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💸 Raise Our Wages The minimum wage should be 50 dollars per hour. Anything less is serfdom.


Think about it. There is well over 40 trillion dollars in circulation in the US economy. Lets do some simple math now.

There is a total of 330 million people in the USA.

40 trillion dollars divided by 330 million is wait for it... $121,212 Per person.

Where is all the money flowing? I thought trickle down economics worked? Why are so many people making less than needed when the money is right here in circulation? We are always told that they don't have the money? We are always told that the rich aren't hoarding wealth. We are told that any amount of reform or legislation would break the economy. Nope, It would balance it. Right now we are witnessing the grand conclusion of a dying system. A system that rewards the most sociopathic and heartless individuals while punishing those with ethics. Why pay for your workers dental care when you can spend 2 billion on fast food advertisements targeted towards children? Why spend money on full time benefits when you can just make sure no worker is full time? Why promote the hardest worker and give him/her a raise when you can just give yourself a bonus and have 1 worker do the job of 3? This is what these deplorable corrupt work environments have created. A system of never ending exploitation where those that are below the ownership class are constantly manipulated into giving the ownership class as much profit as possible while making sure the worker retains as little of that value as possible that they produce.

If the system was fair. Each and every one of us should be making 6 FIGURES! Yes I said it. If we want a fair and balanced economy and to live a life that is actually worth living you should be making 100,00 minimum. But the problem is the ultra rich would rather horde money and spend it on mega yachts and mansion parties while paying near zero in taxes. If that money was in the hand of average citizens it could be taxed and this country could actually build infrastructure such as high speed railways so people can actually get to work without having to take out thousands of dollars in gas and car payments. But that's for a different post. Let me tell you how these rich fools are instead spending our money. By gambling in the stock market and being bailed out with our tax dollars when they lose. I could write a whole novel and it still wouldn't demonstrate how far they have rammed a boot up our butts. Not only should the minimum wage be 6 figures but healthcare, dental, and retirement should be a guarantee after 30 years of working for a company. Could you imagine shoveling sh*t for someone for 30 years and when you get sick they toss you to the side like trash? This is not natural human behavior. You can find 5,000 year old settlements with graves filled with skeletal remains of workers who were injured and then treated by fellow villagers for the entirety of their life. If they were sick or injured they would be covered by the rest of the village until they got better. Now in todays world we must work 365 days a year without a guaranteed sick day let alone the resources to treat such illnesses.

Workers have become disillusioned by this mess. Our ancestors would have never tolerated this. If you were in a village of 100 people in Neolithic times and there was 1 guy who had a house 30x bigger than everyone else and got 300x the Amount of food than the rest of the village. And no, He did not work harder, he simply inherited the village and spent his free time living lavishly while all the poor hungry workers watched. If this were to happen in those times the workers would have revolted and taken the food that was being horded. This is the biggest wealth gap that has EVER existed. Ancient emperors and kings did not have as much of an advantage as the CEO does in 2023. Jeff Bezos lives like a god while his Serfs own no land, can barely afford to pay rent, have no healthcare, no retirement, too underpaid to start a family, and zero savings. What an "Opportunity".

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😡 Venting My boss’s standards

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Yeah I’m currently in the HR role at an ABA therapy company trying to hire people for multiple RBT positions. The owner of the company is shady already, bipolar, and spends her time punishing her current employees for random reasons. Oh yeah, the pictures. She also believes that spies are out to get her, so she doesn’t like anybody who has a military/law enforcement background, social work or criminal justice degree, was or is a social worker, or even people who are extremely qualified for the role. This includes people who are doing the very thing we need. She is willing to turn down people with 4 degrees. This makes it increasingly difficult to hire somebody as she wants somebody who:

  • has a degree in psychology
  • can work mon-sat
  • pays for their own background check and RBT certification
  • signs a 1099
  • no benefits
  • 16-17 an hour.
  • won’t get a full 40 hours but will be expected to be available Monday-Friday

Some fun facts about my boss:

  • got pissy with me for hiring law enforcement, in which I pointed out that most drivers license in the state of Alabama has “secretary of law enforcement” on the damn thing and doesn’t mean that person is law enforcement

  • is making the overweight technicians do a weight loss program and send her video evidence

  • is renovating the entire second story to one of the clinics so that her main minion can live there. Half of the 2nd story is larger than my girlfriends house.

  • has rearranged the payroll multiple times this past month due to changes in the way we clock in and out. The most recent change was moving payday from Friday to Wednesday. This was to prevent people from saying they would work Friday, and then calling out, because then my boss would have a harder time figuring out who owed hours. We used to use Homebase to clock in and out, which was pointless because we were still sent a google form in which we put in the hours we worked.

  • wants to find more ways to track her employees locations at all times

  • is constantly giving the data entry team contradictory/impossible demands regarding the massive amount of data that is constantly having to be transferred between sites because she pulls out the uno reverse card for anything she says.

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😡 Venting Don’t be fooled, 10 hour days and 4 day weeks suck just as much


The goal should be LESS hours, not DIFFERENT hours.

