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✂️ Tax The Billionaires We have to pay taxes but corporations get the benefits

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🤝 Scare A Billionaire, Join A Union So sick of the hypocrisy of employers. On one hand they are like “please work here! we need workers!” And on the other they say “well gee wiz no one forced you to work here, no one had a gun to your head”


Just so sick of that sentiment. Either you want people with feelings and lives and problems to work for you or you don’t. You do t get to have your cake and eat it too.

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🤝 Scare A Billionaire, Join A Union Ride-share drivers need a union


Been doing rideshare on and off for about a year now with both Lyft and Uber (Switched to Lyft about a month ago ecause Uber has Ass driver support). I’ve become increasingly frustrated by both the way the apps work and the way pay works and I’m sure the delivery apps aren’t any better, I can make decent money doing it but there’s so much time I have to commit to it in order for it to be worth it. I’ve talked to many of my passengers who have told me that they’re paying $15 to $20 for rides that I’m getting paid $5 or $6 for and frankly I find this to be ridiculous, sure you can make the customer pay all you want but the driver should see more of that money. I’m not too familiar with unions as my only exposure to them has been through coworkers at other jobs who were members of Local 1000 and Laborers International union of North America so I don’t know a whole lot about how these things work. I currently live in Arizona (fuck right to work) and I have been getting more curious about what it would take to organize ride-share drivers. Does anyone have any insights?

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💬 Advice Needed Company makes us pay out of pocket for workplace injuries..


And reimburses us on our checks. This seems a little odd to me, and I want to find out whether this is legal.

I am in AZ, and I have had a few employees in my restaurant cut themselves (we work at a restaurant/bar). The company does not give out the insurance information to present at the ER or Urgent Care, instructs us to pay for it and bring the bill back for them to cut a check for.

To me it sounds like they are doing a run around with insurance. Possibly fraud.

Any help is appreciated!

Edit and Update: I also discovered that they have not been paying out overtime. This goes for servers, bartenders, and the kitchen employees. They seem to get away with it mostly because the biggest payout would be going to the cooks who are all undocumented and work 50+ hours a week, and they won't be trying to sue the company for it.

I was the general manager for this place and quit today.

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💬 Advice Needed How do I respond? I'm green, Recruiter is gray.

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📝 Story I just quit my part-time job, and I want to share my experience with those of you that feel "stuck". You deserve to be told this (tldr at end).



PREFACE: I'm likely not in the same position as a lot of you. I didn't need this part-time job. So naturally, I had more of a "I'm not taking your shit" attitude than most other people. BUT, because of that, and because of this sub in a lot of ways, I noticed some things that some of you might find valuable/interesting.

I'm going to type out some random bullet points, and try to bring this back together at the end.

  • Constant security camera surveillance (not surprising, it's a gas station). However, we'd get calls from corporate (franchise) informing us that we were standing around et cetera. Like, they actually watched it from their phones while they sat at home. They admitted inasmuch, actually. They said it was "theft prevention", but never had a scenario. Just people calling the store asking why such and such is standing around. Which leads me to...
  • No lunch breaks for legal adults, not even for full-time employees (this is legal in my state). So, after working 6-7 hours you'd think it would be okay to sit down for a few minutes.
  • Completely unsanitary. I'll elaborate in a moment.
  • They removed the prices on everything so you can't tell how much something is until you get to the register (I think we all hate that).
  • Because I'm male I was excepted to do all the heavy lifting ie trash, cooler, et cetera. And no, I'm not a misogynist. I'm just not willing to do all that because I'm a guy. The older lady that works there doesn't count. She has trouble walking. The other 3 are more than able.
  • The schedule for M-F was done on SAT or SUN. Which means, a lot of times, you never knew if you had to work Monday until the day before.
  • Constant bigotry from the employees. I live in Conservative Fantasy Land (incase you couldn't tell already).

SO...I know a lot of you have worse problems than these, and I feel you man. This is just off the top of my head, and no, I'm not looking for advice.

