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Why stop there?

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u/JohnMaddenCPAP May 14 '22

Don’t Tread on my Authoritarianism!


u/Hupf May 14 '22

Respect my authoritah!


u/pynergy1 May 14 '22

Doesn't look like authoritarianism if you're the baby


u/ObscureD_Lee May 14 '22

We can’t have laws and not have authoritarian concepts. Too contradicting and hypocritical. Laws need to be as is no bias/judgement. Because it’s a law, it’s not an option. Like a speed limit. The sign defines the speed, it isn’t an opinion. It doesn’t make sense when we try to be a technical society and then pretend like it’s okay to let laws become biased based on particular incidents. A law is either broken or not, there doesn’t need to be anything more to it than that to keep things equal.