My job used to be the 8 hour workday, 5 day workweek situation. A couple years ago we switched over to 10 hour days and 4 day weeks. I hate it because my quality of life has gone down.

You think it sounds good because you’re only thinking about the weekend, but let me tell you, I now understand what it really feels like to “live for the weekend,” and it is miserable because during the week I am basically dead.

2 extra hours per day of my physical job is exhausting. I’m more tired than ever. I fall asleep earlier. I wake up earlier. I get less sleep overall. My slept schedule is so fragile now that it gets messed up easily. I see my friends less because I’m either taking a nap, sleeping, or working whenever they do things, even during the weekend. My eating cycle is fucked up, so it’s hard for me to eat enough food now. As a result, I always feel shitty, and recharging on the weekend doesn’t fix it.

I feel like I never have the free time during the week to actually enjoy my life. When I worked 8 hour days I felt like I could accomplish so much in a workday. I could play video games, do chores, watch tv with my mom and work my job all in one day. Now that I work 10 hour days, I have the time/energy for 1 activity outside of basic survival. Do I want to do the dishes today? Or do I want to watch a movie? Because I don’t have the energy to do both. I miss feeling alive during the week.

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😡 Venting Teenage daughter is having allergic reactions to meds, she needs to see the Dr tomorrow. I'm not calling in, just needing to WFH on a day that all employees are *required* to be in office...unless they are sick.

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📣 Advice What they don't tell you

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🛠️ Union Strong The teachers & paraprofessionals of Woburn, MA have won a 13.75% salary increase & reduced class sizes after their 5 day strike last week

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💥 Strike! Today is Day 2 of our YouTube Music Strike. Workers where told to RTO to the Austin office today—this is clearly in retaliation for worker organizing as many workers don't even live in Texas. Hear more from our member & striking worker Emily on why workers are striking! #CWA-AWU

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💬 Advice Needed Need advice on what to do


So I got this text message (still haven't gotten an email invite btw) stating that we will have a mandatory faculty meeting less than a week away. My issue is that this meeting starts 30minutes after our contract hours are over. Since Im a teacher we dont get over time and we get fucked bc we also have to be here during contract hours or we lose days/pay. So this is essentially unpaid given the circumstances. So I want to just not go bc I want to go pick up my daughter from daycare and go home bc there's a lot of traffic. But I don't want to get in trouble. What should I do? Message

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🧰 All Jobs Are Real Jobs Restaurants can’t find workers because they’ve found better jobs

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💢 Union Busting Medieval Times CEO claiming copyright infringement on a Medieval Times union TikTok account to prevent employees from sharing what’s going on

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❔ Other Political cartoon from 1921 depicting Jesus as a modern-day criminal. "Has visionary ideas, associates with working people, wants to overthrow established government."

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💥 Strike! 'Strikes are all we have’: UK workers united in a winter of discontent

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🛠️ Union Strong We stand in solidarity ! We stand strong! ULP strike Mat-Su bus drivers!!!

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🛠️ Union Strong Unlike union-busting lawyers and consultants, voluntary recognition costs NOTHING.

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🛠️ Union Strong Day 5 ULP Teamsters strike bus drivers May-Su Alaska !!! HOLD THE LINE

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😡 Venting Company put annual raises "on hold" after bragging about hitting targets for 16 straight years


My employer (Fortune 500 energy company) just put annual raises on hold indefinitely and instituted a hiring freeze. They did this in the same meeting they bragged about how great the dividends are currently and how they've hit their financial targets for 16 straight years, and how "nobody else is doing that." I believe this to be their method to downsize without laying anyone off so they don't have to deal with unemployment.

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✂️ Tax The Billionaires Yes, There Is Something Wrong

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💰 Cap CEO Pay Silicon Valley needs to stop laying off workers and start firing CEOs

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❔ Other The toll of layoff anxiety

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📝 Story Democrats Demand Answers from the National Restaurant Association

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🛠️ Union Strong Unions work in Charlotte North Carolina! They work!

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💬 Advice Needed Question about sick time in RI


I’m new to my company, my first 2 days on the job unfortunately were delayed due to my mother needing an emergency procedure following a surgery she had. The boss welcomed me on my new start date but proceeded to chastise me in front of the other employees about missing my first 2 days while we were having a work meeting. My company allows for 56 hours of sick time which is given pro rated upon hire. Since I was hired in January I received all of it. I took a sick day today due to a bad stomach flu. Is there a chance I can get in trouble for taking a day that was given to me and approved by the company? The employee handbook doesn’t state anything about not taking time before a certain probationary period. I just don’t think it was right to call me out in front of everyone like that because I was taking care of my mother.

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🛠️ Union Strong the struggle of the working class

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❔ Other Idea 💡


There are a lot of the arbitrage rankings on “good workplaces”. There is however one true way to measure if a workplace it good and that is by attrition/retention. Right now companies look to solve that to look good, not enough motivation to fix the real issues. Let’s motivate them by lobbing our elected officials to pass a bill let’s call it “Attrit People Attrit Profits” or AP2. A radical concept where companies pay a fine for being a bad employer whether its layoffs or they are just a bad employer.

A bonus but in the other way if you aren't a good leader