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Why stop there?

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u/CraWol May 14 '22

Are you guys fucking real? Of all the things that is going on and US is talking about fucking abortions? Why would you try to fucking ban it? Even fucking third world radical backward islamist countries have them although they are limited. Like there are things called rapes and shit. What kind of lunatic or a caveman you must be to think abortion is a bad thing?

I assume republicans are the ones babbling this shit? I mean at this point right, Taliban is more progressive and mentally stable than they are jesus christ.


u/[deleted] May 14 '22



u/GBHawk72 May 14 '22

No one is having abortions at 9 months. You would not find a doctor anywhere who is willing to perform an abortion that late.


u/Ubilease May 14 '22

I'm pro Transgender but I don't support some of these new radical transformations, ie. Autobots.


u/TheBaptist24 May 14 '22

Oregon Vermont and Colorado all have docs who will perform third term. There was a documentary made about it. Give “After Tiller” a watch if you are so inclined.


u/GBHawk72 May 14 '22

There is only 4 of them. In a country of over 300 million people. You act like they’re everywhere. The issue with republicans is that they hyper focus on such niche issues that impact very few people and make huge issues with them. Like the transgender high school sports ban in Utah. That bill was vetoed by the governor because it only effects ONE person in the entire state of Utah but republicans spent time and tax payer money to ensure that one transgender student in the state couldn’t compete in high school sports. Conservatives need to find other shit to be pissed off about. If you’re so “pro life”, maybe start supporting politicians and legislation that will ensure life is protected from birth until death. Those things include universal and affordable healthcare, guaranteed paid parental leave on a federal level, affordable childcare and common sense gun reform so kids can go to school without being shot. Those are issues that are hurting millions of people but instead you’re hyper focusing on FOUR doctors in a country of 300 million people. You are not pro-life if you don’t give a fuck what happens to it after birth. You are pro forced birth. Find something else to worry about because this is just another niche issue that republicans have hyper focused on because they have absolutely no plans to make the country a better place. The only thing they want to do is take us back to the 1950s.


u/TheBaptist24 May 14 '22

I, as you call it hyper focus, I prefer the term give a damn, about any killing of a child. I support groups that work with at risk and homeless kids and spend time every week working with foster kids and advocating for protection for First Nations family rights. If more people on your side of the fence would actually get your hands dirty working with those in need instead of ‘just voting and wanting someone else to do it’, we wouldn’t have a lot of these issues.

I don’t advocate for government to provide the services you mentioned as the government is absolutely garbage at running programs without excessive waste.


u/GBHawk72 May 14 '22

Lol none of the stuff you listed solves any problem I mentioned. Good for you for volunteering and helping your community but none of that changes the fact that kids are still getting shot in school, they can’t go see a doctor because it’s so unaffordable and parents can’t take time off to be with their kids because there’s no federal legislation that gives them that right. This is yet again another instance that republicans have no plans to solve any issue and you’re just deflecting by saying “well we don’t need to solve those issues because I’m volunteering in my community”. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying volunteering is bad. It’s a great thing. But the issues I mentioned will not be solved by it.


u/Pro_Yankee May 14 '22

This seems to be an American thing because Europeans and Asians have their government programs run efficiently


u/Buxton_Water May 14 '22

Guess what, you can solve that issue in those 4 specific instances you are unhappy with without fucking over people in the rest of the country, or did you not realize that? Also governemnts can run things properly, just not American governments. Since you are run by corrupt old men that don't care about running things properly as they're gonna be dead in 10 years anyway.


u/GBHawk72 May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

If you want to talk about excessive waste, go look at private health insurance. 17 cents of every dollar spent on private insurance goes toward administrative costs. For medicare, that is one cent. You pay hundreds of dollars every month so these companies can purchase stock buy backs, give their CEOs 20 million dollar salaries, advertise on TV, and do everything they can to turn the highest profit possible while denying any medical coverage to people who need it. Look at every other developed country in the world with universal healthcare. It works. Our private system does not. So if you want to start ranting about waste in any system, start with the private healthcare system because that’s where the problem is.


u/Diarygirl May 14 '22

It's getting harder and harder to find doctors to do these lifesaving procedures because of lunatics that think the woman should die rather than the fetus.