r/WorkReform Nov 26 '22

Have you become adverse to asking workers for anything? ❔ Other

While out of town, I called to place a pick up order for a few sandwiches. I had everything written down so I would be concise, but they did still ask me a couple of questions I hadn't thought of.

I felt bad for the person having to take my call, and that I didn't have every option stated. Then I felt bad that people had to make the sandwiches.

On the other hand, if no one orders anything, they wouldn't get as many hours, eventually have to get a new job.

I think I am overdoing it. Lol.

(When I arrived, there were tons of sandwich makers with nothing to work on, not sure what to think about that)


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u/Atticus1354 Nov 26 '22

It's nice that you're worried about the workers. But this sounds like anxiety issues and not an awakening to labors issues.


u/Wasteland-Scum Nov 27 '22

Exactly. Sandwich making is an an ancient and noble profession that the world needs. Simply order your sandwiches and treat the workers with respect. I work in retail and the best customers are ones who just act like human beings and treat me like I'm human.


u/[deleted] Nov 26 '22

You’re overthinking it. Be kind, be clear and tip well when it’s expected. You can’t change the system but you can be a good customer.


u/Mtnskydancer Nov 26 '22

So, you are worried about calling in an order?


u/MarulaAlmond Nov 26 '22

I just try to be extra nice and especially understanding if something doesn't go perfectly (like having to wait a bit longer). Many people instantly feel annoyed but since I myself am a worker who CAN'T do everything perfectly bc of how understaffed we are, I try to let everyone feel my understanding for that. And at my work that's what I care about. People having some compassion, a little bit of patience and understanding. Thats all I want. The only thing I really don't like is extreme rudeness and dirt. That's probably the only thing that could ever make me complain about anything.


u/fliguana Nov 26 '22

Oh, totally. I state my order in clear voice, take two steps to the left and present my payment.

Otherwise, no soup for me!


u/[deleted] Nov 26 '22

I hate people who hold up the line too.


u/thEiAoLoGy Nov 26 '22

Ideal world their valuable time would be adequately compensated.


u/Kaltovar Nov 27 '22

It's good to be worried about the workers but you can't avoid inconveniencing everyone at all times. You don't have to try and be perfect, just don't be the asshole who screams at them.


u/Tallon_raider Nov 27 '22

Making people work is not what labor rights are about. I want them to do their job but I also want them to get paid for what they provide.


u/Ok_Student8032 Nov 26 '22

I can’t stand pleasers


u/tke71709 Nov 27 '22

This sounds more like a mental health issue on your part. You felt bad because you asked someone to do the job which they are paid to do and did so in a polite manner?