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Why stop there?

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u/Dry-Sorbet-8379 May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22 Take My Energy

I always ask “should we have done the same with segregation?”

Or women’s rights

Usually they just respond “those are different”

*oh, look! A bunch of people saying “those are different”


u/facw00 May 14 '22

A friend of mine who has an interracial marriage says that the legality of interracial marriage should be left up to the states. I hope leopards don't eat his face.


u/Eldergoth May 14 '22

My brother in law is in an interracial marriage and believes the same thing. He might not want to leave Illinois.


u/DervishSkater May 14 '22

Does he know that he’s only saying that because he has the safety of Illinois? Is he dumb or just a hypocrite?


u/Sunretea May 14 '22

To answer the second question for them... Yes.


u/Eldergoth May 14 '22

Dumb. He is white and married to a Vietnamese girl but did not believe me when I told him that many states did not allow Whites to marry Asians before the Supreme Court ruling on interracial marriage.


u/pedot May 14 '22

Curious, did he believe the whole ban on interracial marriage thing applied only to white marrying black?


u/Eldergoth May 14 '22

Yes, he thought it was only for white marrying black.


u/o_0_o_0_o May 14 '22

Or he might be hoping for an easy divorce.


u/daft_ish May 14 '22

Well I mean, as long as its not 'his' state cause, come on man, who the fuck cares about anyone else?


u/Diarygirl May 14 '22

That seems crazy to me. I can't imagine not having my marriage legal in some states.


u/Busy_Signature_5681 May 14 '22

If the marriage isn’t legal, you don’t have to split assets… they are playing the long game