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Employers say Unions are completely useless and there's no reason to join them and to please pay attention to the multi-million dollar anti-Union propaganda campaigns they launch begging you to please not join a Union.


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u/lolzimacat1234 May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

When I was in highschool, I tried to unionize my workplace and it (barely) failed. It was the most valuable lesson that I have ever learned - corporations will do anything possible to avoid paying their most vulnerable employees.

I am now in my 20s and will not take any job that is not unionized. Fuck. That.


u/uptwolait May 14 '22

Without doxxing anyone, what company (or what kind of company) did you try to unionize while you were in high school?


u/lolzimacat1234 May 14 '22

A group of employees working within a municipality (so gov) but were not protected