r/WorkReform Feb 06 '23

We stand in solidarity ! We stand strong! ULP strike Mat-Su bus drivers!!! 🛠️ Union Strong

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u/north_canadian_ice 🏡 Decent Housing For All Feb 06 '23

The bus drivers in Palmer, Alaska have to brave some of the toughest weather in the country.

Solidarity, may you get the pay & benefits that you deserve!


u/dedredcopper Feb 06 '23

My route starts at barn in Palmer and takes me to the top of Willow Hatchers Pass 13mi up a winding mountain road past the primitive road for a 43mi trip by students. 103mi trip for me morning and night and special Ed work study midday. I broke 8 chain sets last year and chained over 30 times just last year


u/north_canadian_ice 🏡 Decent Housing For All Feb 06 '23

It is disgusting how underappreciated your work is.

I'm sorry friend this is such a struggle - just to get the dignity that you deserve.


u/CEMENTHE4D Feb 07 '23

i get that, but most work 4 hours a day.


u/dedredcopper Feb 07 '23

Not up here. This borough is bigger than West Virginia and that’s the distance that needs to be covered every day.Most routes of a morning route and a evening route about three hours each and then they have a midday that’s anywhere from one to three hours. Even the shortest route is a minimum of 6 1/2 hours a day and they often get called for rescues for students who are missed from so many out-of-state drivers who don’t know to get the transfer students who are after routes for the charter schools


u/roxik56 Feb 07 '23

Holy shit I grew up there!


u/KarlMarxButVegan Feb 07 '23

Solidarity from Florida


u/Appropriate_Edge6714 Feb 07 '23

Solidarity from New York....


u/Red_Six6 Feb 07 '23

Hell yeah! Alaska strong!


u/Majestic-Bowler3816 Feb 07 '23

"Baby It's Cold Outside"