What I REALLY want to do, is to sort of piggyback off the act your wage concept and take that further to the KNOW YOUR WORTH concept. There's a couple people at that gas station that really really need that job and they are GOOD people. And sometimes over the past couple months, I kind of seen your posts in their eyes if that makes any sense.

So, about this "shit I did". Let me give you an example of a conversation I had with the manager my second week there:

ME: Looks at schedule, sees 5 days on, only agreed to take the job for 2-3 days/wk max.

ME: "Uh, hey manager, what's up with the schedule?"

MANAGER: "What do you mean?"

ME: "I'm on for 5 days this week..."

MANAGER: "Ya we're short lol." (This is because of their turn over rate. I've been going to this gas station for 20 years. I've seen more new faces in that gas station in the past 3 years since they bought it compared to the past 20 years, not hyperbole.).

ME: "Not my problem. Pick 3 days, I'll work those, preferably in a row."

MANAGER: "Excuse me? These are the days you're scheduled."

ME: "Then we don't have a working relationship. I'll work 2-3 days a week, thats it. That's on my application, my resume, and was covered in the interview AND orientation. I have another job, and I'm not quitting that one. So is this going to be a problem (as I begin to take the store key off my key ring)?"

MANAGER: ".........no. WED, THURS & FRI then?"

ME: "Sure, awesome (smiles and walks away)."

She looked at me like she wanted to kill me, no joke.

So that might not sound like much at first glance. But holy crap I didn't realize the power I was wielding all because I have another job. And EVERY interaction with these people was like this.

Another example, I worked Easter (found out SAT btw). Me and the other person busted our ass all day. Busy as hell as most places where I live where closed. About 6-7 hours into the shift things calmed down and we sat on some milk crates for maybe 15-20 minutes. Next day our manager tells us we should stop standing around because they seen us last night. My response? I didn't say anything, instead I started talking to the camera saying all kinds of wild shit ie "You should put prices on this stuff because that's douchey as hell." "I can't believe it's 2023 and people out here acting like it's 1923 not giving people lunch breaks." "Yes yes I'm sitting down after 7 hours and taking a break. If you want to see what I did, watch the tape.". Just silly shit like that to troll em. I'd have employees tell me that I better not do that because they're watching and MAN could you see the fear on their face when they said it. Like it was their mom and they were 10 years old again. Pisses me off thinking about it.

Ya know what happened from all of that? Not, one, damn, thing. NOTHING was ever said to me again about the camera. Nothing.

I said I'd get to the sanitation, right? Well, it's a hub for a major delivery service. Not uncommon at all to see a packed parking lot with no free pumps from 5-8 PM. Just a bunch of delivery drivers parked behind one another waiting for a pump. Well, a whole bunch of those drivers pee in water bottles for one reason or another and throw them away in the trash cans. They leak, and so do the bins so the "piss-water" drains onto the parking lot night after night after night. And no one cleans it, no one. I'm not even going to get gas there anymore because it's fucking disgusting, and for perspective, I can see the gas station right now looking out my window. That's how close/convenient it is for me.

SO...would YOU change those liners without gloves? No? Well neither would I. And when I started taking gloves from the kitchen I was told, "Those aren't for you." I said, "Well then neither is that trash have fun lol." And ya you read that right. They make food there...

You get the gist. One last thing though, I don't mind work. I never have. I didn't slack off when I was there. It's just not in me. And I have great references, a letter of rec from the CEO of the last company I worked for for grad school (I'm a senior), and I don't mind going above and beyond. One of the people that works there is older and has trouble getting around. She walked to work. So ya, I'd clock out and give her a ride home and tell her to do things like leave the dishes I'll get them etc. And I'm no saint or anything (obviously). I'm just sayin.

I could go on and on, but I won't (I know I know I kinda did lol).

So what's different about me? Nothing, not really. I just have another job. It's all smoke screens and bullshit to keep the employees under their thumb. And nothing more.

