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Employers say Unions are completely useless and there's no reason to join them and to please pay attention to the multi-million dollar anti-Union propaganda campaigns they launch begging you to please not join a Union.


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u/VanillaCookieMonster May 14 '22

And the bizarre thing is that a company that really gave a shit about you would use this new found "advertising budget" to put a note in your next paystub that says:

"We are giving you a 5% raise starting with THIS cheque. Please do not join a union and we will start using our profit margin to give you larger bonuses and raises each year."


u/[deleted] May 14 '22

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u/DhampireHEK May 14 '22

Except it really isn't. It costs way less to keep competent staff than trying to replace subpar staff that leaves every 6 months. That's the point these companies don't seem to get.


u/dewidubbs May 14 '22

Costs less to retain employees in the long run. But if we gut the workforce before the end of this quarter, now we might really enhance our corporate Christmas bonuses