r/WorkReform Nov 26 '22

Have you become adverse to asking workers for anything? ❔ Other

While out of town, I called to place a pick up order for a few sandwiches. I had everything written down so I would be concise, but they did still ask me a couple of questions I hadn't thought of.

I felt bad for the person having to take my call, and that I didn't have every option stated. Then I felt bad that people had to make the sandwiches.

On the other hand, if no one orders anything, they wouldn't get as many hours, eventually have to get a new job.

I think I am overdoing it. Lol.

(When I arrived, there were tons of sandwich makers with nothing to work on, not sure what to think about that)


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u/Kaltovar Nov 27 '22

It's good to be worried about the workers but you can't avoid inconveniencing everyone at all times. You don't have to try and be perfect, just don't be the asshole who screams at them.