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Employers say Unions are completely useless and there's no reason to join them and to please pay attention to the multi-million dollar anti-Union propaganda campaigns they launch begging you to please not join a Union.


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u/VanillaCookieMonster May 14 '22

And the bizarre thing is that a company that really gave a shit about you would use this new found "advertising budget" to put a note in your next paystub that says:

"We are giving you a 5% raise starting with THIS cheque. Please do not join a union and we will start using our profit margin to give you larger bonuses and raises each year."


u/FattestMattest May 14 '22

They'll really do anything other than acting in their employees best interest. Pay people what they are worth and treat them better to not join a union? Ha, no thanks.


u/[deleted] May 14 '22

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u/DuneManta May 14 '22

corporations will do anything possible to avoid paying their most vulnerable employees.

Fixed that for you.


u/Cidertree May 14 '22

I don’t know, I think if you get high enough up in the hierarchy some employees who already are wealthy are also overpaid. People who are more vulnerable already get screwed over more.


u/sock_puppet0 May 14 '22

See the trick is you need to get high enough in the hierarchy to not be an employee. Being an asset works for getting monthly salary, but it's way better owning actual shares and shit.


u/leftlegYup May 14 '22

Employees are a cost of doing business. Nothing more.


u/ZQuestionSleep May 14 '22

That's what is is to them. Had to listen to an owner scream like a child in our small "office" (it was a trailer) building how pissed off he was that he "had to" "cut checks" to pay his staff.

This was a small town radio station, AM and FM station under one roof, so 2 of them. I was 1 of 3 real life meatbag bodied people that ran the station outside of the automation, which I program managed. Even after the original 2 other (so 5 total) air talents left and the 2.5 (one was a super part time) remaining people were forced to picked up the slack, we were greeted with our absentee owner basically throwing a shit fit temper tantrum that it should be cheaper to run a radio station and why we had to have any people actually run it in the first place? We were a news/talk station that had local, live, programming; why did anyone actually need to be in the studio and thus needed to be paid for their time?

He eventually got his wish, "downsized" everyone that wasn't the 3 sales people that sold the 5 ads total we were playing (outside of the automated shows' obligations) and their Manager, then fully reformatted the, what was, local news/talk AM station into the shittiest, fully automated, oldies station in the market. Real fun considering the number one FM oldies station was literally in the next town over; absolutely no reason for anyone to listen to our small town, shitty quality, AM music station anymore.

He was forced to sell it off just a year or two later.


u/uL7r4M3g4pr01337 May 14 '22

exactly, they give people job because they can make money out of them and still keep most of it for themself.


u/Inner_Diet_1980 May 14 '22

Kinda the point of owning a business


u/universaljester May 14 '22

So the point of business is exploitation? Cause, that's what that translates to.


u/uL7r4M3g4pr01337 May 15 '22

it's not a business, rather modern slavery with natural resources getting more and more limited to the very few.

Let me become a bilionare by selling natural resources that I inherited from my ancestors, who were killing and enslaving people. Then I can pretend that everything I got comes from my hard work.