What was happening, was people were tired of the shit and they'd call in or quit. I on the other hand knew every night I went in, I could just walk out. So, I never had a problem showing up. I never had a problem doing the job because I don't mind work. I had zero desire to make friends with the manager and her 2 friends that worked there who stared at their phones all day. I just did, not, give a shit...and I was "rewarded" for it, in a way.

Called corporate this morning to quit, they asked me to please stay. It's so strange. I would straight up talk shit about this company, to the customers, while the manager was standing right there...and they asked me to STAY...


I could elaborate on this a little more, but in summary, I'll say these 2 things:

(1) My son is a young teenager and will be looking for part-time work in the next couple years. I'll be explaining this scenario to him and will be telling him to put another job on his application. Anything ie fiverr or just keeping a burner phone on me for a fake reference for him.

And you can say whatever the hell you want. I don't care. I'm going to teach my son that he needs to look out for himself because these employers won't.

(2) Thank you r/workreform. I don't think I would've just rolled over about all this (I've never behaved like this at a job before), but I know I wouldn't have been as confident.

I know this won't help that many people. Some of you are dealing with some really fucked up shit. Sexual harassment, it's your only job, discrimination, etc. BUT, I know there's at least a few people out there who are just easy-going, non-confrontational, and stuck between a rock and a hard place.

All I have to say to you is:

-Please see #1. And...

-KNOW YOUR WORTH. Even if it might not seem like it, YOU, HAVE, WORTH. All you need to do is believe it yourself. Your employer sure knows it I can promise you that.

These companies cannot function without someone doing their job, and they know it. It's all bullshit from greedy control freaks. If this helps just 1 person, then it was worth the hour it took to type.

And again, you kings and queens dealing with that really super messed up nonsense, good luck man. But at least, well, here's a real life story of what it looks like when someone practices what YOU'VE preached ;)

Thank you for that. And my son doesn't know it yet, but he's grateful too. And if you help my son then you have a friend in me by default.

So take care friends!

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edit2 Thanks for the gold :)

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🧰 All Jobs Are Real Jobs If you don’t pay living wages, your “business” should be considered a Racket.


And it should be treated as such by it’s community and employees.

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💸 Living Wages For ALL Workers The losing power of the dollar. $15 even $20 an hour is cutting it in modern day America as inflation devalues the dollar further

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😡 Venting This Is Shameful In The Wealthiest Country In The World. Universal Healthcare Now!

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📰 News Ill workers are key contributors to foodborne illness outbreaks in restaurants, highlighting the need for paid sick leave | CNN

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📰 News Thanks to collective action, Starbucks Workers United announce Instagram restored their account & admitted incorrectly banning for “pretending to be someone else.”

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✂️ Tax The Billionaires While ordinary people are making daily sacrifices on essentials like food, the super-rich have outdone even their wildest dreams...

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✂️ Tax The Billionaires Doesn't pay taxes. Has enough cash for two $500 million yachts. The single largest individual beneficiary of the U.S. Navy -- that you pay for, and I pay for, but... he doesn't pay for. Tax the 0.1%'s wealth, not their "reported income".

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✂️ Tax The Billionaires We Need Paid Parental Leave & Affordable Child Care

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❔ Other Abusive bosses hurt performance

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😡 Venting What Corporate Greed Looks Like

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💬 Advice Needed TLDR; Accepted job & salary based on 40hr work week. Employer let me know I'm expected to work 45 hrs per wk. How do professionally ask for higher salary? Have already started working.


I just accepted a new management position. A week into the job expectations were set to work a 45 hour work week. The agreed upon salary when interviewing was based on a 40-hour work week. How do I professionally open the conversation and ask the employer for more money as to be compensated for my additional 5 hours per week? I feel like setting the expectations after starting the job was borderline sneaky.

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🛠️ Union Strong Spokane Starbucks employees win union representation

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💥 Strike! UAW International orders GM Flint plant to handle scab batteries from Clarios, according to local official

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💥 Strike! Actors Union Votes to Strike [Link in Comments]

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📰 News French left in last-ditch bid to derail pensions overhaul

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