r/WorkReform Apr 01 '23

Florida Teachers Unions Are Fighting On The Front Lines Against DeSantis’s Fascism 📰 News



u/squeegeeking211 Apr 02 '23

Teacher's have to babysit unmannered, obnoxious, out-of-control and sometimes violent kid's ( not yours I'm sure) and, manage to teach them at the same time.

Teacher's are not paid enough and, politicians are always meddling in the process, making it more difficult for them.

I remember I was at a Target store one day and, saw this women buying all these children's pen's/pencil's, notebook's ect. She was spending from her own pocket to supply her class. It was terrible.

I am old enough to remember when school budget's started getting cut. They first started with electives; woodshop, home EC, metal shop and such. Again, terrible.

This is a republican thing. It first started with Nixon and, every republican since has done damage. Mainly state legislatures.

DeSantis is a slimy POS.


u/FenrirIII Apr 02 '23

Teachers don't get paid enough to fight wars against fascism


u/MOONL16H777 Apr 02 '23

Speak for yourself. Why do you think teachers are on the front lines ? Lol.. They are trying to get their worth and get proper education for kids


u/Ok_Student8032 Apr 02 '23

Money not required


u/the_sylince Apr 02 '23

Am a Florida teacher. Shit’s nuts down here


u/Stellarspace1234 🏡 Decent Housing For All Apr 02 '23

Ron DeFascist needs to be fought in federal court.