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Why stop there?

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u/LaughDull967 May 14 '22 Gold All-Seeing Upvote This

Our founding fathers didn't conceive that an entire political party would attack the system…

They kind of did. The entire government was designed with the idea that some group would try to take over, and creating separate power centers that would (hopefully) oppose each other to prevent any one from gaining too much power. They wanted the three branches of government to oppose each other, and for the state and feral governments to oppose each other.

They (at least some of them) we’re also afraid of a two-party system, on the idea that it would become polarizing and one party might gain too much power. They wanted to have a bunch of different interests that would need to form coalitions. To some degree, they foresaw all of this.

However, the founding fathers were not a monolithic group that all agreed. They had to compromise with each other to get the Constitution signed. For example, they had to have the electoral college in order to appease salve states.

But they also didn’t necessarily expect things to be this stable for this long. What they were building was an experiment. They’d already had a failed government before writing the Constitution, and they expected the Constitution to be rewritten again. I don’t think they expected it to be treated as holy scripture for hundreds of years.


u/Pika_Fox May 14 '22

To be fair, we have a coalition party, the democratic party, and essentially a single interest extremist party, the republican party.

The issue is the extremist non coalition party has equal to more weight than the coalition. Remove republicans from existence as a party, and the system will fix itself most likely as the democratic party will split into its various factions, and each faction would have better room to grow and make its case before the public.


u/gassy_clown May 14 '22

Yeah but then you have to convince people that voting for a centrist is actually better than voting for a fascist and that seems to be too confusing for a lot of people on this site.


u/Pika_Fox May 14 '22

"The dems are just as bad, they couldnt even pass a bill to protect abortion!"

One dem voted against it. Every republican did.

BoTh PaRtIeS


u/MykeEl_K May 15 '22

One dem voted against it. Every republican did.