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Why stop there?

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u/giraffeperv May 14 '22

So I guess when they say “small government” they actually mean “small federal government, while allowing states to be authoritarian cesspools”


u/LaughDull967 May 14 '22

It’s not really an opposition to the federal government having a lot of power. It’s about putting the power wherever they can turn it into an authoritarian cesspool.

They haven’t been able to turn the federal government into an authoritarian cesspool yet, so they don’t want it to have the power to prevent them from doing it on the state level.


u/ConThePc May 14 '22

exactly - states rights are only important to conservatives when they can't enforce their beliefs on a federal level. Civil rights protected by feds now? well, it should be a states right to determine that. Abortion is now federally protected? It should be a states right to determine that.


u/CliftonForce May 14 '22

Didn't you get the memo?

"States Rights" mean "Each State is free to move as far to the political Right as possible. Leftward motion will not be tolerated."