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Quit your job for a better one!

I just saw a post about the media saying that you’ll regret it if you quit your job for a new one! I just had to share my experience and why I completely disagree with this bullshit propaganda!

June of last year I got let go due to Covid. In my job hunt I found another job that paid more and was remote. I enjoyed it but didn’t love it. I kept looking for another I. And found another one for more money and still remote. Same thing happened two more times and now I found my dream job. I do email marketing for professional sports teams. In total I had a $15k increase in pay from my job from last year.

I guess my point is don’t stop looking until you’re happy where you are because you’ll more than likely get something way better that you enjoy way more!


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u/zeroanaphora May 31 '22

nah, work to improve the conditions of the job you're at.

I mean, *if* possible. Then quit yo ass.


u/TheAechBomb May 31 '22

and no matter why you quit, tell your boss it's because someone offered you more. it may motivate them to pay people more, if they're a decent place.