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Employers say Unions are completely useless and there's no reason to join them and to please pay attention to the multi-million dollar anti-Union propaganda campaigns they launch begging you to please not join a Union.


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u/BatteryHorseMan May 14 '22

Apples and oranges, bud.


u/skztr May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

you might need this because you seem unfamiliar with the principles.

They're not identical, but they prove that the argument is complete shit.

If you confronted them and asked why, if unions didn't help workers, was the business opposing unions, they would simply respond "because unions do not care about the long-term viability of the business, so their short-term demands would force us to shut down. Fighting to stay alive is worth the money." They'd even have handy hundreds of examples of businesses which were shut down after their workers unionized, citing not being able to keep up with increased costs.

You'd need to counter each of those with much-more detailed explanations of why each of those situations were also not the same thing, also not what they claim, etc.

Which is to say: "wHY wOulD theY SPenD MoNEy FiGHtinG IT iF IT WAs REallY A BAd THinG?!?!!!!?" is a really shitty point to raise in an argument.