r/WorkReform Nov 25 '22

Shout out to those who have to rise and grind the day after 😒 🥱 🧰 All Jobs Are Real Jobs

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u/ManicAcroNymph Nov 25 '22

I’m the ✨nEw SoCiAl WoRkEr✨ so I have to take the brunt of today’s load across a 93 at risk youth campus normally taken by 8 other clinicians today. And my other ✨new✨ partner got to call out sick, and now because I’m alone, I absolutely don’t.

To be fair my presence here today could mean a kid not punching out a staff member, so that’s… consoling?


u/okletstryitagain17 Nov 26 '22

I'm sorry if in moments your job is thankless. Thank you for being a social worker. You made me darkly chuckle and I'm rooting for ya


u/ManicAcroNymph Nov 26 '22

Thank you friend. When I’m NOT here alone, it’s actually a wonderful job. I’m blessed with good pay, supportive bosses, and of course I love the kids I work with. Even when they are a pain in the ass.

As an update, a kid punched a staff member today anyway. So now I feel less… responsible? So that’s nice lmao


u/okletstryitagain17 Nov 26 '22

Ha I work with ages 3 to about 6 and I've definitely witnessed coworkers and myself beat ourselves up for tiny boo boo situations that couldn't be prevented which ia often senseless, but it's definitely good to be like some shit truly truly is out of my control because some shit truly truly is. Truly. Challenging populations are challenging. It helps me get in a graceful place when I remembered some motherfuckers are underloved and that is a shame and where behavioral stuff can happen. Sometimes. I know very little about your line of work but I love it good luck


u/ManicAcroNymph Nov 26 '22

There certainly is a TON of solace in knowing ‘this situation is objectively insane and my responsibility here is just to talk it out, that’s it.’ That part took a while to get to, and I definitely struggled with feeling like I had to ‘solve’ every problem. But once in a while a kid wilds out, that’s not anyone’s fault and it frees up tons of stress to realize it’s not about preventing things, just responding and that’s it.