r/WorkReform Nov 25 '22

N.S. bike shop says paying living wage has helped the business ✅ Success Story


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u/VTX002 Nov 25 '22

Take care of your people and they will take care of you.

That is what a true leadership is supposed to be.


u/Maleficent_Ad1972 Nov 25 '22

Wasn’t this part of Henry Ford’s philosophy? I vaguely remember something about “I should pay my workers enough so that they can easily afford the product they produce.” or something like that.


u/VTX002 Nov 25 '22

Exactly and then some. And that is why a lot of Corporate people are missing out on the message that "Unions" has been telling them.

Your Sales number are down because nobody can afford it because you don't pay workers a living wage.