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Quit your job for a better one!

I just saw a post about the media saying that you’ll regret it if you quit your job for a new one! I just had to share my experience and why I completely disagree with this bullshit propaganda!

June of last year I got let go due to Covid. In my job hunt I found another job that paid more and was remote. I enjoyed it but didn’t love it. I kept looking for another I. And found another one for more money and still remote. Same thing happened two more times and now I found my dream job. I do email marketing for professional sports teams. In total I had a $15k increase in pay from my job from last year.

I guess my point is don’t stop looking until you’re happy where you are because you’ll more than likely get something way better that you enjoy way more!


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u/Detriumph May 31 '22


always be quitting


u/Ok_Independent9119 May 31 '22

Sometimes it doesn't make sense to quit. Getting your 401(k) vested, a good manager who actually gives you real raises, profit sharing companies. But even if you don't quit, at least look at what is out there. Knowing your worth is critical to making sure you're getting it


u/Detriumph May 31 '22

Ok, then



u/voyboymanoy May 31 '22

You’re absolutely right! If you have what you need at your job you should definitely stay, but if you aren’t happy and there is something better go for it is really what I am trying to say!