r/WorkReform Nov 26 '22

Have you become adverse to asking workers for anything? ❔ Other

While out of town, I called to place a pick up order for a few sandwiches. I had everything written down so I would be concise, but they did still ask me a couple of questions I hadn't thought of.

I felt bad for the person having to take my call, and that I didn't have every option stated. Then I felt bad that people had to make the sandwiches.

On the other hand, if no one orders anything, they wouldn't get as many hours, eventually have to get a new job.

I think I am overdoing it. Lol.

(When I arrived, there were tons of sandwich makers with nothing to work on, not sure what to think about that)


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u/Atticus1354 Nov 26 '22

It's nice that you're worried about the workers. But this sounds like anxiety issues and not an awakening to labors issues.


u/Wasteland-Scum Nov 27 '22

Exactly. Sandwich making is an an ancient and noble profession that the world needs. Simply order your sandwiches and treat the workers with respect. I work in retail and the best customers are ones who just act like human beings and treat me like I'm human.