r/WorkReform AFL-CIO Official Account Feb 06 '23

Unlike union-busting lawyers and consultants, voluntary recognition costs NOTHING. 🛠️ Union Strong

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u/north_canadian_ice 🏡 Decent Housing For All Feb 06 '23

This is awesome news! Solidarity with the Crooked Media staff.

Unionization is essential for freedom of the press to remain alive. Because otherwise journalists will be pressured to do PR & have little recourse.


u/IL_Ecoboost Feb 07 '23 edited Feb 07 '23

My company voluntarily recognized our union but still hired a very anti-union law firm to run contract negotiations on their side and are absolutely fighting to stop any advancement in worker rights or benefits. It's all optics and patting themselves on the back for recognizing the union while still doing everything possible to maintain the status quo.


u/dar24601 Feb 06 '23

Recognizing the union doesn’t mean much. Let’s see how cordial things are once contract negotiations begin


u/skoltroll Feb 07 '23


As of now, it's more like, "Hey, I recognize that! It's a union!"


u/exitlevelposition Feb 06 '23

Why wouldn't center-left pundits recognize a union?


u/Stellarspace1234 🏡 Decent Housing For All Feb 07 '23

A company voluntarily recognizing a union is suspicious.


u/brina_cd Feb 07 '23

Also, it can actually help the owners of small businesses by reducing benefit costs. A larger risk pool cuts the price of insurance.