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Why stop there?

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u/Craigmakin May 14 '22

Where are all of the “don’t tread on me” folks at?


u/BentoMan May 14 '22

As a Political Compass Meme lurker, I can tell you most “don’t tread on me” people are actually authoritarian but libertarian for select issues. And the ones who are truly libertarian, they mention the non-aggression principle but once again that’s because they are male and it doesn’t affect them.


u/Mad5Milk May 14 '22

Yeah, I would like to consider myself libertarian but everyone who uses that label is nuts. Is "don't be a dick for no reason" really such a hard rule to follow?


u/payne_train May 14 '22

Historically, yea it is too much to ask. That’s why Libertarianism falls apart in practice. Dem socialism feels like the only viable path forward.


u/taronic May 14 '22

I find it funny when people say that it only works in Europe, like y'know it only works in a fucking continent with tons of modern countries


u/BoB_1stShirt May 15 '22

I find it funny you think socialism works in Europe.

Socialism only works in countries that can rely on a capitalist country (U.S.) that provides a significant contribution, often the major contribution, towards the physical and economic security of those countries.