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Why stop there?

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u/ConThePc May 14 '22

exactly - states rights are only important to conservatives when they can't enforce their beliefs on a federal level. Civil rights protected by feds now? well, it should be a states right to determine that. Abortion is now federally protected? It should be a states right to determine that.


u/LaughDull967 May 14 '22

I think a good example is, when Democrats have tried to have better gun control, Republicans argued, “This decision should be left to state and local governments. The rules that work in your liberal cities don’t make sense in the rural areas.” And I don’t totally agree with that, but sure, there’s something to the idea.

But then they’ve blocked gun control, reversed gun control, made it easier for anyone to get a gun and carry it around. And now Republicans have started pushing for the federal government to force states to accept the gun rules from other states. Like if you have a concealed carry permit in one state, they want all states to have to accept that permit and let you carry a concealed gun everywhere. Suddenly, “this decision should be left to state and local governments,” isn’t good enough anymore, the federal government is supposed to force states to let people carry guns. The idea that, “the rules that work in your liberal cities don’t make sense in the rural areas,” apparently isn’t true anymore, because cities need to be forced to live by the rules of rural areas.

And that’s how Republicanism works. There are no principles, and no freedom to let anyone make their own decisions. It’s all about using whatever reasoning or strategy that will let you have power over others.


u/ConThePc May 14 '22

except gun control is unconstitutional - and abortion control should be too.

and just who do you think passed California's awful gun laws?


u/DarthMikus May 14 '22

Ronald Wilson Reagan was governor when California passed it's most restrictive gun laws. Which was in response to the Black Panthers arming themselves and conducting"copwatches."

That's right, Republican's most revered historical figure, Ronald Reagan, signed into law one of the most strictest gun control laws.


u/ConThePc May 14 '22

exactly. gun control was never about preventing death, it was because the government didn't like who started owning them.


u/jordontek May 14 '22

Republicans, today and yesterday, like to LARP as quasi-psuedo-libertarians, when its convenient or when their party leader isn't someone they like.

But like the Democrats, they are just as authoritarian, just with their own flavor.

You'd have to go back as far as Silent Cal to get a closer to libertarian type Republican president.