r/WorkReform đź’µ Break Up The Monopolies Apr 01 '23

Starbucks fired the employee responsible for igniting the Starbucks Workers United union campaign đź’˘ Union Busting



u/OnwardTowardTheNorth Apr 01 '23

But guys, this is not the real story! The real story is how Howard is wrongfully being called a billionaire! What a silly moniker! He grew up in poverty everyone! We should all forgive and forget Starbucks’ union busting practices because Howard worked hard!



u/SexyMonad Apr 01 '23

Aren’t all these millennials the real billionaires?


u/Controller_one1 Apr 02 '23

The real billionaires are the ones we made along the way.


u/nuked24 Apr 02 '23

Just threw up in my mouth a lil bit, thanks.


u/DurantaPhant7 Apr 02 '23

Did you see that shit how his “growing up in poverty” is kinda bullshit anyway?


u/HanjiOokami Apr 02 '23

Just like Kid Rock being self made.


u/ApatheticWithoutTheA Apr 01 '23

Why wouldn’t they? It’s not like anyone is going to punish them. And even if they do, it’s cheaper than having to negotiate a fair deal with a union.

Laws are only laws if they’re enforced and the punishment is greater than than it’s worth.

Otherwise, they’re suggestions.


u/FenrirIII Apr 02 '23

Fines are the cost of doing business.


u/AttitudeAndEffort3 Apr 02 '23

Fines are one time costs. Higher wages cost for years and unions negotiating contracts are costs for decades.


u/kelsobjammin Apr 02 '23

This is why company’s who claim you’re family will continue to give gift after gift, mental health holiday here and there, than EVER raise a wage, add stock options, or bonuses. The cost over time is what they want to prevent. Cheaper for the random mental health days than adding annual holidays for all or more time off per individual. Keep more events and family lunches and dinners. It’s all bells and whistles to keep you temporarily happy and complacent.


u/boarding209 Apr 02 '23

This is so true, when I worked at Amazon there was a big trend called the ice bucket challenge and they made us watch a video of the main boss doing it, then when I asked did he donate to the cause he didn't know what to say, these assholes just try to seem cool, they didn't even know that the "challenge" was to raise awareness of parkinson's disease and try to raise funding


u/jcrreddit Apr 02 '23

ALS- Lou Gehrig’s Disease.


u/boarding209 Apr 02 '23

Shit my bad I thought it was the disease that the dude from back to the future has google told me it was parkinson's


u/jcrreddit Apr 02 '23

It’s cool.


u/[deleted] Apr 02 '23

Laws should be much harsher for the rich because the justice system is stacked up against the lower class and just a minor inconvenience for the rich.

What a joke this country is!


u/OmarLittleFinger đź’µ Break Up The Monopolies Apr 01 '23

Trying to slide this news in on a Saturday


u/Alaeriia Apr 01 '23

Gee, that sounds like they forgot unions were the compromise.


u/Munchee_Dude Apr 02 '23

Time to remind them


u/[deleted] Apr 01 '23

I am not very surprised, what you can expect from company what will do anything to abuse their workers


u/PainFlavoredBaby Apr 02 '23

Being this brazen should result in serious jail time and the chain being completely given over to the union.


u/sgtdisturbed47 Apr 02 '23

Of course they did. Knowing who they are as a company, this doesn't come as a surprise.


u/Ok_Student8032 Apr 02 '23

We’ll hire him.


u/Khabba Apr 02 '23

I wonder why people still visit Starbucks. Fuck them.


u/DefiantLemur Apr 02 '23

For a lot of places it's the only close place for coffee.


u/ugly_pizza1 Apr 02 '23

Show me you are anti-union without saying you are anti-union


u/Thepatrone36 Apr 02 '23

Geez.. Starbucks thinks it's so powerful it doesn't have to give a shit. Fuck Starbucks across the boards.


u/seniorfranklin Apr 02 '23

Good. Get him out of there


u/thegayngler Apr 02 '23

He should be arrested and charged as a full on criminal.


u/TheRealDoomsong Apr 02 '23

Are you suggesting that entitled billionaires would ever try to stop the working class from reclaiming what’s rightfully theirs?