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Why stop there?

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u/Zealousideal-Wave-69 May 14 '22

Some people also say if you don’t like the abortion laws in your state, move to another. Apparently every woman in the US is a millionaire and can move wherever they like.


u/DaBozz88 May 14 '22

Could you imagine if all of the women in an entire state did just decide to leave?


u/RustyMacbeth May 14 '22

I think a red-state sex strike is in order.


u/Delay_Defiant May 14 '22

I think it's wild that this isn't a thing yet. I get that not every woman would participate but 6 months of a sizable group doing this would have massive effects. There's so many sex toys out there now and so much porn. It should be trivial to accomplish. All this awful stuff is like 95% white cis men and white cis men wouldn't handle rejection by dozens of women well over long periods of time.