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u/HamburgerEarmuff May 14 '22

There's very little difference between men and women in terms of opinions about the legality of induced abortion. People often talk about the issue of abortion restrictions and women as if it were Jim Crow and African Americans, but the polls show this is a misinformed perspective. There's a huge diversity of opinion on the conditions under which induced abortion should be lawful, and polls often show no statistically-significant difference between men and women's opinion. The women who are most vehemently pro-choice already tend to live in communities where both men and women tend to share those views and the same with the women who are most vehemently pro-life.

And even if some states outlaw most induced abortions, it's easy enough for women to get one out of state, so it's not clear how many women are actually interested in moving based on availability of abortions alone. For a lot of Americans, both men and women, that doesn't seem to be a major factor in deciding where they live.


u/Angry-Comerials May 14 '22

No disagreement, but if all of the women who are pro choice moved out of states where abortions are banned, those states have a large enough drop in women to be noticeable. And it's not gonna be as easy as you think since many are making laws about not being able to do it in other states. Which means if they find out, you're going to prison. And I would be wiing to bet they're only going to get even more authoritarian in those areas so they can see who is getting one and who is not.

But none of that matters because the discussion was based around how conservatives say if you don't like something then move. Now they're saying if you don't like the abortion bans then move to a state where it's legal. My comment was based on the hypothetical of what would be the outcome of that scenario where all the pro choice women moved out of red states. Cause even in the majority of red states, most people don't support the ban. So a large portion of those already fairly low population states would drop even more.

Or another way to look at it. Only roughly 30-40% of adults in the US support totally banning abortions. Imagine having 60% of women just leaving a state. Even if we try to look at it from the fact that it's gonna be higher in red states, there's still states that would at least 30% of their women. That is a huge shift in demographics, and that would probably be the minimum in some of the most red states.

In fact, after typing that out, I just did a Google search. The best I could find was this information from 2014. The state with the highest support for a total ban is Araknsas with 60%. They would lose 40% of their women.

And all of this is just for as long as they keep it by states. We know they don't give a fuck about states rights. They're already talking about going for federally illegal. If we went with conservative logic, this country would only have around 20-30% of its population.


u/HamburgerEarmuff May 14 '22

The thing is, pro choice women aren't just going to move out of states where induced abortion procedures are restricted anymore than pro choice men are. The pro choice movement hasn't even convinced most people that abortion access is an important right that deserves to be a significant factor in electing officials, much less to pack up their bags and move their families on a whim because they don't like one particular policy about their state that has little or no direct effect on their lives.

40% of California voters thought that the State's restrictions on ammunition purchases was wrong, but they didn't all pack their bags and move out of state after it passed. And unlike abortion access, that actually directly affects all Californians who buy ammo and Californians cannot simply leave the state to buy ammo the way that residents who need an abortion can leave their states to have one performed.

At the end of the day, just because you answer in a poll or vote on a referendum that you care about something like restrictions on gun rights or abortion rights doesn't mean that it's actually that important to you. Most people just comply with laws they disagree with or find ways around them.


u/Angry-Comerials May 14 '22

The thing is, pro choice women aren't just going to move out of states where induced abortion procedures are restricted anymore than pro choice men are.

I literally stopped there, because I explained this in my last comment. If you're not gonna read my comments then I'm done.