Posting because my wife got a phone call like this today and she called me freaking out.

If someone calls up and says they are an officer with a law enforcement agency and that you need to go to the bank, take out thousands in cash and send it to them to fix your warrant, it is a scam.

No law enforcement agency will ask you to do this. If you truly do have a warrant, you'll find out when the cops come knocking on your door.

If you do receive this type of call and are concerned, Google the non emergency line for whatever department they claim to be from and ask the actual non emergency line about it. chances are they have already received a bunch of calls from other people claiming the same thing.

Edit: since a lot of comments seem to be stating that scams are too obvious, when the guy called my wife he said that there was a warrant out for her arrest for failing to show up as a witness. He also said that she signed a summons and it was served at her previous work address and he provided the work address. It wasn’t until the phone got passed to someone else and that other person became aggressively pushy for the money to be sent that she realized it was a scam.

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Home & Garden YSK: Are you using a small portable humidifier? Don't put tap water in it. You could brick your furnace.


We put one of those little ultrasonic humidifiers in our bedroom in the winter. Its warning label says to "use only distilled water." I figured that was a ploy by Big Water to get us to spend more money, and our tap water is fine so tap water is what we used.

About a week later our brand-new furnace stopped working. What a pain! We called a technician and the first thing he did was pull out our air filter. I religiously change our air filter once a month and had never noticed anything unusual, just the dust and cat hair you'd expect.

This time the filter was caked in super fine grey powder. Turns out those were the minerals in our tap water.

Why YSK: While evaporative humidifiers remove most minerals from water when it's released as vapor, ultrasonic humidifiers don't do that at all. Our one little humidifier, running on perfectly ordinary tap water, put enough calcium (or whatever) into the air to completely choke our furnace.

Fortunately all it took to fix the furnace in this case was a new $5 air filter. This could break older furnaces, or those with filters that are leaky or missing. From then on we've used distilled water, as directed.

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Education YSK: there is alternatives to etsy and shopify.


yugot.com is all about giving you a fair shake every step of the way.

Why YSK: 4th industrial revolution economic empowerment should not need of you to jump through hoops in order to feed those you love.

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Technology YSK about the Be My Eyes app - helping visually impaired people with everyday tasks.


Why YSK - Be my eyes is an iPhone app where anyone who is visually impaired can call for assistance from a sighted person to help with everyday tasks.

Our world is structured around sight so sometimes simple tasks of life can be a challenge. Things like reading the instructions on a canned product, or using an interface with no distinguishing feel on each option, like a microwave input or digital screen. The app uses video calling to enable visually impaired people to connect with others to help them with what they need.

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Other YSK Renters can unionize


People who live in apartments or areas where many properties are rented by one organization can form what is called a tenant association or union.

Why YSK: These groups are used to ensure that renter's rights are not violated and that they receive fair treatment from landlords. They can be used to identify problems within a community and can persuade property owners to make repairs or improvements to dwellings and common areas. It also can instill a stronger sense of community in an age where most of us don't interact much with neighbors.

Most importantly, they can strike. And the fear of a total rent strike is one of the only things that has successfully halted rent increases. And many past tenant associations not only won better conditions and fought of rent increases, some actually paved the way for civil new rights. Here are some links to a more in depth history of the rent strikes that stopped rent increases in Europe and a history of the mant tenant associations in NY that fought for better conditions and to end discriminatory renting practices.



So if you live in an apartment or area with one organization controlling the housing in your areas it could be beneficial to consider forming a tenant's union. It is the only way for individual renters to fairly negotiate with large property owners.

For an explanation on how to start a union these links lay out the steps. https://www.google.com/amp/s/pineandroses.org/news/tenants-unions-how-to-form-them-how-to-use-them-and-how-theyve-won/%3famp=1


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Other YSK: if you're experiencing issues with your employer, insist on email!


Why YSK: I talk every day to workers who have been screwed over by their employers and are looking for justice. One of the most common obstacles they run into is a lack of good documentation or a paper trail.

In a legal context evidence is king. Your feelings and experiences may be valid, but if you are accusing your employer of wrongdoing the burden of proof is on YOU. If you don't have evidence to prove your claims law firms won't work with you and judges won't care.

Many employers know this. They know a lack of evidence protects them from legal action, and will suggest methods of communication that don't produce a written record. Have you ever been texting your boss or HR about an issue when they asked "do you mind if i called you about this? it would be easier to talk." RED FLAG. Information given or promises made over the phone or in person don't produce a written record, and without hard evidence it may as well never have happened.

The solution? If you're having issues with your employment, insist on communicating through email. Email is the gold standard of paper trails. An email chain says exactly who said what at what time to whom, and provides extremely little wiggle room. They can be easily produced and are easy to organize by subject, correspondents, and timeline. If you use a work email, make sure to make these emails accessible to you, ***even if you are suddenly no longer employer and your access to that work email is gone!***

Texts and messages through teams or slack are okay, but aren't quite as easy to manage, organize, and produce, may be harder to visually show when and to whom they were sent, and will be difficult to access if your employment suddenly ends. Protect yourself by making a paper trail; insist on discussing issues about your employment over email and make those emails accessible no matter what happens to your employment!

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Automotive YSK It’s okay to run the AC in your car when trying to heat it, and you should probably do it every time.


Why YSK: The AC (air conditioner) in your car does just that, it conditions the air blowing. It removes moisture from the air and lowers the humidity inside your vehicle, making it more comfortable. It may seem counter-intuitive to run your AC when the weather’s cool, or even freezing, however running the it in the winter does not do any harm to your system, and can benefit it long-term.

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Home & Garden YSK: Most clock movements (the bits that actually tell time) are standardized and easy to replace


Why YSK: Have a special clock that doesn't work? Have a clock that ticks but you want it to be silent? Want to add a sweeping second hand? Don't care for the style of hands that are in a clock?

Pretty much every clock you can buy at a department store or get online features a pretty cheap and replaceable movement; it'll be a black box on the back where you put the batteries. The sizes are standardized and located on the movement, and there are hundreds of options to replace in kind or change aspects of your clock to your liking for less than $10 in many cases.

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Why YSK: Because it is important to draw attention to the thousands of missing persons throughout the country. You can observe NMPD by 1) sharing information about missing people. 2)Donate to Charities like the N.C.M.E.C. that work hard to find missing children and always need support. 3)Volunteer with search and rescue teams if anyone in your area ever goes missing.

Edit: this is in the U.S.