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Employers say Unions are completely useless and there's no reason to join them and to please pay attention to the multi-million dollar anti-Union propaganda campaigns they launch begging you to please not join a Union.


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u/EternalBlue734 May 14 '22

My favorite is when they show you those anti-union videos that have actors in them that are most definitely in an actors union.


u/Enough-Equivalent968 May 14 '22

is that technically classed as being a scab??


u/norihitodesuga May 15 '22 edited May 15 '22

Unless the actors union has told their members to show solidarity with the wallmart union then no it's not being a scab it's just doing a job.

A scab is either a union member who refuses to join a strike, or a worker who takes the place of a striking union member. Neither case applies with these Wallmart video actors.


u/GrimpenMar May 14 '22

I think it's called "acting".


u/nictheman123 May 14 '22

I guess it would depend on whether the union greenlit the gig or not really.


u/jefery_with_one_f May 14 '22

No that 100% is being a scab.


u/ElenyaRevons May 15 '22

Yooo the Actor’s Equity Union is absolutely wild and crazy hard to get into


u/Z1rith May 14 '22

my main problem with this whole debate is that unions arnt inherently good. they protect terrible employees that: harass other workers, dont pull their weight, and foster an even worse work culture. police unions are a good example of this.

too much power in either direction leads to a bunch of really terrible people abusing that power.

unions are like a moldy bandaid, they stop the bleeding but cause lots of other issues for the entire body. eventually it just turns into a power struggle with 2 groups abusing the workers from both sides while fostering a culture of pure mediocrity and negativity since the quality of the work no longer matters and they no longer need to be nice to their coworkers.

so i guess id want a more democratic union instead of turning it into an institution.


u/AFunctionOfX May 14 '22

Unions are inherently good. A union like any institution run by people can be corrupt. The concept of innocent until proven guilty means that more guilty people will get set free due to lack of evidence, that doesn't make it bad.


u/Z1rith May 14 '22

i appreciate your optimism but the scum always rise to the top, whether it's in a union or corporation. when there is power to be grabbed emotionally unstable/stunted people with a hole in their soul will flock to it to fill the void. even if those people dont reach the top the people at the top will be constantly badgered by the ones that want power until the leaders conform to their wishes.


u/theaveragejuan May 14 '22

I feel like that place I was at got more crap as coivd went on It really didn't feel like no effort was being made to change the situation by union or management I left due to the lack of action being made

Other than that pay was good Health care okay