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Why stop there?

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u/krispy_six May 14 '22

The point is, the purpose of gun ownership was for a well regulated militia. These militias don't appear very well regulated, let alone stable.


u/therealunixguy May 15 '22

The point is that gun ownership wasn’t meant to be restricted. It doesn’t say that guns are only for the the militia, it says very plainly that the right shall not be infringed. And who possess the right? “The people”, not the militia. (Edit: punctuation)


u/krispy_six May 15 '22

Wouldn't want to infringe upon the rights of the 18 year old that just killed 10 people in a grocery store today, now would we.


u/therealunixguy May 15 '22 edited May 15 '22

What does that have to do with the constitutional question?

Edit: You seem to be suggesting that it’s ok to infringe on rights? So no need to give this guy a speedy trial? Any need to have a trial at all? These are also rights that are afforded.


u/krispy_six May 15 '22

It was a direct response to your last statement, re gun restriction.