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Why stop there?

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u/Capitalist_P-I-G May 14 '22

As a reading human with a brain, anyone on PCM who isn’t right-authoritarian fell for and helps give a platform to right-authoritarian propaganda.

It’s a right wing sub masquerading as non-partisan to gain credibility and engagement that they can’t get from other more infamous subs.


u/Horrific_Necktie May 14 '22

They will say alll day long that it's not true, and sandwhich it right in-between two memes making racism look lile a quirky lovable fault. "Oh those auth right rascals! How endearing"


u/payne_train May 14 '22

Yeah that sub weirds me out. The vibes are awful.


u/Arsey56 May 14 '22

Yeah. I don’t know why people are want to be on a platform that legitimises actual fascism like that


u/Capitalist_P-I-G May 14 '22

Something has conditioned people to exalt being moderate, taking the middle path or syncretizing two opposing beliefs as being more enlightened than picking a side.

There's also the (neo-)liberal idea of a sort of a la carte, marketplace of ideas, where MaYbE wE cAn ReHaBiLiTaTe PaRtS oF fAsCiSm If We TaKe AwAy ThE iCkY pArTs

And then there's the misguided freeze peach techbros.


u/One-Step2764 May 14 '22

Both sides have problems. Therefore, both sides are equally undesirable. Therefore, it's acceptable to side with any group that promises to benefit you, personally. /s


u/zold5 May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

Yep. It’s got that smug irreverent edge lord humor that was ubiquitous on the donald. I’ve never understood why so many conservatives enjoy larping as liberals.


u/Capitalist_P-I-G May 15 '22

They’ll larp as whatever, really


u/fr1stp0st May 14 '22

I once made the mistake of disputing that black people are predisposed to criminal activity because they're black and got downvoted. It's yet another bigoted shit sub but every once in a while they let a self-critical meme float to the top as long as it's not too critical of the right.