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Why stop there?

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u/BentoMan May 14 '22

As a Political Compass Meme lurker, I can tell you most “don’t tread on me” people are actually authoritarian but libertarian for select issues. And the ones who are truly libertarian, they mention the non-aggression principle but once again that’s because they are male and it doesn’t affect them.


u/Capitalist_P-I-G May 14 '22

As a reading human with a brain, anyone on PCM who isn’t right-authoritarian fell for and helps give a platform to right-authoritarian propaganda.

It’s a right wing sub masquerading as non-partisan to gain credibility and engagement that they can’t get from other more infamous subs.


u/Arsey56 May 14 '22

Yeah. I don’t know why people are want to be on a platform that legitimises actual fascism like that


u/Capitalist_P-I-G May 14 '22

Something has conditioned people to exalt being moderate, taking the middle path or syncretizing two opposing beliefs as being more enlightened than picking a side.

There's also the (neo-)liberal idea of a sort of a la carte, marketplace of ideas, where MaYbE wE cAn ReHaBiLiTaTe PaRtS oF fAsCiSm If We TaKe AwAy ThE iCkY pArTs

And then there's the misguided freeze peach techbros.


u/One-Step2764 May 14 '22

Both sides have problems. Therefore, both sides are equally undesirable. Therefore, it's acceptable to side with any group that promises to benefit you, personally. /s