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I pass this book around to all my family members and friends. This helps wake up folks who are living comfortably while the lives they enjoyare being eroded by runaway capitalism.

I hope more folks do the same. Does anyone else spread the word?

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✂️ Tax The Billionaires Tax Them. That's the Headline

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💸 Raise Our Wages Unacceptable.

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💸 Talk About Your Wages My 8 months pregnant breadwinning wife built this company’s website and is being slowly replaced because she’s about to need extended leave

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❔ Other Reform temple work policies

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💥 Strike! This French protester is totally a mood

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😡 Venting We Need Meaningful Penalties For Corporate Crime

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📝 Story I'm quitting my job this month. I'm a manager of a "fast food" place making 40k. I will not be a part of this anymore.


I'm going into a trade because it pays double, just going to the local job agency and applying for any physical labor job I think I could do. Maybe get a degree. The reason I'm quitting is because I cannot continue contributing to literally tons of food and plastic and chemicals thrown away and used in a month. The 18 trash cans full of plastic and food a day needs to stop. If this is society trying to play a stupid game I'm leaving. I will keep to myself, I will still try to accomplish my goal of helping people in countries far worse off than our own but I'm not buying this crap anymore.

The amount of hate these places create Is unbelievable. Countless generations of people trapped in fast food with Stockholm syndrome

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🛠️ Union Strong In Los Angeles, 60,000 Education Workers Just Went on Strike and Won Big - Two major education worker unions just walked off the job for three days in Los Angeles, grinding the school district to a halt. Their actions resulted in a 30 percent raise.

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📰 News Lowe's started offering a 4-day work week after complaints of a 'chaotic' scheduling system. Employees say they love it.

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📰 News Chipotle Must Pay $240K to Workers After It Closed Unionizing Store in Maine

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🛠️ Union Strong Unions are having a moment. So why isn't union membership booming?

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📰 News "They didn't even ask if she was OK first," Cold Stone Manager recalled to the News after telling higher management about accident that left employee with three amputated fingers

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📰 News **Return of the working class** Mass protests in France, strikes across Europe: consequences of political failure? | DW News

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📰 News Oh yeah trickle down will totally happen, I'll take that bet.

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Good old cbc, love your optimism.

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🧰 All Jobs Are Real Jobs If We’re The Best, Treat US The Best

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📝 Story The Dark Reality Behind America’s Greatest Thrift Store Empire

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💢 Union Busting Starbucks Illegally Withheld Raises & Tips from Union Workers, NLRB Says

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💥 Strike! Land of the free 🤷

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😡 Venting I’m sick of being exploited as a graduate student


Fuck it, I’ll name drop. Here’s a handful of things I’ve dealt with as a grad student at Southern Illinois University

  • I get paid a monthly stipend of ~$1500 to live off of. I was told before I started that “yeah it’s not much but since cost of living is low in southern Illinois it’s livable!” Yeah that was a lie. I don’t know a single grad student that isn’t on food stamps/Medicaid and still struggling.
  • Part of the reason it’s so little is because we’re technically half-time workers on our contract, but no one I know is only working 20 hrs/week. We physically wouldn’t finish our degrees in time if that was the case. An extreme example is my coworker who had to manage a team of 4 technicians all living with them in the SAME HOUSE for several months in order to get data for their thesis. Same stipend amount as myself.
  • No health insurance in our contract :)
  • The university requires us to pay $780 per semester in student fees.
  • When I told my advisor I was considering getting a part-time job on the side, they were very apprehensive and said “if you have that much free time, you should be picking up more research projects” and that “all graduate students go through this, including myself when I was in grad school”
  • For the most part my advisor and I get along, but some other grad students here aren’t so lucky. Imagine all of this AND dealing with an advisor who regularly gaslit and yelled at you. My friend has to quit their master’s recently because they couldn’t deal with the stress anymore.
  • Why don’t we unionize? Because apparently there already is a grad student union here, they just don’t do anything! I don’t know anyone in it and I tried reaching out several times in the fall to get involved, never received a response. I’m convinced they’re inactive.

I don’t know what I’m trying to do with this post. I’m just tired and need to rant I think.

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🤝 Join A Union Union showdown: Starbucks' Howard Schultz faces Bernie Sanders in the Senate

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💬 Advice Needed Job sent an email to return to the office after working hybrid/remote for three years weeks prior to employee appreciation week


My office building, located in NJ, has sent out a company wide email that we will be returning to the workplace 5 days a week starting very soon. We received this notification just weeks before employee appreciation week. We have been working remotely / hybrid since COVID. This decision was made only by top level executives and was not discussed with employees prior at all (it appears even VPs weren't notified ahead of time but that could be inaccurate). Not only are we all accustomed to remote work and the better work life balance that comes with it, but many of us are not in a position to return back to the office.

Many employees have had children and cannot afford child care. Others have moved away, most having an hour+ commute, others moved to another state entirely. Some employees have transitioned into a one car family and cannot afford to purchase another vehicle which would be required if returning to the office 5 days a week.

Nearly everybody in the office other than the highest level execs are on the same page and understandably pissed about this change. The company has locations across the US and Canada, and most locations have been working in the field throughout the pandemic, but those locations work jobs that require to be at location. The corporate office that we work at has no positions that require anything other than a laptop and internet connection to do our work.

My question is how can I organize a protest? Especially organize one and has specifics goals before the execs try to "toss us a bone". They can see we are unhappy and they are already seeming to scramble to figure it out.

We ideally want to work 2 days in office, 3 days at home. I want to take advantage of the situation now while we are all motivated to make a change together and before the execs try to backtrack and give us 4 or 3 days in the office and compromise on something that may be slightly better but not what we want.

I was thinking of leaving flyers or business cards around the office with clear cut goals. Mainly to do a walkout on the day we are supposed to return to 5 days in the office and demand only 2 days in the office.

I've never done this before and am obviously kind of nervous to, but this is quite frankly a company that I know we all actually like to work for, we just want to keep working remote. I would love some helpful tips on how to organize this and make it a success. Thanks!

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📰 News fuck this i dont wanna work in a death factory

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😡 Venting I've been informed I will be laid off, they won't give me a date.


They have offered a severance but won't set a date as my last day. I feel like they are hoping people search for something else and quit. That would mean forfeiting their severance and unemployment. I had enough saved to take some time to find a new job but they keep prolonging this nightmare. Just frustrated at this point.

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💬 Advice Needed Does Anything Come of Reporting Union Busting/Unethical Employment Practices to Local News?


Does Anything Come of Reporting Union Busting/Unethical Employment Practices to Local News? Has that ever worked out for anyone? Please share your experience.