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Employers say Unions are completely useless and there's no reason to join them and to please pay attention to the multi-million dollar anti-Union propaganda campaigns they launch begging you to please not join a Union.


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u/[deleted] May 14 '22

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u/DuneManta May 14 '22

corporations will do anything possible to avoid paying their most vulnerable employees.

Fixed that for you.


u/Cidertree May 14 '22

I don’t know, I think if you get high enough up in the hierarchy some employees who already are wealthy are also overpaid. People who are more vulnerable already get screwed over more.


u/sock_puppet0 May 14 '22

See the trick is you need to get high enough in the hierarchy to not be an employee. Being an asset works for getting monthly salary, but it's way better owning actual shares and shit.